Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 939 - Chapter 939 –Law enforcement hall again!

Chapter 939 –Law enforcement hall again!

Yu Zhan blinked, realizing that saying this was not good for his older brother. He waved his hand towards Ye Yu Xi, “Anyway, you have to fight me once. If you win, I will join the Blood Enchantress.”

“Okay.” Ye Yu Xi nodded. “Tian Zong, write down his name first. I’ll exchange a couple of moves with him after I’m done.”

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes narrowed suddenly as she saw an imposing crowd of people from Clear Sun Gate walking aggressively towards the courtyard!

“Don’t wait. Let’s do it now as I don’t have anything else to do.” Yu Zhan is short-tempered, and he wanted to spar against Ye Yu Xi now.

Yu Ling, who was on the side, noticed the situation outside the door and pulled on Yu Zhan’s sleeve, “Yu Zhan, let’s talk about sparring with the guild master later.”

“People of the Blood Enchantress, come out!” Yang Xing’s voice bellowed in anger and could be heard from a hundred meters away.

“Looks like we’re in trouble.” Ye Yu Xi walked out from behind the Eight Immortals’ table and faced the door.

A few senior members saw the leader coming over and knew what was going on. They immediately cooperated and shouted, “Master, please avenge us! We were just chatting at the door when the Blood Enchantress members attacked us.”

“Zhu Zi Xuan, were they the ones who beat you up in earlier?” Yang Xing Zhe called over a new student and asked him to point out Ye Yu Xi.

Zhu Zi Xuan looked up at Ye Yu Xi, then at Hei Feng Tian Zong beside him, “Yes, it’s that dwarf, he was the one who did it back then.”


Hei Feng Tian Zong’s eyes turned cold, and his body surged with spiritual power.

“Tian Zong, there are many opportunities for revenge.” Ye Yu Xi’s voice rang out in time.

Hei Feng Tian Zong exhaled slowly, and gradually loosened his clenched fists.

Yang Xing Zhe sneered, and looked at Ye Yuxi with a cold gaze, “Ye Yu Xi, when you enrolled, you and your group beat up the members of Clear Sun Gate. I thought you were all freshmen, so I didn’t pursue it. But today, you’ve started another fight with my Clear Sun Gate members. If I don’t show up now as the leader, you’ll ride roughshod over Clear Sun Gate.”

“I beat those people. It has nothing to do with our leader. If you want to fight, come at me!” Yu Zhan was very loyal, and he turned his body to block Ye Yu Xi.

“Who are you, and what qualifications do you have to talk to me!” Yang Xing Zhe’s face changed, and his eighth-level peak realm suddenly erupted.

Swish Swish Swish!

Three sharp spiritual powers shot towards this side, everyone felt a blur before their eyes, and when they looked closely, there were suddenly three more people in the courtyard.

Everyone was dressed in black, with a bit of solemnity and killing intent on them.

Law enforcement hall!

Ye Yu Xi’s pupils shrank, what are they doing here at this time!

“Master of the Clear Sun Gate, according to the academy’s regulations, private fights between guilds are not allowed. If there is any grievance, the guild war can be used to resolve it in two months.” The voices of the people in the law enforcement hall spread across the audience.

Yang Xing Zhe’s expression changed slightly. He thought he was fast enough, but he didn’t expect the enforcement hall to catch up. He glared angrily at Ye Yu Xi and said, “Blood Enchantress, consider yourselves lucky. In the upcoming guild war in two months, you will be the first ones destroyed by the Clear Sun Gate!”

Ye Yu Xi frowned coldly, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth: “I’ll be waiting. When the time comes, I will definitely not disappoint the Clear Sun Gate’s master!”

Looking at the tense atmosphere between the two sides, the three members of the law enforcement hall furrowed their brows slightly and released their own imposing aura. Each of them had cultivation of the peak of the eighth level!

The combination of the three forces of coercion shocked everyone instantly.

“Master of the Clear Sun Gate, if there is any grievance between the guilds, please resolve it in the guild wars.” The voice of the law enforcement hall member was already a bit displeased.

Yang Xingzhe took a deep breath, suppressed his anger, rolled up his sleeves, and said, “Let’s go!”

As the Clear Sun Gate left, the three law enforcement hall members turned around and looked at Ye Yu Xi and the others.

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