Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 803 - : Scheming!  

Chapter 803: Scheming!

After Xiao Lingye left, the faces of the five partners who were left behind were abnormally ugly and embarrassed.

The five of them looked at each other and immediately looked away, a guilty look flashing in their eyes.

Then, Qiao Ruoyang snorted with disdain in his eyes, “He thinks he’s so great. But he’s just a farmer. Without the support of my funds, what can he do?”

“That’s right!” Dai Yimin agreed, “When he asked us to partner with him, he said that he only cared about the work. But now, he’s refusing to let go of his shares. He’s greedy.”

Pang Dayue said, “It’s good that he’s leaving. Now that the company has money, we can hire a new technical director.”

Su Yang, on the other hand, seemed to be a little embarrassed as he asked, “How did he find out we were behind this?”

This show was designed by the five of them. The purpose was obviously to drive Xiao Lingye out of the company so that they could get their hands on his shares.

As soon as Su Yang’s words fell, the other four people immediately fell silent.

Indeed, how did Xiao Lingye tell? They thought that their plan was flawless.

Chu Xiangbei thought for a while and said, “No matter how he saw through it, as long as he can’t produce any evidence, he can’t do anything to us. But, at least, he is self-aware. He knows that we don’t welcome him, so he’s leaving voluntarily!”

“Right, if we can make him quit voluntarily, we don’t need to waste our efforts to deal with him,” Dai Yiming said. “He is a real coward.”

“But he said that he’d only sell his shares to two people,” Su Yang said.

This was the main point. Xiao Lingye would only sell his shares to two of them. Obviously, he wanted the five of them to fight for it.

Back then, when the five of them had schemed against Xiao Lingye, they had agreed that Xiao Lingye’s shares would be divided equally. But they couldn’t have that now.

Everyone wanted the shares. Whoever bought Xiao Lingye’s shares would be the company’s largest shareholder and have the greatest power in the company. So, who would back out?

Everyone had their own selfishness and greed.

This was especially so when one had the taste of money.

“Back then, we agreed that we would split Xiao Lingye’s shares equally,” Pang Dayue said first. “How about this? I’ll buy his shares first. Then I’ll sell them to you guys.”

“No way!” The other four rejected him.

“In that case, you should let me buy them, and then I’ll share them with the rest of you!”

Then, they argued until their faces turned red.

At this moment, Su Yang suddenly said, “Actually, we don’t need to spend money to buy them.”

When the four heard this, they were momentarily stunned.

Su Yang’s lips curled up, and he said with a faint smile, “Don’t forget, what Xiao Lingye sold was not only new technology but also trade secrets? Once we report him leaking trade secrets, he’ll have to give us his shares even if he doesn’t want to. Otherwise, what awaits him will be the destruction of his reputation.”

When Su Yang said this, the four of them were stunned again, and then they reacted.

Then they laughed out loud.

“Haha, the calmest water is the most dangerous. Su Yang, I thought you were the kindest one, but you were actually a wolf in disguise!”

“Aren’t you supposed to be Xiao Lingye’s good brother? You didn’t even hesitate to stab him in the back. Haha…”

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