Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Leaving


Everyone was stirred. Although they did not expect the price of this cultivation technique to be low, the starting price of fifty thousand was indeed a bit high. Other than the few large families in the city, the other small families or individuals did not have a chance to fight for it.

There were people in the ground whose eyes had turned blood red as they fiercely gazed at the cultivation technique on the auction stage.

There were also people arranging things with the people around them. It didn’t matter who bought the cultivation technique today, they would certainly face a bloody storm once they went out.

“Qing’er, we’re leaving.” Ye Yu Xi let out a faint sigh from beneath the cloak as she pulled Qing’er who had sparkling eyes away.

“Ah? Young miss, we’re leaving like this? This is a top grade cultivation technique! The strongest cultivation technique in the Ye Manor is only at this level, are we not fighting for it?” Qing’er reluctantly looked at the cultivation technique on the stage. Her eyes were as fiery as the people around them.

Ye Yu Xi rolled her eyes at Qing’er. Although the other side could not see it, she helplessly said, “We only have this bit of gold coins, we can’t possibly steal this cultivation technique.” There was another sentence Ye Yu Xi did not say to Qing’er. On the bookshelf in her chaotic space, she would be able to casually grab a bunch of these cultivation techniques. There was no need to spend all the money they had for this single scroll.

As expected, just like Ye Yu Xi said, in the blink of an eye, the price of the cultivation technique had already reached seventy thousand gold coins!

“Old Wang, your family’s storage room was emptied, you should leave a bit to line your coffin with. Coming here and acting all important!” The Li Family Head had just given a bid for sixty five thousand and was immediately pressed down by the Wang Family Head.

The Wang Family Head’s face turned sinister. The amount lost from their store room being stolen was not small! It was because of this that they needed to buy this cultivation technique to solidify their influence. He gave a cold snort, “Your Li Family’s store room was also emptied out, stop trying to hide it. Which person in the city doesn’t know that in a fit of rage, you killed the families of all four store room guards.”

In the private room on the second floor.

“Third highness, do we want it?” Mo Tian Chou tentatively asked the third prince.

The third prince was staring at Ye Yu Xi’s group of two. After observing for a while and not seeing those two bid, he said in an uncertain voice, “Tian Chou, do you think these two alchemist disciples do not like this cultivation technique, or like it, but do not have enough money?”

Being an alchemist was the most expensive occupation on the continent. There were many forces and powerful experts that asked alchemists for life extending pills or bottleneck breakthrough pills. To be able to exchange for a pill from an alchemist, one couldn’t move their heart no matter how much gold coins were given. The most simple method was to exchange items with alchemists. Various treasures and high level cultivation techniques flowed into the alchemists’ hands and not only this, even if they exchanged items with the alchemist, they would still owe the alchemist a favor.

Mo Tian Chou considered this, “Replying to your highness, anyone would be moved by a top grade cultivation technique. I think these two mysterious girls do not have enough money because if they did, they wouldn’t need to auction pills.”


Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er to the Blood Asura Auction’s exchange place.

“The gold coins have already been deducted from the card. This Loyalty Pill requires a drop of your blood before it is fed to the slave, then the slave cannot go against the master’s orders.” The auction staff expressionlessly handed a blood red pull over to the mysterious cloaked person in front of him.

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