Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Accident

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“Hilarious. You’re one arrogant loser, with your petty tricks. Capture her.”

The manager waved his hand, and a bunch of people in black clothes lunged out.

Their spiritual power dazzled the common folk.

Even Gu Bailu stepped back. If it wasn’t for Ah Luo, she might have fallen over.

Spiritual power was indeed useful.

Ronghua Tower certainly wouldn’t give up so easily.

But she didn’t regret it. She had to let more people know that it wasn’t easy to step all over her, and that there might be dire consequences if they tried.

“Are you alright, my lady?” Ah Luo asked in concern.

Gu Bailu shook her head. “I’m fine.”

She cast several spells and grabbed the bracelet, looking at the newcomers. “So many experts deployed to deal with a loser – Ronghua Tower is absolutely useless.”

The common folk were stunned. She was probably the only person bold enough to say that.

The manager’s face turned dark. It indeed wasn’t a pretty picture.

However, Ronghua Tower had been destroyed. He had to capture her.

“Go!” the manager said gravely. He always knew what to do.

If they couldn’t catch a loser like this, it would be impossible for Ronghua Tower to stand tall in Southern Glory Empire.

The soldiers attacked together without any mercy, launching overwhelming spiritual power with their swords.

The tiles on the roof were blown away. Gu Bailu and Ah Luo were covered in darkness.

Ah Luo kept Gu Bailu behind her. Her eyes turned intimidating as she fought a dozen enemies.

Gu Bailu didn’t know how much spiritual power Ah Luo had, but she knew that nobody could fight so many experts on their own.

Gu Bailu’s own skills worked best on individual targets. She was only able to blow up Ronghua Tower after making preparations in advance.

She couldn’t use this move to deal with those experts, but she had to try and do something with the bracelet.

Got it!

In front of her, Ah Luo was singlehandedly holding back a dozen enemies. She wouldn’t be able to hold on for very much longer.

“My lady, go now.”

It was easy to escape, but if they escaped, what they did today would be for nothing.

“Ah Luo, just hold on.”

Gu Bailu cast a spell, and the bracelet quickly flew to Ah Luo’s wrist.

“In tranquility, I hereby pray to the stars and enhance thee with the soul…”

Ah Luo felt power pour into her body. Her spiritual power grew, and the pressure from the enemy decreased.

Ah Luo shouted, “You’re all going to die!”

When she shouted, her spiritual power burst forth and attacked the enemy.

“Ahhh…” The soldiers cried out as they were blown to the ground.

Nothing could be heard at the scene except pained moans.

All the passers-by were stunned. She had knocked out so many experts of Ronghua Tower on her own without being hurt at all.

That was so terrifying. How much spiritual power did she have?

Gu Bailu was stunned herself. She never knew that her enhancement spell could be used in such a way. Had they done it?

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