Fatal Shot

Chapter 320 - Biohazard Crisis, Countdown!

Chapter 320: Biohazard Crisis, Countdown!

When Feng Luo and his people encountered the creepy Level-40 Bloodthirsty Bat Commander in the underground ruins, the sky outside had already more or less turned dark!

“It’s time!”

In Silvermoon City, in a room with all light devices switched off, a Machine Gunner player with an RDMG symbol on his chest looked at the time on his personal terminal. Immediately after, he reached into his backpack and took out a light red-colored syringe and rolled up his combat uniform sleeve.

His face showed a slight hint of hesitation for a second before he gritted his teeth and jabbed the needle down, injecting the entirety of the light red liquid into his body!


Less than two seconds after the injection, a huge amount of sweat formed on his forehead, and his face was pale as if he bore heavy suffering. Then the blood vessels, muscle, and skin of his whole body began to squirm. His neck, his forehead, and the arm under his rolled-up sleeve all tensed. But this process only lasted for less than 10 seconds, after which, this player’s face shown a delighted expression!

“Haha! I feel like I’m full of strength. Boss Qing Feng didn’t lie to me. Joining the rebellion and cooperating with the Umbrella Corporation is so much better than staying in the so-called Federation faction!

“Although this type of T-Virus A-Type Enhancement Potion can only temporarily enhance attributes, if sufficient points can be earned in this mission, I’ll be able to exchange for another type of T-Virus B-Type Enhancement Potion. Once the two are mixed, the permanently enhanced attributes will not be weaker than the W-Virus Enhancement Potion—priced at an insane 10,000,000! The permanent Enhancement Potion will no longer be exclusive local ‘tycoon’ players. However, the true cost is switching factions!”

Due to having injected the T-Virus potion, the smile on his face betrayed a wretched look. The Machine Gunner player stood up, walked up to the single-sided reflective window—in front of which, a six-barreled machine gun stood—revealing bloodshot eyes lit by the moonlight!

The building that the six-barreled machine gun was aimed at was a Guard outpost on the streets of Southern Silvermoon City.


Landing Point!

In the sky, the last large airship returning to Silvermoon City before nightfall gradually descended to the docking location.

The 10 silver cabin doors opened at once, and a huge number of players who had just returned from doing missions or leveling up walked out from inside, most of their faces filled with excitement, as they were discussing the Forest of Exiles and other battle regions in the day, as well as the Merit and prize returns earned from killing the rebels!

Near the landing point, on a high level of a large hotel more than 700 meters away, was a player with bloodshot eyes, excitedly feeding an icy-cold, red, crystallized sniper bullet into the magazine. Then, with a ka sound, he loaded the magazine into the sniper rifle, which was already aimed at the crowds below!

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“The T-Virus potion, with its special preparation, frozen at five degrees… Once it enters the body, it will continuously affect the activity of the T-Virus because of its lower temperature, allowing its rate of infection to increase by 10 times! Even if the target isn’t shot dead, it’ll become a host of the T-Virus in, at most, no more than half an hour! Moreover, according to what Boss Qing Feng said, these players will turn into Elite-grade infection hosts—clearly superior to NPCs!”


At that moment, a few hundred meters to the side, in a heavily crowded waiting room, a young Scout player whose level was no higher than Level 15, utilized the cover of the baggy black windbreaker he wore. Secretly, he attempted to inject a dark red-colored syringe into his raised arm.

But at that moment, a little girl NPC who looked younger than seven or eight years old, wearing a gold pendant necklace, with brown hair and eyes as beautiful as blue sapphires, walked to his side.

“Uncle, are you sick? Do you require an injection?” she said in a sweet voice as she hugged a white teddy bear.


The young Scout player creased his forehead, but the syringe in his hand had already pierced into his left arm!

“Xue Li is sick, too. My daddy has to give me an injection every few days. It’s so painful every time.” The NPC little girl’s nose wrinkled on her slightly sickly, pale face. Her eyes revealed a trace of fear. “But every time, daddy will help Xue Li blow on it. Blow on it, and it wouldn’t be so painful! Uncle, I can help you blow on it. Blow on it, and it wouldn’t be painful anymore!”

She smiled sweetly. Still holding her white teddy bear, she tiptoed forward and stretched her neck, using her mouth to strenuously blow two breaths at the spot where the young player had injected himself.


Seeing this innocent NPC little girl’s actions before him and feeling the warm air on his arm, blown out from the little girl’s mouth, this newbie froze. He had just started not long ago and, only three days before, had joined a special forces team secretly assembled by the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group. He even felt a moment of hesitation in the act of injecting himself.

“Xue Li, hurry up and come here. We’re going!”

Just then, a middle-aged, yellow-skinned NPC woman who looked like a nanny, pushing a small trolley, shouted to the little girl from nearby.

“Auntie Lucy is calling me. Bye, Uncle!” The little NPC holding onto her teddy bear said sweetly. She reached out and made a goodbye gesture to the young player. “Don’t be scared of the pain. You’ll definitely get better after the injection. This is what daddy told Xue Li!”

After that, she ran toward the yellow-skinned NPC woman.

The young player had paused midway through injecting the T-Virus potion.

“F*ck, what am I hesitating about? Isn’t it just an NPC? Yet it actually made me hesitate!”

He quickly came to his senses and loosening his hand on the control switch. All of the dark red-colored T-Virus potion in the syringe rushed into his arm!

After injecting this type of T-Virus Tyrant T-001-Grade potion, a person will very quickly be pronounced dead, thought the young player. Furthermore, there will be some permanently declined attributes after revival—it could be said that a whole level is essentially wasted! But the Roaring Dragon chairman promised me that I just have to complete this mission, and I’ll be able to get 5,000 credits and can join the newly built Roaring Dragon Group’s Elite Squad! This only requires 10 days to be able to raise my level by one. In 10 days’ time, not only will I be able to earn 5,000 credits, but I’ll also be able to join the Roaring Dragon Elite Squad. Such a chance doesn’t come easily!

After the young player had injected the contents of the potion, he pulled his large windbreaker tightly around his head and body, collapsed onto the chair in the waiting room, and gritted his teeth as he bore the pain. His sense of pain had declined to just 10 percent, yet he still clearly had a sense of pain and felt as if the muscles, the bones, and even the skin on his body were breaking apart as they rapidly expanded and transformed!

Drops of blood crept out from the corners of his windbreaker and fell to the ground below the chair!

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