Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Go Home and Farm

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“Young master, this is where Miss Xiao stays!” Secretary Wang gave the address to Yan Siming. It was not that hard to find someone’s address.

Yan Siming accepted the note. His lips curled into a devilish smile, and he ordered, “Go and order 99 roses. Send them over tomorrow!”

Secretary Wang replied respectfully, “Yes, Young Master!”

After Secretary Wang Left, Yan Siming toyed with the note and smiled playfully, “Xiao Lingyu, let’s see how long you can hold out.”

Yan Siming had confidence in his charm. Putting aside his background, he was good-looking and muscular. He was a walking Adonis.

Xiao Lingyu sat dazed on the sofa. She kept muttering, “What’s going on? Did I imagine everything? If I didn’t, how do I get back there? How do I enter the place?”

As Xiao Lingyu muttered to herself, she turned the jade pendant around her neck. As she said the word, ‘enter’, the world around her shifted.

The spring pond and the farming land reappeared. Xiao Lingyu was stunned. She held the jade pendant and didn’t let go.

Xiao Lingyu gasped, “I’ve returned. So it was not a dream! But what is really going on?” Xiao Lingyu was no closer to an answer.

She looked around before her eyes slowly returned to her hand, which was still holding the jade pendant. She noticed the color of the pendant had changed.

Previously, the jade pendant was dull green in color, but now it was shiny like a crystal. However, what surprised her the most was the thing that was not there. Xiao Lingyu remembered her blood had stuck onto the pendant when she was injured. She had not cleaned the pendant, but the bloodstain on the pendant had miraculously disappeared.

Xiao Lingyu had a flash of inspiration. “Is it all because of this jade pendant?” Then she remembered that she was always holding this pendant in her hand whenever she got transported in and out of this mysterious space.

Xiao Lingyu had a hypothesis, and she wanted to confirm it. She held the pendant in her hand, and she said, “Exit!”

She returned to her room. Xiao Lingyu’s eyes lit up, and her face filled with excitement. “My hypothesis is correct!” But she still tried it a few more times.

Xiao Lingyu held onto the jade pendant and chanted, “Enter!”

She teleported away.





The multiple tests confirmed her hypothesis.

Xiao Lingyu then sat down to study the jade pendant carefully. The jade pendant had a phoenix shape. She picked it up in a small river near the village when she was young.

She came from a poor village. Her parents couldn’t afford to buy her any jewelry. All they could afford was a cheap headband. Xiao Lingyu’s parents were very kind to her and pampered her a lot. However, that only meant Xiao Lingyu had a few more headbands than the other girls. She soon got bored.

When Xiao Lingyu found the jade pendant in the river, she was captivated by its beauty. She brought it home and had her mother tie it around her neck with a red rope.

That was twenty years ago.

Xiao Lingyu never imagined that the accidental find would bring her such a big surprise.

Then Xiao Lingyu was consumed by fear. If people found out she had such a treasure, they would do anything to steal it from her. She had seen enough wuxia movies to know the plot. She took a sip of the spring water to calm herself down.

‘But wait… There is nothing here except this spring and undeveloped farming land. What use is this place other than to farm it?

‘Then again, what will really happen if farming is conducted here? Since the space is magical, will the product be magical too?’

Xiao Lingyu scratched her nose, and then she was assaulted by a horrible stench. She wrinkled her nose and looked down. “What’s going on? Why do I have so much mud on me? I…” Then something hit Xiao Lingyu. She said in doubt. “Is it because I’ve drunk from the spring?”

Other than that, she couldn’t think of anything else.

“The spring has some kind of rejuvenation and cleansing effect?” Xiao Lingyu remembered such miracles from fantasy dramas. “So drinking or bathing in the spring will help improve one’s physique?” Xiao Lingyu wanted to give it another test.

Xiao Lingyu walked to the edge of the spring and took a few careful sips. Then she removed her clothes and jumped into the spring. The temperature was perfect.

After Xiao Lingyu was done washing her body, she realized her skin had become fairer. It was even shining with luster. It was like her skin had been given the Photoshop effect.

Xiao Lingyu was certain that the spring had some kind of beautify and cleansing effect. But she had no clue if that was because she had drunk or bathed in the spring. She had done both, so she might have to do another test… with perhaps another test subject.

With that in mind, Xiao Lingyu had to wonder if she could bring the spring water out of the space with her.

Xiao Lingyu exited the space and put on her pajama in her bedroom. She grabbed an empty bottle in the kitchen. She held the bottle in one hand and the pendant in another. She chanted, “Enter!”

The bottle was still in her hand, so that proved that at least she could bring stuff into the magical space with her. Now the question was, could she bring the stuff from the space out.

After Xiao Lingyu filled the bottle with the spring water, she chanted, “Exit!”

The filled water bottle was still in her hand. The test was positive. Now, the next step was to verify if the water was still magical in the real world. But Xiao Lingyu knew she had to conduct that part of her test in private.

In any case, Xiao Lingyu had another question. Since the spring in the magical space had some magical uses, what about the farming plots? Then again, what could she do with the land? Farm?

Xiao Lingyu’s eyes glowed. ‘Actually, why not? I should try farming in there and see what will happen!’

But people would question if she suddenly appeared with farming produce in the city. The better idea was for her to return to her hometown before she tried any farming.

At that moment, Xiao Lingyu suddenly felt a strong enthusiasm and anticipation of returning home and starting a farm.

The sudden appearance of this magical space frightened and surprised Xiao Lingyu. But after these initial emotions passed, Xiao Lingyu was itching with eagerness.

Before this, Xiao Lingyu’s only reason to stay in City Z was Chen Ran.. Since there was no more reason for her to stay, she might as well go home and farm.

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