Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Blood

Translator: Lonelytree 

A strange silence filled the scene.

Everyone stared at Xiao Lingyu in disbelief, as if they were looking at an alien.

Previously, they thought Xiao Lingyu did everything for Chen Ran. But now they realized Xiao Lingyu had merely dug a huge pit for those who harmed her to jump into it.

There was nothing more terrifying than a woman scorned. They would destroy the world to get revenge.

Zhao Huiqing glared at Xiao Lingyu with a hateful gaze. He pointed his trembling finger at Xiao Lingyu and cursed angrily, “Xiao Lingyu, you are the most venomous woman I have ever met! It was Chen Ran who had betrayed you, so you should take revenge on him. Why did you have to bring the Zhao Family into this? Aren’t you afraid of karma?”

Xiao Lingyu was unfazed by Zhao Huiqing’s burning rage. She shrugged and told the man, “Who said I’m not taking revenge on him? Have you forgotten that Chen Ran is your son-in-law? His well-being is closely related to you and the Zhao Family! The only way for him to lose power is to ensure that the Zhao Family falls as well.”

The crowd widened their mouth in shock. They were shocked by how ruthless Xiao Lingyu was. The reason Xiao Lingyu asked Chen Ran to marry Zhao Wenman was in preparation for this moment?

At that moment, quite a few people agreed with Zhao Huiqing. Xiao Lingyu was also the most venomous woman they had ever met.

Zhao Huiqing’s face was white. And then it turned red. His body was under so much pressure that he was on the verge of collapsing.

If it weren’t for Secretary Lin supporting him, he would have fallen to the ground.

Secretary Lin called out worriedly, “Chairman, you have to hang in there!” Secretary Lin spoke up for her boss. “Miss Xiao, you should seek revenge with those who did you wrong. Since it was Chen Ran who betrayed you for his ambition, he should be your target. Why do you have to involve the innocent?”

Xiao Lingyu’s lips curled into an incredulous smile. “Secretary Lin, you are absolutely right. I am only targeting those who did me wrong.

“If Zhao Wenman didn’t seduce Chen Ran with the promise of a bright future and money, would Chen Ran betray me? And how did Zhao Wenman manage to use those things to tempt Chen Ran? Was it not because she was born into a good family and had a father who pampered her endlessly?

“However, all that is fine. I admit defeat since Chen Ran has chosen to betray our decade-long relationship for these frivolous things. I am never one to force things that shouldn’t be.

“However, Zhao Wenman didn’t want to let me go. She wanted to destroy me. She used horrendous methods to drug me and ruin my reputation. She left a huge scar on my mental health.

“If Zhao Huiqing hadn’t indulged in her daughter for her to become so arrogant, Zhao Wenman wouldn’t dare to do something like this.

“If I didn’t have a strong mental constitution, I would have crumbled from the false accusations.

“So, Secretary Lin, let me ask you then. Have I implicated anyone innocent?”

Secretary Lin instantly fell silent.

Xiao Lingyu was right.

If Zhao Wenman had only stolen Chen Ran away from Xiao Lingyu, it wouldn’t be so serious. Even Xiao Lingyu had admitted defeat because she couldn’t keep her man.

Furthermore, although Chen Ran and Xiao Lingyu were in a relationship for a decade, they weren’t married. They had the right to pursue a different love.

However, Zhao Wenman crossed the line. She was too callous and her heart too dark. Zhao Wenman had already stolen Chen Ran away from Xiao Lingyu. She should have stopped at that. However, she did not.

Anyone would be furious if they were placed in Xiao Lingyu’s shoes. So if they were given the same chance, would they not take revenge? No.

So in short, the Zhao Family only had themselves to blame for losing Huiqing Group and everything.

Xiao Lingyu looked at the silent Secretary Lin. “Aren’t Chen Ran and Miss Zhao truly in love? Then I will give them my blessing and even make them tie the knot. Since they can share their wealth together, I am sure they will share their hardships together too! Secretary Lin, what do you think?”

What could secretary Lin say?

She could not say anything.

Because everything that Xiao Lingyu said was the truth.

Xiao Lingyu’s biggest revenge on Chen Ran was to make Zhao Wenman lose everything.

Without money, without power, without a lover with a strong background, this was a devastating blow for a young man with ambitions in his career. The person who did this to him was the woman who had once loved him dearly.

Chen Ran could not accept the truth. He could not believe Xiao Lingyu would be so merciless towards him. His face paled, and he staggered back. He almost fell to the ground.

The pain was plain on his face.

He had never thought that Xiao Lingyu would betray him.

Chen Ran looked at Xiao Lingyu with a disappointed gaze. He shook his head and said in disbelief, “Yu ‘Er, you’re joking with me, right? How could you hate me that much? And chose to use this method to take revenge on me? I admit that I’ve wronged you by hooking up with Zhao Wenman.

“But you’re still the woman I love the most. After I marry Zhao Wenman and become the new chairman, this company will be in my hands. On the day I control this company, I will divorce Zhao Wenman to marry you. We will have a happy life together.

“I was only thinking about our future together. Yu ‘Er, how can you destroy all of that? You are destroying your own happy future! Why can’t you understand my hard effort?” Chen Ran was hysterical.

Chen Ran shocked everyone with his words. He had proven to everyone again how big of a scumbag he was.

Xiao Lingyu was right in her assessment of the man. He was the biggest scumbag in the world.

Chen Ran had an ulterior motive to be together with Zhao Wenman. He never even liked her. He was only after her father’s company. The man… was terrifying.

Before anyone could say anything, there was the sound of a knife stabbing into flesh. With a gurgle, blood gushed out.

“Chen Ran, you bastard, I’m going to kill you!” Zhao Wenman held a fruit knife and stabbed it straight into Chen Ran’s chest.

The blood sprayed on Zhao Wenman, but she didn’t seem to feel it at all.. She pulled out the knife and charged at Xiao Lingyu without warning. Zhao Wenman screamed, “Xiao Lingyu, you bitch, die!”

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