Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 337 - Speaking Out of Spite

Chapter 337: Speaking Out of Spite

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‘When they were young, the interactions between Xi Cheng and Ding Rong had always been filled with a passionate atmosphere. Just meeting each other’s gaze could ignite their desire for each other.

This was especially so before Ding Rong became pregnant. Whenever Xi Cheng was with her, his gaze never left her. He could not wait to hug her in his arms.

However, after their reunion, the two of them were old and their emotions were no longer as passionate as when they were young. The atmosphere between the two of them was no longer fiery and instead became a little warmer.

Ding Rong enjoyed this kind of companionship that gave the feeling of the passing of time. Therefore, when Xi Cheng wanted to be intimate with Ding Rong at home, Ding Rong would pay special attention to the boundaries and never let Huo Tian see their intimate scenes.

Ding Rong did not expect that Huo Tian would bump into them when her heart softened and she did not reject Xi Cheng’s affectionate request. They were having a family banquet now and there were so many guests outside. If the guests were to know about this, it would be extremely embarrassing.

Ding Rong’s face turned red and she quickly stood up. She had to use all her willpower to maintain her stable image as a mother.

“Tiantian, don’t spread this matter, okay?”

Facing Ding Rong, Huo Tian still felt a little aggrieved. She recalled the rumor she had heard from her classmates and said in a slightly dissatisfied tone, “I’m not a three-year-old anymore. Why would I tell others about my parents being intimate?!”

Ding Rong did not have the time to distinguish the dissatisfaction and complaints in Huo Tian’s tone. Her first reaction was to blush from her daughter’s words.

Of course Ding Rong would not blame her precious daughter. Hence, all her dissatisfaction was shifted to the culprit.

She glared at Xi Cheng, her eyes filled with anger.

Xi Cheng felt helpless. He could not afford to offend either of the two precious treasures in front of him. He could only try his best to make the two ladies happy again.

He first grabbed Ding Rong’s hand and patted it gently. This was to console her so that she wouldn’t be embarrassed by Huo Tian’s words.

Xi Cheng then tured to look at Huo Tian. “Tiantian, you mustn’t be rude to your mother. If you make her sad, I’ll be angry too.”

Huo Tian’s tone was too harsh just now, and she felt regretful now. She apologized to Ding Rong softly, “I’m sorry, Mom, but I’m really angry. Why did you go to see Huo You? Is it because you still want her to be your daughter…”

Huo Tian had emotional dependence on the people around her. She was very possessive and wanted her loved ones and friends to constantly place their gazes on her.

If Xi Cheng and Ding Rong were to give birth to another child and give Huo Tian a younger brother and sister with the same bloodline, Huo Tian would not be jealous and fight for attention with that child. However, if Ding Rong wanted to acknowledge Huo You and share some of her motherly love with

her, Huo Tian would be completely unable to accept it.

Huo Tian could understand Ding Rong’s feelings for Huo You. After all, she had raised this daughter for 18 years. Even if it was a dog, there’d be feelings after keeping the dog for 18 years, let alone when they were talking about a living person now.

However, if Huo Tian were to be asked to share her mother with Huo You, she wouldn’t be able to do it!

Thinking of this, Huo Tian felt that she seemed a little despicable.

She lowered her eyes and said without holding back, “Even if Mom thinks I’ma selfish child, I have to tell you my true thoughts. I hate Huo You and can’t share my mother’s love with her. If Mom still treats her as her daughter, then I won’t be able to love you without any reservations as I used to…”

(A selfish and willful child like her couldn’t possibly be liked by adults, right?) Huo Tian thought to herself sadly.

After coming to this world, Huo Tian experienced kinship for the first time. It was something she had never felt in her previous life. However, she did not want to compromise for this kinship either.

Huo Tian didn’t realize that her eyes were gradually turning red, and her voice was also choked up. “I can’t accept this. I definitely won’t let Huo You, someone who has feelings of mutual hatred with me, become my sister. If Mom really chooses Huo You, then I’ll just move out. In the future, I can spend all

my time on my research projects, and no one will force me to sleep and wake up early. No one will force me to drink milk or eat those vegetables I hate… Anyway, that’s how it had been for me in the past!”

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