Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Scram (Part 2)

“Is there something you need?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Zhao Yu He shouting behind her.

Zhao Yu He saw that the people around were looking at her like they were watching a play, causing her to be filled with anger, “Piece of trash, I saw that dagger first!  Quickly give it to me.”

“Boring!”  Ye Yu Xi expressionlessly turned to leave.

“That really is Ye Yu Xi.  How did she get in here?”

“There is a good play coming, I heard young miss Zhao has already broken through to the fourth spiritual level.  She is the strongest member of the Zhao Manor’s younger generation, Ye Yu Xi is done for today!”

Zhao Yu He saw that Ye Yu Xi was actually ignoring her and her rage was ignited, “This piece of trash, leave the item for me!”  After saying this, she raised her hand and sent it out at Ye Yu Xi’s back.

Ye Yu Xi heard the movement from behind her and her body slowly turned.  She kicked out which landed perfectly on Zhao Yu He’s belly and she coldly shouted, “Scram!”

The surrounding people were shocked.  Was this really the waste young miss of the Ye Manor?  Was the one that fell to the ground really the Zhao Manor’s younger generation’s number one genius, Zhao Yu He?

The sounds of whispering began to ring out.

Zhao Yu He was lying on the ground with tightly clenched fists.  She gritted her teeth as she looked in the direction Ye Yu Xi was leaving in, making up her mind, “Ye Yu Xi, you made me look like a fool.  I will definitely kill you, kill you!”

Ye Yu Xi had left the main city sector, but a few people with aspirations did not stop talking about Ye Yu Xi because of this.

“Your majesty, she is the Ye Manor’s young miss, Ye Yu Xi who the seventh prince has been engaged to since childhood.”

Mo Tian Chou respectfully stood at the side of a man.  Young master Mo who could summon storms in Ningyuan City was standing to the side like a follower at this moment.

The third prince’s eyes revealed a trace of strangeness, “Oh?  Looking at her opponent, she is not a piece of trash like you all say she is!  I heard people in the palace speaking saying that seventh brother has asked the emperor to give the decree to abolish this engagement.  It seems like seventh brother has made a mistake this time.”

Mo Tian Chou gave a low sigh.  There were more and more strange things in Ningyuan City lately.  He suddenly thought of something, “I heard Housekeeper Qiu say that Ye Yu Xi was buying two girls from the brothel earlier this afternoon.  Ye Yu Xi might have a friendly relation with the two mysterious alchemists I mentioned to you earlier.”

“There is even this matter?”  The third prince’s face turned serious before he revealed a smile.  Seventh brother, ah seventh brother, in order to marry a junior from the Mingyue Sect, you’ve thrown away a wife who is acquainted to a third grade alchemist.  You’ve lost quite a bit from this sale.

The third prince’s mood was clearly much better as he unfurled the fan in his hand, “Protect Ye Yu Xi at any cost!”

“Yes.”  Mo Tian Chou promised in a low voice.


Ye Yu Xi walked out of the main city sector before buying a few sets of normal clothes and a set of dark as night clothes.  When she came out, the sky was already dark. She turned into an alleyway which wasn’t the shortest path back to the inn, but the most silent.

The night was very dark!

Standing in the middle of the alley, Ye Yu Xi did not turn around as she coldly said, “Following me the whole time, come out!”

“Ye Yu Xi, you are a respected young miss.  I never thought that you would secretly buy night coloured clothes, it seems like you are already accustomed to being stealthy!”  Zhao Yu He appeared at the end of the road. She had lost face in the main city sector a few hours ago, of course she wouldn’t let this go.  She returned home to call several guards to wait at the main city sector gates, waiting for Ye Yu Xie to come out! They followed her the entire way, waiting to find a silent place.

Looking at the several dozen large men blocking the alley, a dagger appeared glinting in Ye Yu Xi’s hand, “I’m very busy, come together.”

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