Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 338 - Sense of Security

Chapter 338: Sense of Security

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Huo Tian had only wanted to speak out of spite, but the more she spoke, the sadder she felt. It was as if Ding Rong had given up on her and she had fallen into a pitiful state of being alone and without anyone to rely on.

Then, her pitiful fantasy was interrupted by a hand on her head.

Ding Rong’s palm landed on Huo Tian’s head neither lightly nor harshly. She looked helplessly at the sad girl in front of her. “You’re clearly so smart, so why are you acting foolishly at a time like this? Do you think Huo You is more obedient or more outstanding than you? With a genius daughter like you,

how can I still be unable to forget Huo You, who had once abandoned me?”

Almost instantly, a bright smile appeared on Huo Tian’s distressed face. However, in the next moment, she forcibly restrained this smile and continued to look at Ding Rong nervously. “But you’ve been with Huo You for 18 years, and you’ve only been with me for half a year. If we measure the depth of our

relationships with the length of time, you’ll definitely like Huo You more, right?”

“But there isn’t any scientific research in the world that shows that the depth of a relationship is determined by the length of time you spend together.”

Ding Rong felt like giving Huo Tian a slap on the head again, but she was also worried that her precious daughter’s smart brain would be damaged. She even felt that Huo Tian’s head was already a little damaged. Otherwise, why would she be so nervous about something that didn’t happen?

Ding Rong took a deep breath and explained patiently, “Blood ties are very amazing. In the 18 years I had interacted with Huo You, I’ve often disagreed with some of her actions, and I’ve often been angry at her because she’d say one thing and do another. It’s just that in the past, I felt that Huo You was my

child. I thought that the reason she didn’t develop a healthy and upward personality was that [ hadn’t fulfilled my responsibility as a mother. Therefore, my feelings for her are a sense of responsibility. Perhaps there is also disappointment and powerlessness. Pure fondness only occupies a part of it…”

‘When Ding Rong recalled Huo You, her brows furrowed slightly. When her gaze landed on Huo Tian’s face, her expression would unconsciously soften.

She looked at her daughter gently. “But you’re different, Tiantian. When I first saw you, my heart was completely filled up by you. Before I knew if you were obedient or willful, kind or evil, I already liked you unconditionally. Tiantian, that should be my instinct as a mother.”

As Ding Rong spoke, Huo Tian felt every comer of her heart being filled up by warm sunlight. The panic, uneasiness, and anger she felt previously was all squeezed out of her body by the sunlight. She looked at Ding Rong with bright eyes.

Huo Tian only felt sweet and warm inside. It was a feeling called being touched.

She abided by her instincts and pounced into Ding Rong’s arms, burying her face into Ding Rong’s shoulder. Sensing Ding Rong hugging her tightly, Huo Tian immediately felt a sense of security that only babies and young children could obtain from their mothers.

Huo Tian muttered, “Mom, I really want to become a child. I want to be held in your arms and slowly grow up. If Huo You and I hadn’t swapped identities, I would have definitely been raised by you with your gentle maternal love. In that case, I wouldn’t have doubted myself and wouldn’t have been worried

that someone would snatch my mother away from me…”

These words with a hint of spoiled tone were filled with innocence. Perhaps in the ears of others, this was just Huo Tian’s unrestrained imagination, but in Ding Rong’s ears, she only felt sad.

Ding Rong thought sadly, (That’s right. If Huo Tian had grown up by my side, I would definitely have raised my daughter with the most selfless maternal love. When she was young, I would not be stingy with my hugs and kisses and would openly praise her for being different at every stage of her growth.

If I could let Huo Tian grow up by my side, she wouldn’t be so worried about such gains and losses, right?)

Ding Rong’s eyes gradually welled up. She hugged her daughter, who was her precious treasure tightly. She then lowered her head and planted a gentle kiss on Huo Tian’s face.

“Tm sorry, Tiantian. It’s Mom’s fault. Mom didn’t give you enough sense of security. It’s true that Huo You came to look for me just now. I should have taken the initiative to tell you this instead of letting you hear this from someone else. Mom was in the wrong… Tiantian, don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

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