Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 795 – Wolf of Wall Stree


“Feng, do you know a very famous stockbroking company had come to me seeking for cooperation?” Kirilenko told Feng Yu excitedly.

“Which company is that?” Feng Yu had heard of most financial institutions and companies. He was also curious about this company that approached Kirilenko.

“Stratton Oakmont. Their boss had appeared on magazine.” Kirilenko replied proudly. Did you see it? This American knows I got money, and purposely want to work with me.

Stratton Oakmont? Feng Yu was confused. He had not heard of this company in his previous life. That means this is not a significant company currently, and will not grow big in the future. Could this company be one of those small unknown companies that made big bucks silently?

“Who is their boss?” Since the boss of the company had appeared on magazine before, he should be famous.

“Jordan,” Kirilenko said in English.

“Who? Jordan? That basketball player?” The most expensive basketball player should be featured in magazine before. But when did Jordan run a stockbroking firm? Even if he set up a stockbroking firm, it will undoubtedly close down.

“No. I heard of that basketball player before. This Jordan is Jordan Belfort. The magazine gave him a nickname. ‘Wolf of Wallstreet.’ Lennon also says this person is competent. He had made 12 million USD within 3 minutes!”

Kirilenko felt proud to know that someone like Jordan Belfort wants to work with him. He decided to recruit him or at least make him his partner. He hoped that magazine will feature him as ‘Polar Bear of Wall Street’ in the future!

Feng Yu was shocked. Wolf of Wall Street!

This person was notorious. His life had even been made into a movie in Feng Yu’s previous life.

But this person was a conman! He got all his money through illegal means.

His company will recommend unknown and cheap shares, and then make use of fraudulent ways to trick people into buying those shares.

But what Jordan Belfort did was against the law. Those who were tricked by him reported to the police. Even when he was being investigated, he still used fraudulent means to get a shoe company listed and gained more than 2 billion USD in profits.

Jordan Belfort was also a drug addict and indulged in women. Hookers had been seen going in and out of his office during work hours.

In the end, Jordan Belfort was caught up by the law and was charged with money laundering, fraud, and stock market manipulation. He still needs to pay back all the money he conned.

Jordan Belfort was brilliant, but he used his talents in the wrong way.

He can be considered a capable man, and Feng Yu believes that Kirilenko would be able to gain high profits if he worked with Jordan Belfort. But the gains will all be from illegal means.

Feng Yu looked at Kirilenko and said earnestly: “Brother Ki, if you trust me, don’t even have any dealings with this person. Don’t listen to him. He might be able to earn money fast, but the method he used is illegal. You will not know when you will be dragged down by him. We can make money through legal ways and don’t need him.”

Kirilenko replied unhappily: “Did the Americans use legal ways to invest in Russia?”

“Brother Ki, if someone gives you a punch, do you have to return a punch to him?”

“Of course not.”

Feng Yu was relieved to hear Kirilenko’s answer.

“I will beat him up until he begs for forgiveness!” Kirilenko replied proudly.

Feng Yu: “……” Damn. I forgot he is Russian!

“Brother Ki, do you want to be someone that you despised? You despise those Americans who used illegal ways to earn money from Russia. But if you are the same as them, what will you tell your children if they ask you in the future? We can also take over the US financial market through normal means. Why do you want to create trouble for yourself?”

Feng Yu wanted to tell Kirilenko that he will not stop him from using illegal means to earn money in Russia. His father’s connections will be able to protect him. But he will be in trouble if he does it in the US. He might be able to escape this time, but in the future, he might not be able to enter the US.

Kirilenko asked: “If I cannot hire Jordan Belfort, then can I work with him?”

“Absolutely not! If you insist, I will not stop you. But why do you want to work with a conman?”

Kirilenko sighed. “Alright. I will listen to you. I also do not want to be known as Conman of Wall Street. It is not easy to hire good brokers.”

“You can just hire specialized stockbrokers. You will also not be investing in commodities, foreign exchange, or gold.” It was not easy to hire an all-rounder broker. But it should not be a problem to hire brokers that specialized in stock market.

“Ok. Oh, how is the Empire State Building? You told me that you will settle it.” Kirilenko asked.

“Things are proceeding smoothly. Just wait for the good news. We should be able to acquire the Empire State Building within 3 months. We will need to renovate the building and make it into New York’s prominent landmark.” This was America’s iconic building, and it will be owned by a Chinese and a Russian. Feng Yu wonders how the US media will report it. A Chinese businessman is invading the US, or Russia is starting an economic war with the US?

“How much do I need to pay?”

Feng Yu frowned when he saw the worried look on Kirilenko’s face. “You do not have enough funds?”

“I only bring a few hundred million USD with me. But I intend to invest all my money into the stock market. I wonder if I should set aside a sum of money for this building.”

“I will pay for you first, and you can return the money after you sold your shares.” Feng Yu replied.

Kirilenko laughed: “Feng, you are my best friend. I decided to invest this stock market analysis software into our software company in China. We will earn money together.”

Feng Yu laughed. You had sent most of your software engineers to China, and your current staff is unable to carry on working on this software. Nevertheless, this software is a profitable business.

“Fine. I will give you a reasonable valuation of this software and not take advantage of you. Eh, where are you going?”

“Huh? That conman Jordan tried to con me. I will not let him off so easily. I will get people to teach him a lesson!” Kirilenko stormed out of the office. Feng Yu had a feeling that Jordan Belfort will not have a good ending.

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