Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: One Cannot Live Without Dignity


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“How about it? Do you like my new clothes?” Gu Bailu broke the silence. “Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a man. Although I was born a woman, a man has always lived in my heart.”

Feng Qingtian stood up and asked uninterestedly, “So?”

“So, please treat me as a man, my lord!”

Feng Qingtian glanced at her expressionlessly. When he stood up from the spring, he revealed his sexy abs, which glistened with water under the sun.

Gu Bailu swallowed. She didn’t want to be a man at all at that moment.

“A man would never look at me that way,” Feng Qingtian mocked her.

Gu Bailu coughed and whistled. “Tsk. Brother, nice body!”

Feng Qingtian raised his legs and stepped out. Gu Bailu thought that she could see something between them…

But soon, Feng Qingtian put on a robe.

Gu Bailu felt her palm burn when she thought about how she had once held that thing.

“Hey, what do you want? Can you say something?” Gu Bailu grew agitated.

It was truly upsetting to look at something so delicious without getting to enjoy it.

Feng Qingtian walked over to her, his height like an oppressive weight that bore down on her.

“I’m wondering why you’re still alive.” Feng Qingtian looked at her coldly.

“Possibly because you keenly sensed what’s inside me and don’t regard me as a woman, Prince Zi,” Gu Bailu replied.

“I’ll know if you’re a woman or not after I test you.”

“What? Ah…” Before Gu Bailu could finish speaking, Feng Qingtian had already pulled her into his arms. Gu Bailu was befuddled when she smelled the intense scent of a man.

Before she realized what was going on, Feng Qingtian had grabbed her hand and stuffed something warm and half-hard into it. Her face turned pale when she looked at it. “Prince Zi, what are you doing in broad daylight?”

Didn’t the man hate women? Even if she was in male clothes, she was still a woman. Did he really have a different sexual orientation, and regarded her as a man?

“A test.”

Feng Qingtian lowered his head and seized her lips. Gu Bailu was stunned again.

He was kissing her!

Damn it! He was gay after all!

Gu Bailu stomped on his foot, but Feng Qingtian didn’t let go of her.

She became even more panicked when he thrust his tongue inside.

Her palm grew hotter and hotter.

Feng Qingtian grunted and suddenly grasped her chin. “It seems that you truly don’t want to live anymore.”

“One cannot live without dignity.” Gu Bailu smiled innocently, but her eyes glittered with ruthlessness.

She didn’t want to make an enemy, but she wasn’t scared to do so if she had to.

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