Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 938 - Chapter 938 – Yu Brothers (2)

Chapter 938 – Yu Brothers (2)

Ye Yu Xi and the others stared at one another. The ones who were thrown in were people from Clear Sun Gate!

“Boy, do you dare to hit someone?” The older students of Clear Sun Gate are not to be messed with and want to start a fight immediately.

Ye Yu Xi raised her hand and looked towards the door. More than a dozen people were already fighting each other. Of the two “causing trouble” outside the door, only one person is physically fighting, while the other… already left the battlefield and walked in Ye Yu Xi’s direction.

“Leader, I convinced someone to join the guild, but… there seems to be a bit of a commotion outside.” Yu Ling looked at the battlefield at the door.

Obviously, the person who clashed with the Clear Sun Gate guild was the new member Yu Ling was talking about.

Over a dozen people against one, and yet they were crushed by the opponent single-handedly!

There was a flash of interest in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes. Being able to gain the upper hand in a one versus twelve fight shows a certain level of skill!

Not all of the dozen or so people from Clear Sun Gate showed up. Two of them rushed back to the headquarters of Clear Sun Gate to report.

The academy does not care about private fights between students, but it will not tolerate conflicts between guilds!

The battle was still going on, and those dogs at Clear Sun Gate had been making a racket all day, and finally someone took care of them.

Clear Sun Gate Headquarters.

It took only ten minutes to run from Ye Yu Xi’s dormitory to the Clear Sun gate headquarters. After running crazily, the senior student arrived in five minutes.

“Leader, something bad has happened! Something went wrong!”

“What!” Yang Xing, who was in the living room, suddenly stood up, “What happened!”

“Our people have had a fight with the people from Blood Enchantress!”

“Really? Who started it first!”

The senior recalled, “They started it first.”

Yang Xing’s eyes were called, “Call the brothers in the guild to smash the Blood Enchantress’ place.”

Yang Xing’s tone was full of dominance.

The purpose of sending people to make trouble was to provoke Ye Yu Xi!

The battle in front of the small courtyard lasted for about ten minutes, and in the end none of the dozen or so senior students were left unscathed as all of them were beaten to the ground.

The burly man brought by Yu Ling threw the dogs from Clear Sun Gate into the yard one at a time, like he wanted to kill them, stacking them up into a small mountain.

“Yu Zhan, this is Miss Ye.” Yu Ling pointed to Ye Yu Xi.

Yu Zhan grinned, and said to Ye Yu Xi, “A little heavy-handed. This is my submission. My cultivation base is the same as Brother Yu’s, the seventh spiritual level.”

A bit more violent than Yu Ling. In terms of cultivation base, Yu Ling is the seventh spiritual level, and this Yu Zhan is actually at the peak of the seventh spiritual level!

“Tian Zong, register his information.” Ye Yu Xi nodded.

“Wait a minute.”

Seeing that it was so simple to join the guild, Yu Zhan quickly waved his hand.

Hei Feng Tian Zong on the side stopped what he was doing, thinking that these two brothers have a habit of only speaking half of what they mean.

“Is there anything else?” Ye Yu Xi frowned, and noticed Yu Ling’s expression out of the corner of her eyes. The latter had a smile on his face. It seems that the current situation is within Yu Ling’s expectations.

“The benefits of joining the guild haven’t been discussed yet.” Yu Zhan stared with stubborn eyes.

A smile appeared on the corner of Ye Yu Xi’s mouth: “What kind of treatment do you want?”

“Let’s agree first, I’ll withdraw from the build when Brother Yu withdraws from the guild. As for the contribution value, you can just give me some a month, or or not, but I heard Brother Yu say that if you beat him, you have to fight me once too. If you beat me, I will stay.” Yu Zhan said very formally.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t respond immediately but took another look at Yu Zhan. This person… was a little straightforward…

She looked at Yu Ling who was beside him, and asked, “Yu Zhan, can you beat Yu Ling?”

He said, “Look at what you said, since I was a child, I have fought with Brother Yu hundreds of times, and every time it was…”

Cough cough!

There was a trace of embarrassment on Yu Ling’s face, and he coughed twice.

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