Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: King Ferals

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Jinyintan Village, beneath the moonlight.

Jiang He had brought out a stool to sit, and was swiping through his phone out of boredom.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s already half an hour, but there’s no reaction at all?”

“Maybe corpses can’t be planted… wait, was it because I forgot to put nitrogen fertilizer?”

Putting a palm over his face, Jiang He smiled awkwardly, “It’s clearly not good putting it in now. Perhaps I should put in some mysterious soil instead.”

He took out the small packet where the mysterious soil was kept and poured around a tenth out.

The soil itself has two effects: it strengthens crops, and changes the environment for a short period of time.

After ploughing the soil for a bit, Jiang He then dumped in the mysterious soil.

He then checked the time—it was two in the morning.

“I’m going to bed. I’ll know tomorrow morning whether I get something.”

Yawning, Jiang He returned to the room, and slept soundly until early next morning when he woke up to Dumbo’s barking.

Putting on his clothes and getting out of his room, he found Dumbo standing in the yard, barking at a small tree standing over two meters tall.

The leaves were lush, and there was also a jet-black kitten hanging over the branch.


It was just a little bigger than your usual cat, but it had a powerful presence to it as well as three tails.

As Jiang He looked at it, a row of data showed up.

[Three-tails Demon Cat]


[Rank: Three-Pinnacle]

[Ability: Wind-riding]

Jiang He’s expression shifted at the short text, muttering, “What’s going on? I planted a rank-one dead cat, but somehow it yields a rank-three demon cat…”

An idea suddenly came to him. “Was that the mysterious soil at work? Then it must be the combined effect of the farm and the mysterious soil. Not only did it evolve the cat demon to rank three, it even awakened its ability!”


The ‘ability’ mentioned was equivalent to the superpowers that some humans awaken, and another example was the short video Jiang He had seen, claiming that someone had photographed a red fox that could breathe flames in Daxin’anling.

Jiang He turned to Dumbo.

“If that’s the case, if I kill Dumbo and plant him, won’t I get a rank-three demon dog?”


Seemingly understanding his thoughts, Dumbo shuddered and stood up on its rear legs, bowing respectfully and even acting cute…


The dog really became humanly intelligent!

The intellect of Ferals evolved as they did, and it was said that rank seven Ferals had comparable intelligence to ordinary adult humans. However, Jiang He estimated


Shoving Dumbo off with his foot, Jiang He arrived beneath the tree and plucked the Three-tails Demon Cat.


[Farm points +200]

A System notification rang in his head, and Jiang He’s eyes swept to the panel, noticing that his farm’s EXP had directly increased by 20 points.


 At the same time, the Three-tails Demon Cat had come to life.

Purring, it sneaked inside Jiang He’s arms, rubbing its head on him to try to get pampered.

‘Ferals grown in my farm would be hundred percent loyal and never betray me.’

Jiang He knew right then, and delightedly let the black cat loose in the yard, saying, “From now on, you’ll watch the house with Dumbo.”

A cat was fine too.


If Jiang He was bored, he could cuddle with the feline.

“Oh, right. I should name you.”

Jiang He mused to himself for a while, before muttering, “Its whole body is black, so Black King? No way, that’s too cool… maybe Blackie? Hmmm… you have three tails, so let’s call you Trumbo—you’ll match Dumbo with that.”


The Three-tails Demon Cat rolled on the ground happily at its new name.

On the other hand, Dumbo looked aggrieved and was whimpering unhappily.

At the same time, the tree shoot tumbled with a rumble and turned into a pile of black ashes.

Jiang He handily spread the ashes, before bringing out a pack of carrot seeds from his house to sprinkle over it as well.


When that was done, his money tree was ‘bearing fruit’ as well.

Watching as the coins rapidly grew into hundred-dollar bills, Jiang He plucked out the bills and wiped sweat off his brow, and exclaimed in delight, “Farming is not bad. As long as there’s no Ferals or extraterrestrial threats, patting the cat and walking the dog while minding the yard is good too.”


Meanwhile, the other corn that were not planted on the cucumber tree ashes were yielding crops as well, although the corn harvested was nothing special.

The only difference was that the corn ears were larger than normal ones, although it did not offer any farm points either.

As such, Jiang He cut all the corn down—stalk and all, and dumped them to be fed to the neighbors’ goats


After busying for the whole morning, Jiang He only managed to get some free time. He bought two steamed buns for breakfast and made some cucumber coleslaw.

Wang Siyu came just as he finished eating.

She was wearing a tracksuit and had her hair tied into a ponytail, her entire body brimming with the scent of youth.

She was holding a note with her, and she handed it to Jiang He.

On it were some numbers and letters: 32, 33, B, C, D.

“What’s this?”

Jiang He was left puzzled after a glance at the note, but soon came to a realization when his eyes reached Wang Siyu.

“Is the effect that great?” He exclaimed in surprise. “You’re already D? I couldn’t have known!”

“Shove off!”

Wang Siyu rolled her eyes at him, although her tone was almost a playful pout.

Still, she soon recovered and seriously said, “Here’s the data you wanted. The division already sent it so add me on WeChat, and I’ll send it to you.”

Linking up on WeChat, she sent him the data.

Jiang He opened it on the spot and started studying.

There wasn’t anything too mysterious about the information. It includes the summarized data of a bunch of powerful Ferals and certain powerful Awakened individuals in the ten years since Spirit Qi had returned.

Jiang He’s gaze eventually reached the data about the ferals.

“King Ferals… beings above rank nine? Can’t be killed even with nuclear missiles?”


“And they are all found within the borders of Hua Nation?”

“The Violet-Crowned Golden Eagle of Mount Kunlun near the Western Frontier, the Scarlet Fox of Daxing’anling, the Golden-Crowned Black Eagle of Tianshan, the Nine-Headed Serpent of Panlong Lake… Hold on, the bomb detonated over at Mount Dadong… Was it…”

Jiang He looked up at Wang Siyu, who looked somber as she replied, “The Graywolf King of Mount Dadong. It’s confirmed to be a King Feral above rank nine, and one of the few King Ferals found within our borders. The missile yesterday was indeed fired against it, but that didn’t kill it. Still, word out is that the best elite of Xibei has gone deep into Mount Dadong to pursue the Wolf King, although there’s no feedback on the actual outcome for now.”


Jiang He gasped and muttered, “Over rank-nine, and terrifying? By the way, does the Sky Demon Sect have elites beyond rank-nine?”

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