Fatal Shot

Chapter 309 - Digital Cat Joins

Chapter 309:

Digital Cat Joins

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Although Feng Luo raised his eyebrows slightly, he quickly nodded. “Sure!”

“Lin told me earlier that you’ve already memorized most of the internal and external physical structure of the Hunters. Is this true?”

“Yes, that’s true… I can send you the data from within my brain after we’ve come to a cooperation agreement. This should significantly reduce the time it takes us to get results,” Feng Luo said, not seeing any reason to keep it a secret.

“As I thought…” Digital Cat’s eyes glowed as if she had confirmed something.

Feng Luo’s answer most definitely proved her earlier suspicion that Feng Luo had an incredible memory, just like her!

Feng Luo looked at Digital Cat and asked, “What’s your second question?”

“My second question actually concerns our cooperation.”

“With regards to my research on Hunter T-750, you will provide the chips and 80% of the material and experiment expenses, while I handle 20% of the research cost, the modification of the program, and the design of the mechanical structure. After the research is complete, I will be responsible for building it while you continue to handle materials provision and sales, as well as any issues related to auctions with Huan Yu Company. We’ll divide the profit 50:50!” Digital Cat looked at Feng Luo and pushed her silver tech glasses up her nose.

Feng Luo was stunned for a brief moment before shaking his head. “No!vSince you saw the auction yesterday, you should know the result of the Enhancement Potion auction. You should also be able to guess the market value of the T-750, which is why a 50:50 split is impossible!”

“Then make it 45%!” Digital Cat quickly backed down a bit. It was obvious that Feng Luo would never agree to that demand!

“Still, no.” Feng Luo shook his head with a gloomy face. “At most, I can agree to a 25% cut for you. You should know that the control chips are in my hands, so I can easily get someone else to do this!”

“Twenty-five percent is too little. I will need to spend at least a month on this, and I won’t be able to level up or complete missions. I might even lose out in obtaining Special Agent Points…”

“In contrast, you’re only providing a couple of control chips… That’s why this ratio is too little. 40%, this is the lowest I can go!” Digital Cat shook her head too.

“Heh…” Feng Luo smiled.

He didn’t see anything wrong with a little negotiation. For collaboration that involved money and profit, it was certainly better to make things clear from the beginning.

“Forty percent is too much… By the time you successfully recreate the T-750, you’ll reach at least the Expert level for both your Chip Master and Mechanist professions. This is also a great benefit!” Feng Luo said to Digital Cat.

Building multiple items wasn’t the best way to level up life professions in War; instead, succeeding in the creation or assembly of a high-grade item for the first time generated a higher increase in familiarity. For example, when Feng Luo first created the perfect Eye of the Thunder, he obtained a 15% increase in familiarity!

“It won’t be difficult for me to get to the Expert Level. Even without this opportunity, I would only need one month, at most. But if you use some other Chip Master, I’m pretty sure the combat strength of their T-750 will not be as high as the one I create…”

Digital Cat looked at Feng Luo. Her eyes underneath her silver tech glasses still emanated incredible self-confidence!

Upon seeing Digital Cat’s confidence, which Feng Luo was incredibly familiar with, he smiled. Then, he decided to use his ultimate trump card!

“Indeed, perhaps getting to the Expert level won’t be difficult for you… But what about the Master Level? What if, after you build the T-750, you reach the Master Level?”

After he spoke, Feng Luo stood up and looked down into Digital Cat’s eyes.

As a 17-year-old girl, Digital Cat wasn’t particularly tall. The top of her head only reached Feng Luo’s nose, so when Feng Luo stood up, he could smell the pleasant scent from her hair.

As expected, after Feng Luo made that comment, the teenage girl’s expression changed. She raised her head and asked, “Master level? You know how to get to the Master level?!”

Feng Luo shook his head and said, “Not exactly, no…”

Digital Cat looked confused. “Then what did you mean just now?”

Feng Luo looked at Digital Cat and said, “It’s because I’m pretty confident that the T-750 model is just a low-level model. In the future, there will be T-800 and T-850 intermediate models; the T-900 and T-950 advanced models, and even the T-1000, T-X, and other super models…”

“You haven’t personally witnessed the T-750’s strength, but the truth is, even in the category of Level 50 Elite Monsters, they are among the best. I can even say that they possess strength equalling the best players in War right now!”

“For something of this level, I’m pretty sure only the best Advanced or even Expert Chip Masters and Mechanists can make them! Which is why I’m wondering; for the later models that are even more powerful, just what level of skills would be needed? As for those Hunters, just how much improvement will they bring to a Chip Master and Mechanist?”

As he looked at Digital Cat’s surprise, Feng Luo knew that he was on the right track. For many technical type players, opportunities to increase their life profession level were incredibly tempting!

“How do I know that you’re not just making this up?” the teenage girl asked suspiciously, taking a breath.

“The T-800 is a combat robot that greatly resembles a human. It will have synthetic human skin, a heartbeat, and other disguise functions. At the same time, it has a skeletal alloy frame which is much stronger than that of the T-750. It is incredibly tough, and normal bullets wouldn’t be able to deal any damage to it. Apart from that, its control chips will have the ability to learn…”

“The more advanced T-1000 will be a super robot that is made from liquified memory metal. It can freely transform. Even if its body is crushed, it will be able to recover. Furthermore, parts of its body can be transformed into blades, swords, and all kinds of weapons…”

“As for the T-X, it is a type of ultimate combat robot. It combines the advantages and strengths of the T-800 and T-1000 models. It has a superalloy skeletal frame and liquified metal as its synthetic skin. It can perform micro transformation that the T-1000 cannot perform, and it also has incredible melee combat abilities…”

Feng Luo quickly and briefly described some of the key features and unique traits of the Terminator models in the movies.

His memory, which was getting better and better, made it incredibly easy for him to remember scenes from those movies!

“You got all this data from your intel mission?” Digital Cat looked shocked. She couldn’t deny that her interest had been piqued by all the more advanced Hunter models that Feng Luo described.

One reason she was interested, apart from the things he said that she could cross-reference with the T-750 program and validate through the data, was that she was fascinated by the liquified combat robot that Feng Luo mentioned.

In the real world, she was taking part in a research group using a virtual identity, and it was the group’s research topic!

Digital Cat finally nodded.

“Alright. You’ve convinced me. I can accept 30%. But you have to guarantee that I have priority rights to the chip research and model building process for the T-800, T-1000, and other models…”

“Also, this ratio will increase along with the increase of my profession level. Please put this inside the electronic agreement!”

Feng Luo grinned and extended his right hand to the teenager.

“Alright! Then, to a successful and happy cooperation!” He didn’t mind Digital Cat’s second request since, similar to the Enhancement Potions, the time to really earn money was before the storyline fully developed. By the time the Terminator storyline really started, some of the items would be available as loot, so by then, the profit margin would definitely drop.

Moreover, after her life profession leveled up, it was fair for her to get a higher share. After all, a Master Level Mechanist couldn’t be compared to an Expert Level Mechanist!

“So, for now, you just focus on T-750 research. Try to recreate it as soon as possible. As for the Special Agent missions, you don’t have to worry. If there are any compulsory group missions before you succeed in your research, I’ll do my best to help you get through them,” said Feng Luo.

He knew that Digital Cat was weak in combat. It was easy to determine from her choice to give up on the “Big Escape” game.

As for the Special Agent Missions arranged by the system, they were unlikely to be easy; moreover, if it were a city mission like the one in Dongsang City, a large mecha wouldn’t even be able to take part, so Digital Cat would be in more trouble.

So until the T-750 could be manufactured, completing missions and obtaining Authorizations and SAPs would definitely be a problem for Digital Cat.

As for Feng Luo, after he obtained his Legendary gear, he had been substantially strengthened, so he could ensure that both of them could complete the mission.

Moreover, there was also Big Pineapple, a crazy fat tank who was already his ally! That was why their cooperation this time was definitely a win-win situation for them both!

Alright. That’s settled. So next, it’s time to push for Level 50, prepare Ghost Weep, and increase the number and combat strength of the beetles!

Of course, there’s also the Force!

Feng Luo’s eyes shone with determination.

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