Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: A Tragic Ending!

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“Xiao Lingyu, you bitch, you’ve ruined everything! Go to hell!” Zhao Wenman roared crazily. Her red and swollen face was covered in blood, and her expression was unusually twisted and terrifying. A bone-deep hatred burst out from her eyes. She held a knife and aimed it at Xiao Lingyu’s neck.

At the crucial moment, Yan Siming took the initiative. He pulled Xiao Lingyu by her shoulder and shielded her in his arm. Then he turned around and lifted his leg to kick at Zhao Wenman’s stomach. The kick sent Zhao Wenman several meters away.

There were two sounds. One was the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground, while the other was the sound of a fruit knife hitting the ground.

“Ah!” Zhao Wenman cried out in pain. Then, she held her stomach and moaned. Blood flowed out from underneath her. She looked miserable.

People wanted to feel sorry for her, but when they saw Chen Ran, who had been stabbed by the fruit knife, they knew the woman was not one to be sympathized with. The woman was a killer, so she didn’t deserve sympathy.

“Wait, Miss Zhao… Is she having a miscarriage?” An older woman gasped.

“Really? How can that be? Miss Zhao is pregnant?” Someone said in surprise.

Then again, this was not that surprising when they thought about it. Earlier, Zhao Wenman said that she had already had sex with Chen Ran, so it was not impossible for her to be pregnant.

“Please save me…” Zhao Wenman’s face was twisted. She pleaded in pain and despair, “Save my child. Please save my child…” So Zhao Wenman knew she was pregnant.

Xiao Lingyu frowned when she heard this. When she took revenge on Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman, she didn’t know Zhao Wenman was pregnant.

So the kick from Yan Siming…

After Xiao Lingyu’s rebirth, she knew she had to take revenge on the adulterous couple. However, she was not that vicious to be unaffected when she saw Zhao Wenman in this state. After all, the child in her stomach was innocent.

With that thought, Xiao Lingyu’s hands moved to her stomach. She wondered if Xiao Tong was already there.

Xiao Lingyu thought for a moment and picked up her phone. She was going to call the hospital to save Zhao Wenman and her child.

“Ah, you bitch, I’m going to kill you!” As Xiao Lingyu took out her phone, Zhao Huiqing suddenly grabbed the fallen fruit knife and charged at Xiao Lingyu.

Everyone was so distracted by Zhao Wenman that no one noticed her father.

Yan Siming was still stunned because he did not expect his kick to cause a woman to go into miscarriage. He was not a heartless person to kill innocent people, especially children. It was why he didn’t stop Xiao Lingyu from calling the hospital.

In this moment of carelessness, Zhao Huiqing grabbed the fruit knife her daughter dropped and stabbed it at Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu’s eyes widened. It was too late for her to avoid this. In her mind, she screamed, ‘This is the extent of my rebirth? I only get back to take revenge on this couple, and then I’d be sent back to hell?’

Xiao Lingyu couldn’t accept that. The main purpose of her rebirth was not to take revenge on the couple but to give birth to Xiao Tong and take care of him. She would love Xiao Tong dearly.

But it looked like her second life was going to be over before that could happen.

Thankfully, Yan Siming finally came to his senses. Just as the knife was about to pierce Xiao Lingyu’s throat, Yan Siming kicked at Zhao Huiqing’s stomach. Zhao Huiqing doubled over.

The knife fell to the ground.

Xiao Lingyu relaxed after she was rescued. After two close brushes with death, even Xiao Lingyu was shaking. Her body was a little weak, and her face looked pale. Xiao Lingyu’s hand went to her heart to ease her hurried breathing.

However, her hand felt something sticky. She looked down to see a bloody palm.

It turned out Zhao Huiqing’s knife had already reached Xiao Lingyu’s neck. If Yan Siming were a second slower, Xiao Lingyu would be dead. Yan Siming’s kick changed the knife’s arc. As Zhao Huiqing went down, the knife slashed through Xiao Lingyu’s chest.

The sharp tip of the knife left a long gash near Xiao Lingyu’s chest. It was about ten centimeters long. Although it was not very deep, the skin had turned over. Blood oozed out to soak the jade pendant hanging on Xiao Lingyu’s chest.

Yan Siming noticed the wound on Xiao Lingyu’s chest. His expression changed, and he asked seriously, “You’re injured?”

Xiao Lingyu wanted to roll her eyes when she heard his question. Couldn’t he see with his eyes?

Before Xiao Lingyu could answer, she was swept into Yan Siming’s arms. Yan Siming said, “We need to get you to the hospital.”

Yan Siming rushed towards the entrance. He was anxious. As he reached the entrance, two ambulances and two police cars arrived.

The car doors opened. The nurse saw the bleeding woman in Yan Siming’s arms, and she asked, “Is this the patient?” Then she opened the backdoor, a signal for Yan Siming to place Xiao Lingyu into the vehicle.

Yan Siming stared at her and uttered coldly, “I will personally send her to the hospital.”

Then without further explanation, he walked to a luxurious car that had been waiting. The driver got out. When he saw the bleeding woman in his boss’ arms, he was so shocked his mouth fell open. However, he quickly came to his senses and greeted his boss. Then he moved to open the door.

The two nurses spotted the luxurious car and its plate. They cried out in surprise, “Ah, that’s young master Yan!”

If they had known the man was Young Master Yan, they would have come more dressed up. Perhaps Young Master Yan would take a fancy to them.

“What are you two doing? We have people to save!” A doctor climbed out. When he saw the two young nurses standing there in a daze, he frowned and scolded them loudly.

Hospitals were businesses too. There were two ambulances, so they represented two businesses. If they didn’t want to lose their ‘customer’, then they needed to hurry. The other hospital’s staff was already moving, so what were these two nurses doing standing there?

The doctors and nurses moved into action. Then six police officers got out and entered the company. They heard that Young Master Yan was present.

But they also received news that there was a murder case here. They wondered if it had anything to do with Young Master Yan?

Soon, people came out of the company.

The hospital staff carried two stretchers. The police led a man out. The man was Zhao Huiqing. Bringing up the rear were two more officers.

They headed towards the hospital together.

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