Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Gift

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Dust and debris scattered everywhere. The passers-by ran off in fear, though none of them were injured.

Even the houses next to Ronghua Tower weren’t affected at all.

Ronghua Tower, on the other hand, was reduced to rubble in the blink of an eye.

Screams and cries burst out. People escaped from the remains, covered in dust and not half as haughty as they usually were.

“My lady, this is fun!” Ah Luo clapped her hands in delight.

Gu Bailu, on the other hand, didn’t find it interesting.

She truly wondered why people liked to bully those weaker than them.

It wasn’t nearly as interesting as challenging a big boss like Feng Qingtian.

Finally, everyone noticed the two people on the roof.

The manager of Ronghua Tower ran out and growled, “Who attacked Ronghua Tower?”

Standing on the roof, Gu Bailu coldly said, “As a place of scoundrels, it was high time Ronghua Tower was torn down.”

“Watch your mouth! Do you know who’s behind Ronghua Tower?”

“It doesn’t matter, because it’s gone now.” The bracelet was still emitting a golden brightness, which covered the two of them in a halo, as if they were angels.

Were they serving justice?

Ronghua Tower had done too many bad things.

Many people hated it, but hating it was all they could do.

“Speak your name!” The manager of Ronghua Tower had never met such a guy, who would blow up a building without any warning.

Gu Bailu put the bracelet away and smiled. “How do you like my gift? If that wasn’t enough, I can give you more.”

Although Ronghua Tower had been leveled, the people inside were barely injured.

The building was made of wood. Also, they were all cultivators with spiritual power.

“It’s you!” The manager of Ronghua Tower saw her face but couldn’t believe it.

She had the same masculine appearance as when she had come to Ronghua Tower three days ago.

Everybody exclaimed.

How was it possible? A loser like that had razed Ronghua Tower to the ground!

Even Prince Zi wasn’t that bold and blatant.

How had she done it?!

“The second prince has yet to recover from his last fight with her. The queen ordered her capture.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that, too.”

“Don’t you know that her maid has immense spiritual power?”

“So, it’s her maid. Why is she working as her maid with such formidable spiritual power?”

“Who knows? This loser is rather evil. Even now, the midwives of Ronghua Tower aren’t back to themselves yet.”

Gu Bailu ignored their comments, because she knew that winning was all that mattered in this world.

“Ronghua Tower, instead of admitting your failure, you tried to kill me. You think you can take advantage of my weakness, do you?”

She sniffed and continued, “Today, I’m showing you that even the weakest person is capable. Whoever is bullied because they’re weak can come to me. I’ll teach you how to fight back.”

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