Fatal Shot

Chapter 310 - Level 50 Mission

Chapter 310: Level 50 Mission

South of Storm City, Withered Desert, coordinates (0346, -7178)

The scorching sun shone down with such might that even the most heat-resistant vegetation and creatures in the Withered Desert had involuntarily curled up, trying to keep their precious water supplies from being evaporated by the almost 120 degrees Fahrenheit!

Occasional light winds swept over the terrain, sending tiny sand particles flying into the air!

The desert was a wide swath of yellow-white, except for the side of a huge sand dune, where four big black spots and six small black spots were running.

A small team of players made up of two Warriors, two female Manipulators, a female Doctor, and a Sniper were sweating from head to toe, occasionally turning back to look as they fled up the sand dune!

However, the four large black silhouettes behind them were clearly faster than the Earth and Fire Manipulators and the Doctor, and so the gap between the two parties kept closing up!

The Heavy Armored Warrior in the lead stopped and gasped, “No way, we can’t run away… These sh*ts have eight legs, and they move across the desert like a fish moves in water. This is insane!”

His eyes became decisive as he turned to the three female players and two male companions who were already pale and panting hard.

“I’ll block them! You all continue running. Watermelon, once you’re far enough from the battle, go get the Energy SUV and take the three girls back to the supply point!”

Reaching into his backpack and taking out his shield, the Heavy Armored Warrior glared behind him. Less than 100 meters away, the four monsters were speeding towards him. They stood more than two meters tall, with a pair of gigantic jaws the size of a washbasin and eight limbs more than three meters in length. They were covered with body hair the thickness of a little finger—Level 50 Elite Desert Tarantulas!

The Light Armored Warrior in the team had stopped in his steps as well, reaching into his backpack and taking out an Alloy Sword. He shouted to his companions who similarly wanted to stop, “Right, you guys hurry up and go. Old Steel and I will distract them!”

“No, if it wasn’t for my miscalculated sniping previously, everyone would’ve already completed the mission and gone home. We wouldn’t have been chased by the four Desert Tarantulas. I’ll stay too and help you guys contain these Elite Desert Tarantulas. Like this, the others will have a better chance of escaping!” said the young-looking Sniper.

His face was filled with self-recrimination as he stopped in his steps as well, raising his sniper rifle with both hands and aiming at the Desert Tarantulas that were closing in.


He instantly pulled the sniper rifle trigger, but this rushed shooting didn’t have any accuracy to speak of—the armor-piercing bullet flew directly below and past the fast-moving eight limbs of one of the Desert Tarantulas, landing in the sand, sending a cloud of sand particles flying!

“It’s useless for you to stay; a Sniper facing agility-type close-combat monsters has absolutely no combat power! Plus, even if we all die, we can’t let the three girls walk out of the desert alone!”

The Heavy Armored Warrior had already raised his Alloy Shield, engaged “Shield Rush,” and begun charging towards the two closest Desert Tarantulas, creating a rolling track in the sand behind him!

“Go quick!” the Light Armored Warrior yelled, similarly engaging “Charge.” He lifted his Alloy Sword and sprinted towards the other two Desert Tarantulas!

“Old Steel, you take on those two, I’ll distract these two!”

The Light Armored Warrior had already thought of a plan, knowing that without assistance, it would be impossible for him to face two Level 50 Desert Tarantulas at once. These monsters were considered to be top-level among the Elite Grades!

Thus, he swiftly engaged Charge, and when a Desert Tarantula was within 15 meters, he unleashed the Light Armored Warrior signature move!

“Thunder Leap Slash!”


The Light Armored Warrior raised his Level 48 Fine-Grade Alloy Sword high in the air. It reflected the scorching sun like fire above his head, borrowing momentum from the speed-enhanced leap, then slicing down onto the leg which had just been raised by the defenseless Desert Tarantula!


As a high-attack and highly-damageable agility-type monster, the defense of the leg of the Desert Tarantula could not compare to monsters like the Desert Rock Lizard. Hence, with this Thunder Leap Slash enhanced by the charging momentum of both parties (close-combat attack damage enhanced by speed), a section of its limb was instantly chopped off!

From the opening of the severed limb, a wave of green plasma spilled out, staining the steaming hot ground, even erupting into a faint green smoke!


The Tarantula produced a deafening shriek. Enraged by its injury, all its remaining seven limbs, other than the three supporting limbs, slammed down on the Light Armored Warrior!

“That won’t be so easy!” the Light Armored Warrior yelled as his body rolled away, darting beneath the Desert Tarantula’s abdomen into a gap that was less than half a meter high!

Then, with the Charge skill still in effect, he once again charged straight towards another Level 50 Elite Desert Tarantula. The creature had already passed him and was chasing the three female players not far away.

“Devastating Slash!”

When he had reached this Desert Tarantula, the Light Armored Warrior’s Alloy Sword whooshed sharply as it violently stabbed into the gigantic tarantula’s huge backside!


The Alloy Sword in his hand was just a Level 48 Fine weapon, so its attack power was indeed average, but his Familiarity with Devastating Slash had already reached Expert-Grade!

With this skill’s effect so enhanced, a deep opening was sliced into the powerful monster’s abdomen, and a weak damage of 2000 appeared above its head!


Green plasma splashed across the Light Armored Warrior as the injured Desert Tarantula instantly burst into rage!

Its front legs slammed into the sandy ground to stop its body, sending up showers of sand. Then its two long back legs viciously smashed into the chest of the Light Armored Warrior, who had no time to dodge, sending him sprawling to the ground!



Above the Light Armored Warrior’s head, two damage coefficients emerged, his HP having fallen by two-fifths in an instant!


At that moment, the other Desert Tarantula stampeded furiously towards him from behind. Its seven remaining hairy legs stomped down on him!

Two enraged high-attack-type Level 50 Elite monsters against one Light Armored Warrior whose HP had already fallen to almost half!

In this situation, it seemed like a 100% death rate!



A 7.62MM armor-piercing bullet, circled by streaks of electricity as if it was carrying more heat than the sun in the sky, flew from behind a nearby sand dune!

The rotating armor-piercing bullet, at high-speed and an incredibly precise angle, drilled through the wounded spot on the Desert Tarantula that had previously been opened by the Light Armored Warrior’s Devastating Slash!

Then right after, it carried a huge splash of green plasma as it once again ripped out of the other side of the Desert Tarantula’s body!

There were also two red damage coefficients!



A lethal damage, a concluding attack!

Desert Tarantulas didn’t have very strong defense, but they still had more than 9000 HP.

That spider had been finished with one shot when it still had at least two-thirds of its health?

Lying on the sand, the Light Armored Warrior had been perfectly positioned to see everything that happened. His eyes widened, and a thought appeared in his mind.

“A Sniper, and a top-tier Sniper at that!”

In War, there was only one profession that was able to deal such amazing damage in a single blow!

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