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Chapter 628 - Mother, I Discovered a Secret  

Chapter 628: Mother, I Discovered a Secret

In the study room of the Gong Family mansion, Old Master Gong was sitting before a priceless ancient painting on the wall.

A man in black stood in front of him. It was Li Wendong.

“Old Master, this is the investigation of Bai Shanshan’s situation!” Li Wendong handed the information to Old Master Gong and continued, “Bai Shanshan comes from a side branch of the Bai Family.”

The Bai family had a certain relationship with the Gong family.

If Xiao Lingyu wanted to touch Bai Shanshan, the Bai family would definitely make a move.

The Bai Family was a behemoth compared to Xiao Lingyu. If the Bai Family wanted to save Bai Shanshan, Xiao Lingyu would be squashed!

However, Xiao Lingyu was the wife of their boss, Gong Tianhao. She was also the granddaughter-in-law of the Gong family.

Old Master Gong wouldn’t allow a mere side branch member of the Bai Family to bully Xiao Lingyu.

Fortunately, Old Master Gong had the foresight and sent Gong Yinxiong to protect her. With Gong Yinxiong there, the matters on the internet would be much easier to deal with.

Normally, Gong Yinxiong and Xiao Lingyu could also deal with the culprit who had been framing Xiao Lingyu. However, Gong Yinxiong had sent over the information regarding Bai Shanshan’s identity and background. This meant that there was something interesting about Bai Shanshan’s identity. The problem was that Bai Shanshan was actually a member of the Bai family.

The relationship between the Bai family and Old Master Gong…

It was hard to explain.

After Old Master Gong looked at Bai Shanshan’s information, he threw it onto the table. There was faint anger on his face.

He said loudly, “The Bai family is ridiculous! Do they really think that the Gong Family is easy to bully?”

When Li Wendong heard this, he wanted to roll his eyes. ‘The Bai family doesn’t know that Xiao Lingyu is a member of the Gong family.’ Of course, Li Wendong didn’t say this out loud.

He asked, “Then, old master, what should we do about Bai Shanshan?”

Old Master Gong waved his hand and said, “Tell Gong Yinxiong to deal with her however he wants. As for the Bai family, find something for them to do so that they wouldn’t have time to care about Bai Shanshan!”

This was just the Bai family. He didn’t even need to do anything. As long as he gave a slight hint to the other families, there would naturally be people to deal with the Bai family.

In the past, he didn’t care about the Bai family because he felt like his life was limited. He wanted someone to be there for his grandson after he was gone. However, he didn’t realize that the Bai family was a den of ungrateful wolves. He had given them something, but they actually wanted to steal everything away from the Gong family.

Of course, he wouldn’t spoil them anymore for the sake of his granddaughter-in-law and great grandson.

After Li Wendong left the study, Old Master Gong thought about it and felt uneasy. Yu ‘Er hid such a big thing from him.

Old Master Gong took out a cell phone from his drawer and made a call.

The phone rang and was picked up.

“Grandfather!” A clear voice came from the phone. “Grandfather, is there something wrong? Why are you calling at this time?”

Old Master Gong’s face darkened, and he said in an annoyed tone, “Girl, does this mean that you won’t call me if grandfather doesn’t call you?”

Xiao Lingyu immediately said in an obsequious tone, “How can that be? I’ve been thinking about calling you every day, but didn’t we agree to call every Friday?”

If it weren’t for the circumstances, Xiao Lingyu would definitely call Old Master Gong to greet him every day and even return to his side to serve him.

Old Master Gong was alone in the Gong family guarding the place and it was really difficult for him.

After a moment of silence, Old Master Gong asked, “Lass, are you alright?”

“Grandfather, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry! “Xiao Lingyu replied very seriously. Of course, she understood what Old Master Gong meant.

Old Master Gong said a little angrily, “Lass, why didn’t you call grandfather and tell me about this? At least I can help.”

Xiao Lingyu shook her head and said, “Grandfather, these are all small matters. I can handle them and there’s no need for you to worry at all. If I can’t even handle such a small matter, how am I worthy of being the daughter-in-law of the Gong family? Don’t you agree?”

After hearing Xiao Lingyu’s words, Old Master Gong was very gratified, but he said unhappily, “You’re the granddaughter-in-law that I acknowledge. Whether you’re worthy or not, it’s up to me to decide.”

“…” Xiao Lingyu smiled and echoed, “Yes, yes, grandfather, you’re right. But grandfather, I have to learn to grow. I’m Gong Tianhao’s wife, and at the same time, I’ll be the mistress of the Gong family in the future. I want to walk side by side with Tianhao, and I also want to be a qualified mistress of the Gong family. So, I have to learn to deal with this.”

“…” After a moment of silence, Old Master Gong sighed and said, “Child, it’s been hard on you!”

Xiao Lingyu shook her head and said, “Grandfather, I don’t think it’s hard! I love Tianhao, I like grandfather, and I like the Gong family!”

Old Master Gong smiled and said, “Alright, Yu ‘Er, I like what you’re saying. But I think the brat will like it even more.” Speaking of his grandson, Old Master Gong added, “Yu ‘Er, Xing ‘Er said that Tianhao will wake up very soon.”

Situ Xing told him that day, ‘I’ve combined this immortal healing water and developed a tissue cell healing solution. Tianhao’s brain nerve cells will recover faster. According to the speed of cell recovery, he should wake up in less than half a year.”

When Master Gong heard the good news, he wiped his tears excitedly.

Xiao Lingyu smiled and said, “Yes, I heard it from Gong Yinxiong already. But…”

“But what?” Old Master Gong suddenly asked anxiously.

After a moment of silence, Xiao Lingyu said, “After Tianhao wakes up, I wonder if he still remembers me?”

“How dare he not?!” Old Master Gong immediately shouted, “If he dares to forget you, I’ll break his legs!”

Actually, Old Master Gong wasn’t confident either.

Xiao Lingyu had told him before that Gong Tianhao would recover after drinking the water, but after he recovered, he might lose a part of his memory. However, no one knew what part of his memory he’d lost, not even Xiao Ling.

Xiao Lingyu comforted him, “Grandfather, you don’t have to be angry. If Tianhao really doesn’t remember me, then we’ll have a new start. This time, I’ll pursue him instead. It’ll be fun.”

“…” Old Master Gong thought for a moment and nodded in agreement. “Alright, fine.”

“However, grandfather,” Xiao Lingyu said with a smile, “If Tianhao really doesn’t remember me, before I win him over, grandfather, you have to help me chase away the wild butterflies by his side, okay?”

Old Master Gong immediately said with a smile, “Haha, don’t worry about that. No matter what, grandfather will definitely help you.”

“Alright, thank you, grandfather!” Xiao Lingyu said with a smile.

Old Master Gong waved his hand and said, “We’re a family now. Isn’t it my duty to help you? There’s no need to thank grandfather!”

Xiao Lingyu hung up the call reluctantly, but her eyes were in a daze.

This was the second time she heard that Gong Tianhao was about to wake up.

This was great news for everyone. However, Xiao Lingyu was conflicted. What if Gong Tianhao woke up and really forgot about his wife and son? Would he still have the same feelings for her?

Xiao Lingyu didn’t know.

She was a little scared, nervous, and even at a loss.

Just as Xiao Lingyu was in a daze, someone knocked on her door.

“Mom, can I come in?” Xiao Lingyu heard Xiao Tong’s tender voice from outside.

Xiao Lingyu stood up and opened the door. When she opened the door, she saw her fair and tender son raising his head and looking at her with sparkling eyes.

Xiao Lingyu bent down and picked him up. She said with a smile, “Of course, my son can come in.” Then she asked, “Son, why did you come here to look for Mom?”

Xiao Letong blinked his big eyes and whispered into Xiao Lingyu’s ear, “Mom, I found a secret.”

Xiao Lingyu asked in amusement, “Oh, what secret is that?”

Xiao Letong whispered, “I saw Uncle Gong kissing Auntie on her mouth!”

Xiao Lingyu, “…”

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