Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Effect of the Corn

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Su Ze gave Li Fei a look, and then said, “Well, they could count as aliens, I guess. The seniors of the Eight Trigrams School mentioned before that there are beings beyond the skies known as the sky demons, and they could be the ones backing the Sky Demon Sect.”



There was a glint in Jiang He’s eyes.


Being outside our own domain?

That was indeed why the environment of this world was far more dangerous than what he could understand or imagine.

The revival of Spirit Qi, the rampage of Ferals, sabotaging by the Sky Demon Sect in this world, and the sky demons themselves who were watching this world like a tiger leering at its prey. The very thought of it was suffocating.

And the look on Jiang He’s face changed right then.

‘My cultivation is still too weak! And after I ruined their plans, the Sky Demon Sect definitely wouldn’t let this go.

‘If the Awakened from the Sky Demon Sect could control eight rank-one Ferals and one rank-two Ferals, who knows what stronger Ferals he could tame?

‘Once he takes control over dozens of Ferals or just a handful of high-ranked Ferals against me, I wouldn’t survive even with Indestructible Diamond protecting my body.’

In fact, Jiang He first thought was to return inside the mountain, find that darn person and chop him into tiny pieces so that there wouldn’t be problems in the future. Still, he eventually gave up on the thought and sighed. “I’m not familiar with the landscape and going in recklessly is too dangerous. Forget it—I’ll stick to improve my cultivation, since that’s more practical anyway.”


He hence turned to Su Ze and asked, “This mission is over, then?”

Su Ze nodded. “Thanks for helping, Mister Jiang. I will apply for your merit at the bureau later, and provide you with the information you need as soon as we can.”

Afterward, Two Dog Li drove Jiang He home.

Wang Siyu followed him.

She did not return home at once, following Jiang He home instead with her head lowered.

She was also clenching on her sleeves with both hands, stuttering for a long time but still unable to say a word.

Jiang He’s heard pounded as a bold idea popped up in his head.

Clearing his throat, he said, “Wang Siyu, I might think well of you… but aren’t we moving too quickly here? Of course, I am a healthy adult male, and as long as you’re prepared, I’m happy to oblige with such matters anytime.”


“What you mean, too quickly? And happy to oblige?”

Wang Siyu did a double-take, before suddenly realizing what he meant and hence spat, “Bleh! What do you take me for? I… actually just wanted to ask, do you still have the corn from the other day?”



Jiang He patted his chest as if he was still having lingering fears and teased, “You could’ve mentioned earlier if you want some corn. And here I was thinking that you would have some unhealthy ideas with me, what with you stuttering here and there.”


Wang Siyu retorted, before asking, “Can I just ask, where did you get the corn? Could they be evolved too? I mean… it actually helps breast growth.”


There was nothing too embarrassing about saying that out loud as a lady who received modern education. While Wang Siyu always blushed easily, that was only because she could mind-read—and since Jiang He’s head was always full of thoughts of whatnot with her, how could she not go red?

“What the heck?”

Stunned, Jiang He stared at Wang Siyu for half a beat before exclaiming in surprise, “They really got bigger. No wonder I can’t tell make out their special effects… so that’s how they work.”

It would only be too funny if he managed to discover that effect.

As a man, he couldn’t possibly have his pecs ballooning, could he?

Pretending that he was going to the next room, Jiang He drew out two corns from his System backpack and returned to her, saying, “I’ve stumbled on these corns by chance. If my guess is right, they must have absorbed the Force and mutated.”

“Have these two corns first. Consider them a reward for a successful trial, although the condition is that you measure yourself before you eat. That would make it easy for me to set a price.”


Not to mention that he still had up to eighty corns anyway.

And if this stuff really proved to have such great effect, he naturally would sell them all. He would definitely earn dozens of millions if he could sell them up to a hundred thousand bucks apiece.

“Record measurements?”

Wang Siyu hesitated for a while before nodding.

Since Jiang He was the only one who had the measurements and her size was not too shabby, what was there to be ashamed of?

She wanted to pay with money, but Jiang He declined.

“You’re my test subject—my tool now. These two large, thick corns are your just reward.”


Wang Siyu was speechless.

‘Thick and large?

‘Does he have to put it that way?!

‘So disgusting! And he’s telling me to get stuffed with corns!’



After seeing off Wang Siyu, Jiang He locked his gates and took a shovel to his yard.

With a wave of his hand, the corpse of a black cat that was the size of a young calf appeared at his feet.


Dumbo, who had been napping at corner in the yard immediately started to bark wildly at the black cat’s corpse.

“Shut up, stop barking! What are you going crazy for in the middle of the night?!”

Dumbo only stopped at Jiang He’s scolding.

Still, it ran up to him, wagging its tail and yipping, before standing up on its rear legs, pointing its paw at the dead cat and then at its own mouth. Then, with both paws clutching its stomach, it acted as if it was vomiting, and then shook its head firmly.


Jiang He blanked out for a moment, understanding what its movement meant just then.

Nonetheless, he shoved the pooch with a kick, cursing, “Dream on, dog. This corpse isn’t for you.”

Even as Jiang He picked up his shovel and started to dig, Dumbo’s eyes sparkled just then and it ran up to him again, shoving him away while it started clawing at the dirt with all four paws.


The ground rushed into the air across all directions, and a hole was soon dug out.


Pleased, Jiang He patted the dog which wagged its tail pleasingly, and took out a cucumber.

“Not bad,” he said, throwing it at the dog. “Have one as your reward. Go to sleep after you’re finished, and try to reach rank-two soon.”

Dumbo nodded and ran off, cucumber between its jaws.

It had quite a few cucumbers since it stuck beside Jiang He, formally evolving into a rank-one Feral three days ago.

Jiang He casted the dog a thoughtful glance just then.

“Dog noses are sharp, and Dumbo’s would probably be sharper after it evolved. Maybe I should bring it along to Changliushui to find the Sky Demon Sect beast tamer hiding there.”

“Still… right now, I should try planting this Feral cat’s corpse and see if I could get anything out of it.”


Jiang He hence kicked the corpse into the hole.

If that thing really could be grown, he just might get some clues from its body.



Meanwhile, eastward from Changliushui.

A chain of hills sat here, with wind turbines built upon each hilltop. Rarely would any person be seen here, and it was only over sixty kilometers further east that there were signs of human life in a mining area.

But now, there was a tent raised in a gully between hills thirty kilometers away from the mining area, with a light flickering from inside.

A massive black dog that was carrying a black-robed middle-aged man was running toward it from a distance.

“Mission failed, general! A powerful martial artist suddenly showed up and sabotaged our plans.”

The black-robed figure promptly jumped off the dog and kneeled outside the tent.

In response, a shadow beneath the tent light convulsed while a hoarse voice echoed. “There is only death to anyone who messes up our plans. The Wolf King’s emergence in Mount Dadong is the best opportunity to leave Xibei in chaos.

“It is only by utterly distorting all manner of order in this world that the Sky Sage Faith would become powerful.

“Death to those who would obstruct the plans of the holy faith!”


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