Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 804 - Xiao Lingye’s Dilemma  

Chapter 804: Xiao Lingye’s Dilemma

Xiao Lingye did not know that his partners were planning to scheme against him after he left. But he could guess as much.

Over the years, he could feel the changes in the mindset of his partners, the drive of their interests, and the expansion of their ambitions.

However, he thought the years of friendship would stop them. Reality proved that friendship was nothing before benefits.

“Sigh!” Sitting on the flower bed, Xiao Lingye’s face was full of disappointment, but at the same time, he let out a sigh of relief.

In the future, he would no longer be trapped in this rotten friendship.

These people had schemed against him because they saw that the company was getting bigger and bigger in his hands. In terms of the distribution of interests, they wanted more.

However, what disappointed him was that these partners could have talked to him if they felt the distribution of shares was unreasonable. For the sake of friendship, he was willing to give up the shares in his hands. Xiao Lingye didn’t lack money at all. Therefore, he did not care about the shares he had. He just wanted to accumulate experience.

But these people…

Xiao Lingye sighed again and shook his head lightly, “Forget it. If they want it, then so be it.”

Since they plotted against him for the sake of profits. It was meaningless for him to stay in this company.

However, Teng Fei Tech grew up in his hands. It was like his child. He really could not bear to part with it.

Xiao Lingye was a little conflicted.

In the midst of his indecision, he gave Gong Tianhao a call.

“Brother-in-law!” Xiao Lingye called out in a low voice.

Gong Tianhao, who was reading through the documents, could tell that there was something wrong with Xiao Lingye’s tone.

He put down the pen in his hand, took the phone, and walked to the window. He asked in confusion, “Ye ‘Er, what’s wrong? Is it a love problem? Did you fall out of love? Don’t worry. I’ll introduce a better girl to you. Ye ‘Er is so outstanding. You’re only worthy of the best girl.”

“…” Xiao Lingye was speechless. “Brother-in-law, I don’t even have a girlfriend, so how am I supposed to fall out of love?”

Gong Tianhao said in surprise, “How is it that you don’t have a girlfriend yet? You’re so outstanding.”

“…” Xiao Lingye said, “Brother-in-law, I plan to set up a business before starting a family. I won’t date before I have a career.”

Gong Tianhao said in amusement, “Dating won’t delay your career. Look at your sister. Didn’t her career only get better after she got married and had children?”

Xiao Lingye thought for a moment. His brother-in-law was not wrong.

“Wait.” Xiao Lingye was distracted and forgot about the main matter. “Brother-in-law, I’ve encountered a problem. I don’t know how to make a decision, so I want to consult you.”

Then, Xiao Lingye told Gong Tianhao about the current situation and the conflict in his heart. Then, Xiao Lingye asked, “Brother-in-law, what should I do now?”

Gong Tianhao was silent for a moment, then asked seriously, “Ye ‘Er, are you really willing to let go of the company?”

Xiao Lingye was silent for a moment, then replied seriously, “I’m not willing. The company is my child. Which parent would be willing to let their child go?”

Gong Tianhao nodded and said, “This is it. Why should you give your child to others?”

Xiao Lingye’s eyes immediately lit up. He nodded and said, “Yes. Thank you, brother-in-law.”

“You’re welcome!” The corners of Gong Tianhao’s lips curled up. “If you need help, let me know. I’m your brother-in-law and your family. Your matters are my matters, understand?”

“I understand.”

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