Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Tactic

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Twenty minutes later, the nurse returned to the ward. She called out a few times, but she didn’t get any reply. She was immediately flustered.

The patient was personally sent over by Young Master Yan. If he knew she had gone missing, he would level the entire hospital.

The nurse looked around the ward and soon discovered the cash and note on the bedside table.

The nurse immediately reported to the head nurse. The head nurse grabbed the money and note to report to the doctor.

When chief surgeon Yuan got the phone call from the head nurse, he was shocked. He was not expecting the woman to grab the medicine and escape from the hospital.

Regardless he had to report this to Young Master Yan. After all, it was Young Master Yan who personally sent the woman there. Even if the woman escaped on her own volition, Young Master Yan had to be notified.

The Director of Saint Hospital reported the matter of Xiao Lingyu’s departure to Young Master Yan in fear and trepidation, “Young Master Yan, Miss Xiao left two thousand and a note in the ward. The note explains that the money is to pay for the medical fee. She then left in secret.”

Yan Siming frowned slightly and narrowed his eyes. There was faint anger in his eyes, but he calmed down. He said evenly, “Understood, since she doesn’t want to stay, then let her be.”

“Yes!” The director replied respectfully. After hanging up, the head nurse and Chief Surgeon Yuan immediately asked nervously, “Director, how is it? Did Young Master Yan say anything?”

The director shook his head and said, “Young Master Yan told us to leave this issue alone!”

“Phew!” The head nurse and Chief Surgeon Yuan patted their chests. They let out a massive sigh of relief and said with a smile, “That was so scary.”

Then, the head nurse said with confusion, “But this is so strange. Why did the woman escape from the hospital? Isn’t she Young Master Yan’s woman? I heard that there are many women around Young Master Yan fighting for his favor. There were injuries, threats, and even suicides. However, Young Master Yan did not care about them.

“But this time, Young Master Yan sent the girl here for a small injury. Is she Young Master Yan’s new favorite? She’s afraid that other woman would take her spot when she was hospitalized, so she sneaked away to go back to Young Master Yan?”

The head nurse had a powerful imagination. Despite her advanced age, she still had the habit of reading romance novels.

Chief Surgeon Yuan laughed while shaking his head. “Impossible!” He sounded very sure.

The director and the head nurse turned to him, smelling the gossip. They asked, “Surgeon Yuan, how can you be so sure?”

Surgeon Yuan immediately mimicked zipping his lips. “There’s no way I’m telling!” He was not going to talk behind Young Master Yan’s back. He still wanted to keep on living in City Z.

“Tsk!” The head nurse rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction.

The hospital staff was very curious about Xiao Lingyu’s identity.

When Yan Siming returned to his company, he had a dark expression. He gritted his teeth and said, “Xiao Lingyu, damn you!”

He already promised that he would look after her, but she still escaped from his care. At Saint Hospital, everyone saw him bring her there. However, this woman had left behind some cash and absconded. Xiao Lingyu didn’t give him any face at all!

“Damn! Xiao Lingyu, you’re good!” Yan Siming growled angrily again.

Secretary Wang, who stood opposite Yan Siming, had his heart tremble. He carefully asked, “Young Master, do you want us to check on Miss Xiao?”

To be honest, when Young Master Yan carried Xiao Lingyu out of Huiqing Group, Secretary Wang was already shocked out of his mind. Young Master Yan had never done something like this before!

From that, Secretary Wang knew that Young Master Yan had a unique relationship with Miss Xiao.

Now that Young Master Yan heard Miss Xiao had secretly escaped from the hospital, he was actually angry! No woman had managed to elicit that emotion from Young Master Yan before!

Young Master Yan glanced at Secretary Wang. His gaze was so sharp that Secretary Wang shivered. Secretary Wang had no idea why his boss was looking at him like that. Did he say something wrong?

Young Master Yan soon returned to his normal state and said coldly, “There’s no need!” Even though he was quite interested in Xiao Lingyu, he would not chase after a woman.

Yan Siming tried to use different methods to tempt Xiao Lingyu. Xiao Lingyu rejected him at first before slowly relenting. It was then that Yan Siming started to lose interest. However, he continued to act along to enjoy the show.

Yan Siming’s eyes glowed with disdain when Xiao Lingyu asked Zhao Huiqing for five million. Yan Siming assumed Xiao Lingyu was another gold digger. However, when he heard Xiao Lingyu’s second condition, which was for Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman to get married, he was shocked.

At the time, Yan Siming captured the anger and hatred in Xiao Lingyu’s eyes clearly, so he didn’t understand why she was doing so much to help the adulterous couple. Yan Siming believed Xiao Lingyu was up to something, so he continued to cooperate with her.

When the marriage certificates were officiated, Xiao Lingyu wrote secretly in his palm, “Acquire Huiqing.”

At that moment, he was even impressed by how ruthless and clever Xiao Lingyu was.

Even if she was a gold digger, at least she was an interesting one. If she wanted money, he would give her money.

However, at the hospital, Xiao Lingyu surprised him again. She wanted him to donate the five million. Only then did Yan Siming understand Xiao Lingyu was honestly just using him.

The fact that Xiao Lingyu had escaped secretly from the hospital proved one thing. She did not want to have anything to do with him anymore.

After reaching this conclusion, a cunning smile appeared on Young Master Yan’s lips. He said, “Well done, woman. Your tactic has grabbed my interest.”

Young Master Yan thought he could charm any woman, and Xiao Lingyu was no exception.

However, Xiao Lingyu was more shrewd than any woman he had ever met. The tactics that she played didn’t turn him off. If anything, it made her even more alluring.

Secretary Wang, who was at the side, felt his heart quiver. He asked carefully again, “Then, Young Master, do you want to check on Miss Xiao?”

Young Master Yan smiled playfully and said, “Just find out where she lives for now. There’s no need to investigate anything else.”

“Yes!” Secretary Wang replied very respectfully. ‘Is Young Master Yan finally in love? Some woman has managed to capture his heart?’

After Xiao Lingyu left the hospital, she did not dare to delay at all. She immediately got into a taxi and headed to her rental home.

Actually, the company had arranged a dorm for its workers but to have some privacy with Chen Ran, Xiao Lingyu rented this house in the small neighborhood that was relatively far away from the company.

The place was small. It had only one bedroom and one living room. But it had all the necessities. Most of the time, Chen Ran would sleep on the sofa in the living room if he stayed over.

When she reached home, Xiao Lingyu didn’t even stop to examine the rental that she had not seen for six years. She leaned on the sofa and carefully pulled back the collar of her shirt. She took a careful look before grabbing a bandage to seal the wound back up.

Xiao Lingyu’s face was pale as she muttered, “This is not a dream! But this is impossible!”

Xiao Lingyu still found it unbelievable.

“No, I need to do something to confirm this!” Xiao Lingyu thought, but then she pursed her lips. “But how am I supposed to do that?”

Xiao Lingyu had no idea how she got into and got out of that magical space….

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