Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 794 – For your sons

“Mr. Yokoi, you are once Japan’s greatest property magnate and have the best properties all over the world. Your family was once in the limelight too. But a few years ago, Japan’s economy collapsed. The stock and property market is greatly affected, and prices plunged. The prices dropped more than 100%. The wealthier you are, the more losses you incurred.” Kameda Masao said with a smile.

Hideki Yokoi had once stood on the top of the pyramid and was out of reach from Kameda Masao. But now, he was an old man lying in the hospital bed. Although he was not bankrupted, his family’s assets had shrunk. On the other hand, Kameda Masao had become a multi-millionaire and is the leader of his industry.

“Are you here to mock me?!” Hideki Yokoi asked.

“No. To be honest, I look up to you. You can own properties all over the world, and I must learn from you. But currently, all your assets in Japan are seized by the bank, and all the profits from your company are taken away by your creditors. Yokoi family might not have collapsed, but your sons do not have the chance to be the head of the family.”

This was the fate of a family where only one person is supporting the rest of the family. To make the family powerful, Hideki Yokoi roped in all his relatives. But in the end, the control over the family might fall into someone else hands.

“Since you know my family is not doing well, why do you still want to do business with me? Even if I can profit from it, the banks will still take it away. What can I leave for my sons?”

“Kiiko Nakahara is your daughter? It’s a pity that she does not follow your surname, Yokoi. You had handed over all your overseas assets to her, but have you considered your sons’ feelings? I think you also want to leave some assets for your sons for them to make a comeback. But what if Kiiko Nakahara does not want to return the money to your sons?”

Hideki Yokoi’s skinny hands were clenching the white bedsheets tightly. This was his greatest worry. But he is not dead yet. No one can take his money away from him!

“That means you have a way to help me leave my assets for my sons?”

“Of course. Based on your mortgage agreement with the banks, your properties, companies, and personal assets are seized by the banks. The banks will find out that some of your assets have been transferred away illegally soon. I have ways to leave a sum of money to your two sons legally. But I need to you persuade Kiiko Nakahara to sell the Empire State Building to us and stop all illegal transferring of assets.” Kameda Masao said.

“Oh? How are you going to do that?”

“The person asked me to speak to you, is my partner. We have a company called Sixth Sense. Currently, the company is listed on Nasdaq, and the market value of our company yesterday is more than 2 billion USD!”

Kameda Masao also did not expect Sixth Sense’s shares to rise so much. The growth is even more than those internet and tech shares. He finally understands why Feng Yu said they had made losses from the listing. If they had issued lesser shares during the launch and issue the shares in batches, the company would have raised more funds.

Hideki Yokoi was surprised. He had never heard of Sixth Sense company before. The market value of this company is more than 2 billion USD?!

“Mr. Feng said he can let the company hire both your sons as one of the top management staff. One of them will oversee the Europe market, and the other will oversee the US market. Since they are one of the top management, we will reward them with some shares. The value of shares is enough for your sons to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. They might not reach the same level as you during your peak, but it is not a problem for them to be a small tycoon.”

Kameda Masao said these words proudly. He felt he was doing some charity to the former number one property magnate. This was a great feeling!

Hideki Yokoi closed his eyes and did not say a word. Kameda Masao waited patiently on the chair. He knew that Hideki Yokoi still cares for his sons and grandsons. He will accept this condition.

After a while, Hideki Yokoi opened his eyes. “How many shares can you all give my sons? I want to know the exact figure.”

“Each of them will receive 10 million USD worth of shares!” Kameda Masao showed one finger. “We will also buy the Empire State Building shares based on the market value.”

Kameda Masao was telling Hideki Yokoi that other than buying your shares of the Empire State Building, we will be giving you additional benefits.

“If I am can let Mr. Feng spend less money to buy the Empire State Building, can he give my sons more shares?”

Kiiko Nakahara and her husband had made us of many loopholes to transfer Hideki Yokoi’s properties to their names. But Hideki Yokoi did not take protective measures against them? Although Kiiko Nakahara was his daughter, she does not share his surname. He also dislikes his son-in-law. How was it possible that he did not guard against them?

Kameda Masao did not expect Hideki Yokoi to ask him this question. Giving the Sixth Sense shares to Hideki Yokoi’s sons was suggested by him. When Feng Yu called him the day before, Feng Yu had planned to provide Hideki Yokoi’s sons a sum of money through a Swiss bank account.

But Kameda Masao rejected this as he felt it will not be safe. It would be better to recruit Hideki Yokoi’s sons into the Sixth Sense Company. Hideki Yokoi’s sons had management experiences and connections. This would be more attractive than giving them a sum of money. They could also make use of the Yokoi family to help the Sixth Sense company.

Of course, Kameda Masao did not tell Feng Yu about another benefit. In the future, if his family wants to enter politics, he would be able to make use of Yokoi’s people in the government.

Feng Yu agreed to Kameda Masao’s suggestion and praised him. If Kameda Masao were able to help Feng Yu save more money when purchasing the Empire State Building, Feng Yu would reward him.

“Mr. Yokoi, if you can do it, Mr. Feng will surely agree. You should also ask around about the Sixth Sense Company in the meantime. This is my name card. I will be waiting for your call.”

After leaving the prison, Kameda Masao called Feng Yu immediately. Feng Yu was overjoyed. He promised Kameda Masao that if he successfully acquires the Empire State Building, he will rename the Sixth Sense Japan headquarters’ building to Kameda Building!

Kameda Masao was ecstatic. Naming a building with his family’s surname was a great honor. He will be doing his ancestors proud!

Kameda Masao had hinted to Feng Yu that he wanted to rename the building’s name in the past. Feng Yu also know what he was thinking about. But Feng Yu does not want to give in to him easily. He tried to use the naming of the building as a reward for Kameda Masao, and this is an excellent opportunity. After all, this building belongs to the Sixth Sense Company, and Feng Yu can change the name of the building anytime he wants.

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