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Chapter 600 (END) - I Would Be An Eternal In A Thousand Years (End)

Chapter 600: I Would Be An Eternal In A Thousand Years (End)

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Without any Saints obstructing, the entire Demon Realm was soon emptied.

Every last Demon corpse above Golden Immortal was dumped before Jiang He, piling into a hill.

Jiang He waved his hand, throwing the bodies into the space of the world in his body, and they were soon shining as they started to ‘sprout.’

Working like clockwork, Jiang He threw every treasure obtained from the Demon Realm into the world in his body.

Soon, Dumbo and the others returned.

“The Demon Realm has been emptied, Master!” Trumbo reported.

Jiang He nodded in satisfaction, and put every Demi-Saint elite from Dumbo, Trumbo and the Stoner Patriarch into the world in his body, and flew beyond the Demon Realm…

He looked down upon the realm from the cosmic reaches beyond, and noticed that the grant Demon Abyss was like a blackhole, with endless Demonic Qi puffing out of it like black smoke.


An idea struck Jiang He, and he cast Esoteric Word: Direction at the Demon Abyss.

Esoteric Word: Direction granted control over all weapons, stealing or even controlling an enemy’s weaponry. After Jiang He revamped and strengthened it, it became so powerful that anyone powerful enough would be able to plunder all mystic treasure and weapons!


All of the Demon Abyss rumbled then.

At the same instant, the Demon-God Emperor’s face fell back at the God Realm.

“Oh, no! Jiang He is making a move on the Demon Abyss!”

Since the Demon Abyss was molded from a paragon treasure by the Demon-God Emperor, he sensed it right away when Jiang He had cast Esoteric Word: Direction on it to wrest control away from him.

God Qi and Demon Qi streamed out of his body then, and he tried to stop Jiang He’s manipulation by controlling the Demon Abyss from the distance.

With the countless Demons dwelling in the Demon Abyss and him being position from across the stars, the Demon-God Emperor would have a hard time invoking it… but now that it was left as an empty husk by Jiang He, the Demon-God Emperor could control it easily.

And in the Demon-Realm, Jiang He also instantly sensed the Demon-God Emperor attempts to regain control.

As both sides wrestled, all of the Demon Abys was soon pulled out of the ground, detached out of the Demon Realm.

The Demon Abyss was an endlessly vast realm spanning eighteen floors and was comparable to a planetary system, but once it was pulled out, it shrank rapidly into a pitch-black pagoda.

It had eighteen floors, each filled with concentrated Demonic Qi.

“So that’s the true form of the Demon Abyss? An innate paragon treasure?”

Jiang He was surprised.

The pitch-black pagoda rose to the sky and rushed beyond the Demon Realm just then, and shot as a black flash toward the God Realm.

The Demon-God Emperor was too powerful and he had been using the Demon Abyss for endless eras, which was why even Esoteric Word: Direction was unable to wrest control over it from him.

Still, seeing that his prize was flying away, an upset Jiang He snorted coldly. “Demon-God Emperor… you would try to take a way a treasure I have my eyes on?”

“If you dare to take it away from me, I’ll charge into the God Realm right now and blow you into pieces!”

Those words were conveyed to the Demon-God Emperor through the Demon Abyss itself.

Shrouded in God Qi and Demon Qi, the Demon-God Emperor who was using his full power to control the Demon Abyss shuddered, fear showing in his face…

Hence, the dark flash flying toward the God Realm turned and flew back to the Demon Realm, and stopped steadily right in front of Jiang He.

“Now that’s better.”

Jiang He put the Demon Abyss into the world in his body, and nonchalantly threw it into space.

It surprised him to find that the Demon Abyss suddenly expanded once it was dumped inside, with glimmers swirling around it as it eventually turned into a planetary system that fuses directly into the world inside Jiang He’s body.

The planetary system was almost 200,000 light-years wide and had countless planets, each being shrouded in Demonic Qi. Any cultivator of the Demonic Arts would increase their power by leaps and bounds if they cultivated inside!

In a split second, Jiang He felt his power improving.

And after taking the Demon Abyss along with endless treasures, the Farm Points that Jiang He gained after planting them definitely would increase the world in his body by two planetary systems, with more potential to develop his power.

“At this rate, I would soon reach the level of the Demon-God Emperor and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness…”

Jiang He thought, and found it a shame then. “What a pity that I had manifested my clones prematurely… if my clones were at the level of the Demon-God Emperor and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness, my clones would be endlessly powerful compared to how they are now!”

Generally speaking, the clones of Saints would be equal in power to their true forms.

And if he could create 129,600 clones at the level of the Demon-God Emperor and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness, who could say no to Jiang He then?

Eternal, Transcendent?

Jiang He would never believe that the simultaneous explosion of 129,600 clones at the level of the Demon-God Emperor and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness could not kill them!

He hence left the Demon Realm in a flash to look for the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness and the Celestial Realm’s clone, discussing how they should reply that Eternal who came out of nowhere.


Meanwhile, back at Godland, the Demon-God Emperor sensed Jiang He leaving the Demon Realm, and promptly gathered every Demon Saint and God Saint.

Sitting atop his throne, he studied all of them and sighed. “The times have changed now… I have decided that we shall leave the Realms Proper!”


The other Saints all spoke out, indicating that they could not afford to flee with their tails between their legs!

The Gods and Demons were hegemons of the Realms Proper and must never surrender!

Even so, the Demon-God Emperor burst out in rage. “How would any of you stop Jiang He if we don’t leave the Realms Proper?”

“Do you know how many clones he could self-destruct with?”

“And how long has it only been since he became Saint?”

“Who knows how much he would grow in another hundred years?”

Gritting his teeth, the Demon-God Emperor then growled, “I should have acted earlier to kill him personally…”

Even so, there was nothing anyone could do to curb regret.

Now that things had come to this, Jiang He’s dominance was established, and no one in the Realms Proper could kill him!

“The Celestial Will has conjured a clone and it’s speaking to Jiang He and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness. They are probably ganging up against the Machines’ geezer, and if he’s wiped out as well, neither God nor Demon would have a place in the Realms Proper. However, we will eventually return to these worlds if they can’t kill him!”

The Demon-God Emperor hence personally led the Saints of Gods and Demons, invoking their many paragon treasures and world items to gather their brethren.

In six hours, the vast Demon Realm and God Realm were now two deathly reaches, with every God and Demon having left.

As for where they were going?

There were all the alternate dimensions they need in the depths of Chaos.

And given the power of their two races, they could definitely occupy one easily.


Meanwhile, after Jiang He, the Celestial Will’s clone and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness met up, Jiang He said impatiently, “Where’s that wretched Machine Patriarch? Come, let’s kill him!”


The True Lord of Morality and Nothingness was stunned.

Was Jiang He really that dedicated toward this task?

Even the Celestial Will’s clone turned his faceless head towards Jiang He.

Jiang He was certainly ruthless when he resorted to blowing up the Realms Proper, and he did not care at all what he leaves in his wake… That was why the clone did not expect his keenness, and it seemed that he did care about the fate of the Realms Proper.

“We shouldn’t tarry, since I can return to Earth and goof off if he’s dead sooner… I would either be fighting or be on my way to a fight ever since I arrived at the Celestial Battlefield… I’m tired!”

“Moreover, the two Machine Saints threatened me before they died, claiming that their patriarch would avenge them… I would avoid reprisals if we could kill him soon!”

Both the Celestial Will’s clone and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness turned towards him at that.

As they rushed beyond the Realms Proper, the Celestial Will’s clone suddenly mentioned, “The Gods and Demons have left the Realms Proper.”

“What does that mean?” Jiang He frowned.

The Celestial Will’s clone flatly said, “The Demon-God Emperor knows that you would get back at them if they stayed at the Realms Proper, which is why he left with every God and Demon, and headed into the depths of Chaos.”

Shocked, Jiang He bellowed in rage, “That wretch ran off? I didn’t even have my payback!”

“They tried to kill me repeatedly back when I didn’t have enough power, but now that I have, I won’t rest until I destroy the Demon-God Emperor… by the way, do you have any idea where they went?”

He turned towards the Celestial Will’s clone just then, who replied, “I have trouble extending my power beyond the Realms Proper. I’m unable to sense them after they’ve left.”

Jiang He cursed a few more times before turning silent.

Beside them, the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness said, “The Demon-God Emperor would be hard to track down if he only left with his Saints, but since he brought along his brethren, he would need a place to settle in the alternate dimension. We could take our sweet time looking for them then.”

Afterwards, the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness and the Celestial Will’s clone mentioned Eternal.

Curious, Jiang He could not help ask, “What’s Eternal?”

“You become an Eternal after you transcend!”

“Then how do I transcend?” Jiang He did not shy from asking.

The Celestial Will’s clone hence repeated what he told the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness, “There’s more than one way to become Eternal, but I myself only know one.”

“Creating a universe with one’s own power?”

“Becoming Eternal is actually that simple?”


Both the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness and the Celestial Will’s clone turned toward Jiang He then and chuckled. “Creating a universe sounds easily, but it’s difficult in practice. When Pan Gu parted the Chaos, he was almost exhausted, though he eventually gained transcendence as his Dao and physical body evolved into worlds. I myself attempted to copy Pan Gu’s feats to control worlds, though something unexpected happened halfway through, and I became the Celestial Will instead.”

“Even the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness could not transcend after seeking it for endless ages!”


That was reasonable, but…

Puzzled, Jiang He asked, “It’s hard to create a universe from a single stroke, but why don’t you start while you’re weaker? For example, I could create a grotto-heaven in the twelfth-tier of martial cultivation that I founded, and it becomes a field of Chaos when you reach the fourteenth-tier.”

“By gradually creating the Chaos and the outline of a universe would soon be formed… wouldn’t you be able to mold and perfect the universe when you reach Saint? Wouldn’t you be transcendent then?”

Both the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness and the Celestial Will’s clone turned toward Jiang He, stunned.

Having no choice, Jiang He used his mystic arts to project the world in his body into the cosmos.

In an instant, the beautiful silhouette of space overlapped with the Realms Proper, covering several constellations.

“The martial cultivation system is actually that wondrous?”

The True Lord of Morality and Nothingness could not help praising. “A path straight to transcendence… Jiang He, does this only apply to you or to every martial artist?”

“I’m not sure,” Jiang He replied honestly. “It’s just been a dozen years since I founded my martial cultivation system, and only Wang Hou has reached my level so far… that would have to wait until others reach this level for us to find out if it applies to everyone.”

The True Lord of Morality and Nothingness then indicated that he would cultivate martial arts as well.

Jiang He chuckled. “That’s not a problem. We could return to Earth after we destroy the Machine Patriarch. I wonder how far martial arts had developed now…”

Soon, they arrived at the Realms Beyond.

It was all Chaos out there, but they soon found the alternate dimension under the Celestial Will’s guidance.

He attempted to enter it, only to find that it was sealed and that there was no getting inside.

Both Jiang He and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness tried to break it, only to find a shell around it. Their strength could hardly break it.

And just as they hammered at it, the Machine Patriarch sensed it within the alternate dimension itself.

Kneeling before the colossal statue, he prayed even more devoutly…


Suddenly, the entire statue quaked.

The face of statue was twitching.

Its eyes then moved and landed on the Machine Patriarch at his feet, who was no different from an ant in comparison.

“To think that an intelligent being I created offhandedly back then lived until now!” he exclaimed in surprise. “Speak, what’s your business with me!”

The Machine Patriarch’s tears overflowed as he bawled, “Master, please come to defend your weak flock…”


The alternate dimension quaked violently again then.

Outside, Jiang He was becoming furious.

“What is this shell? Why is it so hard? True Lord of Morality and Nothingness, Celestial Will—back away. Allow me!”

Waving his hand, 2,000 Saint-tier clones flew out. Landing on the tough shell around the alternate dimension, they all self-destructed at the next instant. Chaos churned, and the vast alternate dimension was instantly blown into pieces, exposing the boundless space within and the million miles tall colossal statue that stood at the center.

As for the Machine Patriarch…

He was too weak, having been vaporized by the shockwave of the two thousand clones’ self-destruction.

The colossal statute then turned toward Jiang He, and solid radiance shot out of his eyes from millions of miles away.

Then, a profound voice spoke from the statue, “Puny ant! How dare you kill my slave?!”

In the distant reaches of the Chaos, Jiang He was startled.

“Celestial Will, what’s going on?” he whispered. “Did that Eternal arrive already?”

“That’s just his statue and a part of his consciousness, projected over infinite reaches to the statue…” The Celestial Will’s clone was immeasurably somber in reply. “A real Eternal is just that horrific… a piece of his consciousness projected over endless distance already had the might of the best Saints?”

“The best Saints?”

Jiang He laughed.

The best Saints were nothing.

Flying before the statue and studying it from head to toe, Jiang He whipped out his phone and caught a few photographs while clicking his tongue in wonder. “Do you look like this statue? Why do you look so ugly, Eternal?”


Furious, the statue fire two beams from his eyes again, which was punched into pieces by Jiang He.

“I’ll remember your aura!” the statue said icily, his eyes flashing coldly as he declared sinisterly, “My true form shall arrive here in a thousand years, and your death would be certain!”

“A thousand years?”

Jiang He laughed out loud and sent forth 100 Saint-tier clones, blowing the statue into pieces with a resounding rumble and vaporizing the strand of consciousness, all while he laughed coldly. “I would be Eternal when you arrive in a thousand years… would I still fear you then?”

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