Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Bai Jin Yi

Ye Yu Xi walked in front of the cage and coldly asked, “What is your name.”

“Bai Jin Yi.”  Bai Jin Yi leaned against the cage and he had a smile on his face which had an indescribable evil charm to it.  He was already prepared for the next moment when the girl in front of him stuffed the pill down his mouth.

Ye Yu Xi saw that Bai Jin Yi in the cage did not reveal any nervousness at all.  She took out the Loyalty Pill the worker had just given her and held it in front of the cage, “Swallow this pill and you’ll be my slave.  Are you not afraid?”

“What is the use in being afraid, what will come will come.”

“Very good.”  Coldly spitting out these two words, Ye Yu Xi’s fingers filled with strength.  In front of Bai Jin Yi and Qing’er, the Loyalty Pill was shattered and it turned into a black mist that dissipated in the air.


Bai Jin Yi walked down the street with Ye Yu Xi.  He did not run or cause trouble after coming out of the cage, he just silently followed her.  The three of them did not say a single word.

Following along for half the length of a street, Bai Jin Yi finally couldn’t take this atmosphere.  He said to Ye Yu Xi in a teasing tone, “You didn’t have me eat the Loyalty Pill and you didn’t tie me up with a rope, aren’t you afraid I’ll run away?”

Ye Yu Xi stopped moving and looked at Bai Jin Yi behind her, “A piece of trash who is poisoned and only has strength in the first spiritual level, it’s fine if you run.  In the end, you’re not worth much money.”

Hearing Ye Yu Xi say he was poisoned, Bai Jin Yi’s pupil couldn’t help turning into double pupils as his entire aura changed.  In just a second, Bai Jin Yi noticed his own mistake and he relaxed himself.

Un?  Ye Yu Xi’s reactions were very sharp.  Although her back was facing Bai Jin Yi, that instant change in Bai Jin Yi’s aura had given her a sense of approaching death.  This person really wasn’t simple!

Bringing Qing’er and Bai Jin Yi into a small alley, a sharp glow appeared in the hand in Ye Yu Xi’s sleeve as a slender dagger appeared in her hand.

Weng!  Kicking off the wall, she suddenly turned as she jumped off and the dagger stabbed out at Bai Jin Yi who had just entered the alley.

It was as if time stopped in this moment.

The dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hand stopped an inch from Bai Jin Yi’s eye.  Bai Jin Yi did not flinch and did not scream. He did not turn and run, instead he just smiled at Ye Yu Xi.

“Are you not afraid of me failing to stop and killing you?”  Ye Yu Xi still held the dagger in her hand.

Bai Jin Yi single handedly brushed aside the dagger in front of his eyes and said in a very confident voice, “You didn’t have a killing intent around you.  Making a mistake, it would be shameful to someone like you and you would never let it happen.”

Finding a place with no one around, Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er took off their cloaks.  Ye Yu Xi’s appearance made Bai Jin Yi a bit surprised. He could tell from Ye Yu Xi’s voice that she wasn’t old, but he never thought that she would be a girl in her teens and an alchemist.  This was a bit interesting.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three returned to the yard.

“Stand up!”

Ye Yu Xi walked into the living room with Bai Jin Yi.  Before she even sat down, Bai Jin Yi uncaringly sat down first.”

“You are someone from the Medicine King Valley?”  Ye Yu Xi watched as Bai Jin Yi reluctantly stood up from the chair and asked this question.

“I can be considered one.”

“Do you know any alchemists?”  Ye Yu Xi asked again.

“I know a few.  The Ice Mist Country’s imperial alchemist came to the Medicine King Valley before and I met him once.”  Bai Jin Yi stood there with a faint smile.

“Since you are someone from the Medicine King Valley, why has the poison in you not been cured.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the faint black lines on Bai Jin Yi’s face.

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