Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Silent little alley

“Go!  Kill this s.l.u.t!”  When Zhao Yu He saw Ye Yu Xi being calm at a time like this, a strange anger filled her heart.  In order to be safe, she had brought several dozen guards here to ensure she would kill this s.l.u.t!

Thinking of how Ye Yu Xi embarra.s.sed her in front all those people, she wanted to cut Ye Yu Xi to ten thousand pieces.

Ye Yu Xi felt men rushing at her from her front and back.  Her eyes turned cold as her figure became blurry.

While Ye Yu Xi was moving through those large men, like a bloodthirsty enchantress, the dagger in her hand was randomly thrown out.  It always. .h.i.t its mark, stabbing through throats or hearts. Each movement she made took a person’s life.


Ye Yu Xi twisted another person’s neck.


A large man stood behind Ye Yu Xi and seized this chance to punch the back of her head.  Seeing his companions fall down one by one, his eyes were already blood red. This fist contained all of his spiritual energy and he was certain that even if Ye Yu Xi’s head was made of stone, it would be shattered by this fist.

Ye Yu Xi did not turn around and flicked her hand backwards.  Sou! The dagger in her hand flew out behind her.

“You’re very unlucky to meet me.”

Ye Yu Xi stood there without moving, not even turning her head around.  The large man’s fist stopped exactly five centimeters away from her head.

The large man looked down at his stomach in disbelief, looking at the small dagger stabbed into his dantian, “You…..”


The large man’s corpse fell onto the ground.  In the entire alley, there was only Ye Yu Xi and Zhao Yu He standing.

From beginning to end, only two minutes had pa.s.sed and the alley had already returned to silence.

“You, you, don’t come over.”  Zhao Yu He’s legs were trembling and there was even some liquid flowing down her thighs.

Ye Yu Xi in the center of the alley walked over towards her like a death G.o.d.

“Ah——”  Zhao Yu He turned to run, but as soon as she took a step, her figure stopped moving.  There was a small dagger poking out of her neck.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes slowly turned as she looked at Zhao Yu He’s back.  A single hand pa.s.sed by Zhao Yu He’s neck and she softly whispered like a death G.o.d, “Tonight, the people of the Zhao Manor will all die…..”

Pulling back her arm, the blade slashed through Zhao Yu He’s white and delicate neck.

Pu!  A splash of red blood stained the little alley.  Zhao Yu He, the Zhao Manor’s greatest genius young miss had lost her life.

The clouds covered the skies and there was no moonlight.

It was like the dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hands could feel its master’s killing intent.  The dark blade released a cold glow in the alley that made anyone who saw it unable to not shiver.


Qing’er, Ye Wen, and Ye Man did not sleep.  It was already dark and the young miss was not back.  The three of them sat in the room in a daze just waiting.

Chi ya, the door was opened.

Qing’er quickly stood up, “Young miss, you’re back.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded before throwing the bag with clothes onto the table, “Put on these clothes.”

The three of them opened the bag and saw the dark as night clothes inside.  Qing’er’s little eyes looked over at Ye Yu Xi, “Young miss, this is?”

“Wear it.  We’re going to the Zhao Manor to kill people.”

There was a short period of silence.  Ye Yu Xi looked at the two people surnamed Ye she had saved from the brothel today, “If you two don’t want to go, you can leave now.”

Putong!  The two kneeled at the same time.

“Young miss, my son is still in the Zhao Manor’s hands.  I will go with you.”

“I was saved by the young miss.  I will go wherever the young miss goes.”

The three of them changed clothes and left the inn with Ye Yu Xi.

Tonight was the first test Ye Yu Xi was giving them.

They arrived outside the back wall of the Zhao Manor.

“You will wait outside for me.  After two hours, if I’m not back, you call all leave without caring about me.”  Ye Yu Xi covered her face with a black cloth, only revealing her eyes.

“Young miss, I’ll go in with you.”  Qing’er’s face was covered in worry.  This was the entire Zhao Manor they were facing.

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