Fatal Shot

Chapter 321 - Force Guidance Chip, Activated!

Chapter 321:

Force Guidance Chip, Activated!

“Supersonic Attack. This skill is so insane. Not lightened whatsoever by defense, my HP is dropping quickly!”

In the underground ruins, the moment the pair of dark red eyes of a Bloodthirsty Bat Commander appeared, everyone fell into a daze. Amid their rapidly rising heart rates and other negative side effects, damage coefficients in the tens continued to appear over their heads at an alarming rate! Even Muzi, who had the lowest Debuff resistance on the team, and that Machine Gunner player with mainly attack equipment felt like the world was spinning!


As Mu Zi pulled the trigger, the bullets from the submachine in his hands nicked the edge of the Bloodthirsty Bat Commander and struck the tunnel wall. Under the circumstances, he couldn’t even aim accurately!


The mass of a Fireball shot from the Fire Manipulator of the team. It flew out and struck the wall an entire half a meter from the Bloodthirsty Bat Commander, exploding into a ball of flames!

In the glow of the inferno, behind this gigantic Bloodthirsty Bat Commander, a horde of Elite-grade Bloodthirsty Bats could be seen charging over. There were even more of them than there had been in the batch—there were at least 40 among them!

Tch, tch, tch!

The flocking horde of Bloodthirsty Bats once again produced deafening screeches that echoed through the whole tunnel!

“Block them! Can’t let them reach us!”

Realizing that the real danger had arrived, everyone had no choice but to bear the dizziness and nausea, and attack with all they had!

Tch, tch, tch!

With a flash of the staff in Little Witch’s hand, a Fireball combo the size of five dinner bowls rushed into the horde of bats, setting the horde ablaze. Since there was no way of maintaining accuracy with their impaired vision, they could only rely on the mass of their attacks to kill these brats!

However, in terms of mass, the bullets from the six-barreled heavy machine gun were still clearly the true kings when it came to areas of effect. Even though he was similarly dazed—perhaps even more seriously—the Machine Gunner of the team knew that, at the moment, he had to hold on, no matter what. If not, if they let these clustered monsters get close, even though they had only moderately strong attack power with low HP and defense, it was possible that they would be wiped out!

The veins on his face bulged. His hands held tightly to the handle of his machine gun as he fired with all his might at the Bloodthirsty Bats spinning before his eyes!


Luckily, they had an advantage in the environment they were in. The bats were restricted by the tunnel’s 10-meter size—it would be impossible for them all to avoid the burst of fire from the machine gun! Hence, after the six fire streaks of fire shot out from the six-barreled machine gun, many among this batch of Bloodthirsty Bats fell from the bullets!

However, the Level-45 Bloodthirsty Bat Commander was very clever. It hid behind the horde of other bats, repeatedly using Supersonic Attack with his mouth wide open, causing the continuous damage coefficients to rise above everyone’s heads.

Due to the fact that the damage of bullets in the game became limited after passing through targets, even a heavy machine gun wasn’t a great threat to the Bloodthirsty Bat Commander!

Da-da-da… Ka…

Moreover, although the explosive force of a Machine Gunner was terrifying, it had an inevitable flaw. Its ammunition was limited.

When a Level-50 six-barreled Rare machine gun, with a firing rate of over 5,000 bullets per minute, was used at the highest firing speed, a lengthened bullet chain could only last for seven or eight seconds! Thus, the moment the Machine Gunner’s bullets ran out, the remaining Bloodthirsty Bats screeched and flew at them!

Luckily, there were still three Manipulator players on the team who were unleashing skills. As an Earth Manipulator, Chairman Jiao first completed his Rare skill. With a flash of light across the Energy staff in his hand, a gigantic ball-shaped boulder formed of Earth Energy appeared in front of everyone. It rapidly spun and crashed toward the horde of Bloodthirsty Bats charging through the narrow tunnel!

This mass of brownish Energy in the form of a stone was very large, occupying nearly 90 percent of the tunnel! Hence, with a rumbling roll, it forced the charging Bloodthirsty Bats to attempt to dodge. They dove toward the walls, which created an opening for the other two Fire Manipulators, who wielded great attack power!


“Bursting Flames!”

The skills of Little Witch and the other Fire Manipulator were unleashed almost simultaneously. One set a fiercely blazing firewall, blocking off the whole tunnel, while the other fired a pale-white fireball the size of a brain.


The white-colored fireball exploded after hitting the Bloodthirsty Bats as they dodged the gigantic boulder, causing damage of up to 1,000. They dispersed into fist-sized Fireballs. Then these little Fireballs exploded again, causing damage in the hundreds. Following that, they split into even smaller, finger-sized Fireballs, continuing to cause damage!


This single skill blew up nearly 20 of the Bloodthirsty Bats that had clustered together. No wonder the Fire Manipulator was the profession with the strongest attack range in War.

But even so, there were still many Elite-grade Bloodthirsty Bats that had broken through the firewall. Their blazing bodies remained unseen as they lunged in front of the players.

Rose Thorns, Boss Meng, and another Heavy Armor Warrior—close-combat players—instantly engaged their defensive attack skills, starting the battle to protect the backline! Little Snow, as a Doctor, had already quickly thrown Recovery Potions to everyone, as well as potions that enhanced debuff resistance at the start of the battle!

Everyone had joined the battle except one: Feng Luo.

This time, Feng Luo unusually hadn’t moved. He remained stone-faced with the Eye of the Thunder raised in his hands.

In reality, the moment the Commander-Grade Bloodthirsty Bat had shown itself, Feng Luo—with his current mental reaction time—could have hit it with one shot straight! But just as everyone had been affected by the Supersonic Attack previously and had been feeling nauseous and dizzy, a system message had flashed across his eyes!

You have been Supersonic Attacked by the Mutant Bloodthirsty Bat Commander. Your Evolution talent has been activated. You have earned special resistance against soundwaves of similar frequencies. Resistance upgrade in progress… 10%… 15%…

His “Evolution” talent, which had been stagnant for so long, had suddenly jumped out!

Furthermore, following this resistance upgrade, the damage coefficients emerging above his head had rapidly reduced, going from 35 per second to 32, then 30, then 27…

This was actually nothing much. After all, such an extremely specific debuff resistance actually wasn’t a big deal to him! But the key was, after the message about his Evolution talent being activated, a second message appeared and caught his attention!

Force Guidance Chip (Beginner) activated. Your Force Guidance Level indication is engaged. Current progress: 1%… 1.5%…

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