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Chapter 629 - Xiao Lingyun’s Innocence is Ruined?

Chapter 629: Xiao Lingyun’s Innocence is Ruined?

“How could this be? Why can’t I post stuff anymore?”

In a large company’s office in City H, a spoiled girl was typing on the keyboard in frustration. She cursed, “Bastard, how could this be?”

Then, a man in his forties walked into the office. He frowned and asked, “Feifei, what happened to you? Who made you angry?”

Ye Feifei sat on the boss’s chair with her arms crossed over her chest. She said in a spoiled tone, “Hmph, Dad, do you remember the last time I told you that I was chased out of Taoyuan Village?” Ye Feifei was still holding a grudge, and she had always wanted to find an opportunity to take revenge.

She had also begged her father a few times to teach that country slut a harsh lesson.

However, City H was far away from Taoyuan Village. The Ye Family also didn’t have any businesses in City Z, so Father Ye couldn’t do much.

However, Ye Feifei’s father, Ye Zhicheng, spoiled his daughter a lot. He was also angry that a country bumpkin girl dared to bully his precious daughter. He wanted to take revenge.

Therefore, he paid a friend from the underworld to go to Taoyuan Village to teach those ignorant people a lesson. However, those people were taught a lesson instead.

The underworld friend almost cut off ties with Ye Zhicheng because of this. Ye Zhicheng had to keep apologizing and give presents to salvage this relationship. He had suffered heavy losses and had given out nearly a million dollars.

Later, when his daughter made a fuss, he could only appease her. He understood that since his underworld friend couldn’t do anything to this woman, she must have a powerful background.

However, half a year had passed since then, so why would his daughter suddenly bring it up again?

Ye Zhicheng was slightly puzzled and asked, “I remember. So?” At this point, he thought of something and said, “Haven’t you been telling me that the slut’s reputation has been fully ruined on the internet? You were so happy that you ate half a bowl of rice. What’s wrong now?”

Ye Feifei said, “Dad, all those news is gone!”

This time, Ye Zhicheng was really a little surprised.

“All the news is gone? What do you mean by that?”

Ye Feifei pointed at the computer and said angrily, “The news was at the top of trending yesterday, but today it has all disappeared. Even if we want to post something about it, we can’t publish it. We’ve been blocked.”

Ye Zhicheng listened quietly. With his years of experience in the business world and his sharp instincts as a businessman, he realized that the country woman who had offended her daughter was not ordinary. How could an ordinary person suppress the news on the internet?

Then, he remembered the warning from his underworld friend. Ye Zhicheng immediately became alert and warned her very seriously, “Feifei, let’s forget about the past. Don’t think about taking revenge on that peasant woman anymore.”

Ye Feifei cried out in disbelief, “Dad!” Her father had always stood up for her, but he had not helped her in this matter.

Ye Zhicheng waved his hand and said, “Alright, that’s it for now. You can go back. Dad still has to go to work.”

Ye Feifei had no choice but to go back.

However, it was impossible for her not to take revenge on Xiao Lingyu.

In fact, she had posted a few malicious comments herself when the rumors about Taoyuan Village exploded on the internet.

After returning home, she turned on her computer and contacted a person.

This person was the leader of a group of Internet trolls.

She wanted them to destroy Xiao Lingyu.

“Miss Ye, I’m afraid we can’t do what you’ve requested us to do anymore.” The leader said.

Ye Feifei said angrily, “Why? I’ve already paid you, so why can’t you do your job?”

The leader said, “Miss Ye, you can check the internet yourself. The matter you want us to do has been blocked by top hackers. We can’t do anything at all.”

Ye Feifei countered, “Can’t you hack them back?”

The leader scoffed, “Miss Ye, you think too highly of me. If I can deal with those hackers, do you think I’d need to do this job for you? In any case, I can’t help you anymore. Miss Ye, please find someone else.”

Ye Feifei was dumbfounded.

Things were falling apart. She couldn’t help but wonder if that slut from Taoyuan Village was really that powerful. She even managed to suppress the internet trolls.

But Ye Feifei was unwilling to give up.

“Just wait. When there’s a chance, I’ll definitely take revenge!” Ye Feifei gritted her teeth and said.

Wherever Xiao Lingyun went, she received a meaningful smile from everyone she saw.

Of course, these smiles didn’t have any malice. On the contrary, they seemed to have a meaning of blessing.

Xiao Lingyun felt that something was strange, but she could not tell what it was.

In any case, thanks to the company crisis, she didn’t have the time to look into this.

However, when Xiao Lingyun walked past Xiao Xinxin’s mother, she was teased, “Lingyun, I hear that something good is about to happen to you.”

Xiao Lingyun had a puzzled look on her face. She asked blankly, “Auntie, what do you mean?”

Zhou Yan smiled and said, “Hehe, you’re still pretending. You have such good acting skills.”

Xiao Lingyun, “…” What is going on?

Zhou Yan said, “Lingyun, you’ve been divorced for more than two years. It’s time for you to find a good man to marry. Gong Yinxiong is indeed a good child. Since the two of you have already decided on each other, it’s better to hurry up and…”

Xiao Lingyun waved her hand and said in puzzlement, “Wait, Auntie, what are you talking about? What does this have to do with Gong Yinxiong?”

“…” Zhou Yan thought that Xiao Lingyun was shy and said with a smile, “Lingyun, Gong Yinxiong is a good man. You shouldn’t let him get away. Plus, you’ve already kissed him. Are you going to let him down?”

“What kiss?” Xiao Lingyun became more and more confused, but then her face blushed, and she said angrily, “What kiss? There’s no such thing.”

Zhou Yan asked in confusion, “Lingyun, didn’t you kiss Gong Yinxiong in the warehouse of the Bean Products Company?”

“What? Who said that?” Xiao Lingyun realized that her reputation had been ruined unknowingly. “Who is spouting nonsense? Auntie, let me tell you, there is no such thing between Gong Yinxiong and me.”

Zhou Yan stared at her suspiciously and asked, “Is there really no such thing?”

Xiao Lingyun’s expression was obviously a little stiff. She felt a little guilty in her heart, but she still shook her head and said, “No, there is no such thing!” It was a complete accident!

Zhou Yan then muttered, “But Xiao Tong said he saw it with his own eyes? Will he lie at such a young age?”

Xiao Lingyun was momentarily stunned. “Xiao Tong?” When she came to her senses, she suddenly shouted, “Xiao Letong, get out now!” She never thought that Xiao Tong would be the culprit behind the rumors.

Her shout reverberated throughout the village.

Xiao Letong, who was hiding at her eldest grandmother’s place, froze when she heard her aunt shout. He covered his ears with his small hands and thought to himself, ‘Auntie’s voice is so powerful.’

“If you don’t come out after I count to three, I’ll expose your secret,” Xiao Lingyun said fiercely.

Eldest Aunt Xiao saw Xiao Tong hiding behind her and asked suspiciously, “Xiao Tong, how did you offend your aunt?”

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