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Chapter 599 - The Path to Become Eternal!

Chapter 599: The Path to Become Eternal!

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Jiang He was aware that the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness was at odds with the Celestial Will, having shown that on more than an occasion.

So why were they now hanging out together?

“Brother, is the Celestial Will threatening you?” Jiang He communicated telepathically. “You just need to nod if that’s the case, and I’ll punch that clone to death!”

Speechless, the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness chuckled begrudgingly. “The clone of the Celestial Will is not at the level where it could threaten me to death yet!”

“As for you… how could you be so impulsive?”

“Against the Demon-God Emperor… self-destructing your clones is simply unnecessary.”

Jiang He chuckled at that. “I have too many clones, so a thousand or so is not a problem.”


Facepalming, the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness continued telepathically, “You don’t need to blow up that many Saint-tier clones either. A hundred is enough to destroy everything, and now that you’ve used that against the Demon-God Emperor, he is definitely going to be ready for it the next time you fight him.”

“It’s fine. I could just send 5,000 clones to surround Godland and blow it up. Once that place is vaporized, there’s nothing the Demon-God Emperor could do to stop it!”

After all, a person who is strong enough could defeat even ten skilled martial artists alone!

“By the way, how did you know about our fight, brother?

“The Celestial Will’s clone projected it to me…”

“Again, why are you hanging out with the Celestial Will?”

“It’s a long story, but he brought me here to you with something to discuss. It involves the very existence of the Realms Proper!”

While Jiang He and the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness conversed telepathically, the clone of the Celestial Will was staring at the sea of stars that Jiang He vaporized.

It had no face, but it appeared to be staring blankly at the now devastated sea of stars.

After a long while, the unusual feeling around it faded as it raised a finger and pointed.


The dimensional turbulences that extended over a dozen constellation and now covered the entire sea of stars slowly stabilized then, with the spatial rifts and space auroras all disappearing as well.

It then raised its faceless head toward Jiang He and said, “Don’t do it ever again. It’s devastating for the Realms Proper.”

“Why should I listen to you?”

Jiang He sneered. “I’ll be killed if you didn’t… or are you some sort of holy maiden?”

“You dare insult me? Did you really think I can’t do anything to you?” the Celestial Will’s clone retorted telepathically.

That left Jiang He even more surprised—he had clearly provoked the Celestial Will’s clone, and it actually had emotions?

That mood and indignation meant it had feelings.

However, wasn’t it ridiculous that the Celestial Will’s clone would have emotion?

Wouldn’t the Realms Proper be a mess if it followed its own whims?

“I wonder how I could kill it…”

“Should I start with the clone? Just to avoid him plaguing all words…”

Jiang He, showing no restraint in thought or words, clicked his tongue before snapping in disdain, “Come, show me what you got!”


Seemingly flustered, the Celestial Will’s clone was unable to react just then.

Beside them, the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness quickly tried to stop them. “Jiang He, the Machine Patriarch had headed deep into the Chaos before you fought both Machine Saints… he’s actually from beyond the Realms Proper, a sentient being created by an Eternal. Now, he has gone into the depths of Chaos to summon his master!”

“The Celestial Will’s clone appeared to request every Saint in the Realms Proper to combine forces and destroy that alternate dimension, along with the altar… or if the Eternal would come, bringing doom to us all!”


Jiang He was caught by surprise.

The Machine Patriarch?

As a matter of fact, both Machine Saints had been ranting about how their Patriarch would not show mercy… and if the Machine Patriarch did summon an Eternal, he would definitely come for Jiang He’s head!

His danger sense tingled all over his being right then!

And whenever he felt danger, he would attack first, and rarely wait for his death.

Not even bothered with the Celestial Will’s clone at that, he quickly said, “What are we waiting for, then? I’m going to the Demon Realm now for a bit, and let’s head off to kill the Machine Patriarch right after!”


Jiang He was gone in a flash.

The True Lord of Morality and Nothingness then turned toward the Celestial Will’s clone and asked in confusion, “Why didn’t you ask the Demon-God Emperor? We’d have a better shot if he came with us.”

“There’s no need.”

The Celestial Will’s clone replied flatly, “The Demon-God Emperor is an innate Demon-God born before the world, and has a huge grudge against Pan Gu. His creation of the God Realm and the Demon Realm was no more an attempt at imitating Pan Gu, and borrowing that feat to push himself up to Eternal and transcend everything.”

“The fate of all worlds had nothing to do with him.”

“Moreover, he was already in league with the Machines Patriarch, and it is already incredible that he wasn’t interfering.”

The True Lord of Morality and Nothingness laughed at that. “He would have before, but definitely not now… he would not even leave the God Realm, afraid that Jiang He would come at him again… by the way, though I had manifested 129,600 existential marks, you stopped me from manifesting more clones—so why did you ignore it when Jiang He did the same?”

The Celestial Will’s clone became silent at that, and only spoke a few seconds later.

“Jiang He’s existential marks are not kept within the River of Time of the Realms Proper!”

“The clones he manifested did not draw an ounce of energy from the Realms Proper either… I suspect he may have reached a path to Eternal already…”



Those were the ultimate pursuits of all elites!

No one knows for sure what transcendent meant… the Daoist Patriarch himself had found a path that revolved along fusing oneself with the world for transcendence, but he eventually failed to resolve the final problem and ended up as the Celestial Will.

On the other hand, Pan Gu—the creator of the Realms Proper—did reach a path of transcendence, becoming Eternal by doing so…

But who among the Saints had the power to create a universe?


In the skies above the Demon Abyss, in the Demon Realm…


Jiang He streaked through the air.

“Huh… I’m here at the Demon Realm already? Why does it feel like I’m faster now?”

Jiang He was a little surprised.

He felt out the world in his body, and soon realized that it had expanded unbeknownst to him… its diameter, which was over a million light-years, had reached two million!

What was going on?

Jiang He frowned… The world in his body only grew after he made his clones self-destruct… but why was that?

“The power with which I manifested Saint-tier clones is from the world in my body… but the ones that self-destructed were fed back into it?”

Jiang He found it the only reason that made sense, but…


“I’ll pillage the Demon Realm first—anything else can wait!”

As Jiang He thought that to himself, there was a loud hum.

Dumbo and everyone else flew out.

“Go! Pillage the Demon Realm!”

“Kill everyone above Golden Immortal, and take away every treasure vault and Secret Realm!”

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