Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Both Beautiful and Strong

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“You think you’re faster than me?” Feng Qingtian mocked her foolishness.

“Hehe… You won’t realize that I’m both beautiful and strong until I beat you up.” Gu Bailu loosened her grip and kicked what she had been holding.

Feng Qingtian seemed to be prepared for that and dodged easily.

He looked at Gu Bailu, but she simply smiled and held a cold knife to his Heavenly Spirit Point.

“Are you still going to do it, Prince Zi? How many people will come after you when your spiritual root is destroyed?” Gu Bailu smiled charmingly.

The Heavenly Spirit Point was where the spiritual root was located for the cultivators on this continent. When it was hit, the victim might not die, but the spirit root would definitely be broken.

The original owner of her body had been deemed worthless precisely because her spirit root was broken.

This world was governed by brutality and violence.

Feng Qingtian had been so domineering for so many years. If his spirit root was broken, everybody would want to skin him alive.

Feng Qingtian stared at her, as expressionless as ever. “I want to find out, too.”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “I’m impressed by your courage, Prince Zi. Are you betting that I don’t have the guts to do it?”

“I don’t bet,” Feng Qingtian said decisively, and he pulled Gu Bailu into his arms again, holding her so tightly that Gu Bailu’s back was almost crushed.

Gu Bailu bit his shoulder. “It’s not that I don’t have the guts – I just feel that it isn’t worth it for me to die with you.”

She had enemies that she hadn’t finished off yet, so she should probably hold back for now.

“In that case, behave.” Feng Qingtian held her tightly and kissed her again.

Gu Bailu struggled but couldn’t break free at all.

She was somewhat flustered. What did Feng Qingtian want?

To use her as a woman?

That was impossible. Everybody in the Southern Glory Empire knew that he hated women, including even the emperor’s wife.

So, he had to be treating her as a man. His desires must’ve been stirred up by her masculine attire.

Then, was her anus in danger?

Feng Qingtian’s hand had already reached her pants inside the robe. Gu Bailu was so nervous that her heart pounded.

Was she going to be raped by a gay?

Should she wake him up with a woman’s pride? Although a man lived in her heart, her body was definitely a woman’s.

While she hesitated, Feng Qingtian swiftly tore off her robe.

However, what was revealed was just a chest that was wrapped in cloth.

Gu Bailu wanted to kill herself.

Feng Qingtian’s hands stopped briefly before her breasts, before he bit her lips and kissed her again.

Gu Bailu felt that her brain couldn’t function anymore and her body lost all its strength.

Feng Qingtian lifted one of her legs and pressed her against him. Gu Bailu suddenly came back to herself and shouted, “Prince Zi, wake up! I’m a woman! A genuine woman! Just tear off the clothes! I have boobs! Just kill me! Don’t you hate women the most?!”

“Shut up!” Feng Qingtian roared and brought Gu Bailu into the hot spring, not to be refused.

He leaned against the side of the pool and eyed Gu Bailu like he was a monarch. “Sit on me.”

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