Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1899 - Annihilation!

Chapter 1899: Annihilation!

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Those were flames that spewed out of the Vermilion Bird’s eyes—how could they be devoured so easily? Even Sleeve Universe could not do it!

In the blink of an eye, Mei Ji’s sleeves were burned to ashes.

Not only that, the surface of her arm was charred black and her skin was cracked, emitting a pungent smell.

What was even more frightening was that the flames did not show any signs of extinguishing and spread along her arm towards her upper body!

A look of determination flashed through Mei Ji’s eyes.


She slashed in reverse and severed her arm.

Fresh blood gushed out from where her arm was severed and splattered onto the scarlet flames, letting out sizzling sounds as green smoke billowed.

His severed arm fell and turned into ashes.

Mei Ji channeled her Essence Spirit and in the blink of an eye, her severed arm regrew.


The Vermilion Bird let out a long cry and flapped its wings. The flames on its body burned furiously as it descended from the skies and lunged towards Mei Ji!

Essence Qi surged around Mei Ji as she spun her saber and slashed forward. A cold saber beam burst forth and the surrounding temperature dipped!


The saber collided with the Vermilion Bird.

The two energies, one hot and one cold, collided and it was hard to tell who was stronger!

Su Zimo kept his distance and did not attack.

Given his current strength, he would not be able to cause any waves even if he attacked.

The aftershock of the battle between Mei Ji and the Vermilion Bird was enough to kill him!

Su Zimo watched coldly from the sidelines and had a clearer grasp of the situation.

Mei Ji was right. The Vermilion Bird did not have a body of flesh and blood and the combat strength it could release in its soul form was indeed limited.

However, as time passed by, the flames on the Vermilion Bird intensified and condensed, even turning into scarlet lava that dripped down from its body!

The Vermilion Bird was a sacred beast after all and fought fiercer the longer the battle continued.

Under the constant entanglement of the Vermilion Bird, Mei Ji’s expression turned extremely terrible and she gradually could not withstand it.

The flames burning on the Vermilion Bird were way too terrifying.

Those flames were not only extremely lethal, they could also burn Heaven and Earth Essence Qi!

The Heaven and Earth Essence Qi around Mei Ji was almost completely burned by the flames.

In the battle, Mei Ji released supreme divine powers repeatedly and used all her might to finally break free from the Vermilion Bird’s entanglement and charge towards Su Zimo.

Mei Ji vaguely realized that as long as she could kill Su Zimo, the Vermilion Bird Sacred Soul would collapse without a fight!

However, Su Zimo’s reaction was extremely fast as well. He slammed into the abyss wall right away and hid in that mysterious space.

This space was created by the Horned Dragon.

Su Zimo had the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit and could enter and exit freely. However, Mei Ji could not enter.

Unable to kill Su Zimo, Mei Ji was entangled by the Vermilion Bird once more. She was covered in dust and her hair was curled, looking wretched.

At that moment, when Mei Ji opened her mouth slightly, her breath was scorching!

After the long battle, the Vermilion Bird flames had already seeped into her body.

“I can’t stay here anymore!”

Mei Ji was secretly alarmed.

If not for her many trump cards and secret skills, she would have died a long time ago!

“I have to get rid of this Vermilion Bird and find a secluded and safe place to purge away the fire poison in my body. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble in the future!”

At that thought, Mei Ji channeled her Essence Spirit and released an Essence Spirit secret skill to fight the Vermilion Bird head-on!

Mei Ji shuddered and her gaze dimmed.

The Vermilion Bird shuddered slightly as well and paused in midair.

This attack had a huge impact on the Vermilion Bird.

Its lifeforce was clearly much weaker and its glow was much dimmer.

This battle had taken a huge toll on the Vermilion Bird.

Of course, Mei Ji did not feel good either and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Mei Ji seized the opportunity and fled from the battlefield in a flash, escaping out of the Dragon Abyss Star!

The Vermilion Bird glared at Mei Ji coldly before turning around, prepared to return to the Bronze Square Tripod.

Su Zimo’s heart sank.

This battle had taken a huge toll on the Vermilion Bird.

For the Vermilion Bird, repelling Mei Ji was enough.

However, for Su Zimo, there was a high chance that Mei Ji’s escape would bring about a calamity for him!

Mei Ji was backed by a massive immortal sect.

They day she made a comeback would be the day he died!

Furthermore, Mei Ji already knew some of his secrets. If she were to escape, the consequences would be unimaginable!

However, Su Zimo was only a Grade 7 Black Immortal. Even if Mei Ji was severely injured by the Vermilion Bird, he could not do anything to her.

“Don’t come back, chase after her!”

Su Zimo could only look at the Vermilion Bird that was turning around and attempt to channel his spirit consciousness, hoping that it could sense his intentions.

Be it the Azure Dragon or the Vermilion Bird, they appeared on their own each time and had never listened to Su Zimo’s orders.

Su Zimo did not know if his current actions were useful.


The Vermilion Bird paused for a moment.

Su Zimo was invigorated and said hurriedly, “Kill her at all costs!”

With a cold expression, the Vermilion Bird turned around and chased after the fleeing Mei Ji!


A scarlet light tore through the void.

No matter how fast Mei Ji was, she could not match the Vermilion Bird!

Sensing the scorching heatwave behind her, she was alarmed and could not help but turn back.

The Vermilion Bird was murderous and the killing intent in its eyes was even more condensed than before!


The cry of the Vermilion Bird sounded once more, piercing through metal and cracking rocks!

Mei Ji had a pained expression as blood flowed out from her ears.

“I’ll fight you to the death!”

Mei Ji grit her teeth and shouted. She summoned many Dharmic treasures from her storage bag that turned into countless divine lights and shot towards the Vermilion Bird!


The Vermilion Bird curled its body and charged towards the Dharmic treasures like a gigantic fireball.


There was a deafening sound.

The Dharmic treasures were sent flying everywhere and every single one of them burned with flames as they fell from midair—it was clear that they were crippled!

The light on the Vermilion Bird dimmed once more.

Mei Ji and the Vermilion Bird fought once more!

Each time the two of them collided, the Vermilion Bird’s aura would weaken.

As for Mei Ji, the wounds on her body increased and the fire poison in her body intensified!

In the end, Mei Ji’s organs began to burn with flames!


Mei Ji cried out in pain.

Flames spewed from her opened mouth!

The flames were way too terrifying and there was no way to escape.

Even with Blood Rebirth, it was not enough. Under the burning of that flame, all her bloodline would be refined completely!

Finally, Mei Ji could not hold on any longer and shrieked once more, “Heavenly Fiend Dissolution!”

Su Zimo knew best how terrifying Heavenly Fiend Dissolution was.

Back in Tianhuang Mainland, Monk Daming used this supreme divine power to drag a clone of Dao Lord Blood Fiend down with him!


Mei Ji’s body exploded into a blood mist and released an extremely terrifying power that engulfed the Vermilion Bird instantly!

The Vermilion Bird’s glow was dim to begin with and its aura was weak.

The power of Heavenly Fiend Dissolution descended and the Vermilion Bird shattered on the spot, turning into a scarlet beam of light that entered Su Zimo’s glabella and returned to the Bronze Square Tripod.

On the second tripod wall, the Vermilion Bird pattern recovered. However, there were no signs of life and the Vermilion Bird’s eyes were tightly shut.

The Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird had both gone silent.

Although Su Zimo had lost this powerful trump card for the time being, at the very least, he had killed Mei Ji and saved himself a lot of trouble.

Putting away Mei Ji’s storage bag, Su Zimo took a deep breath and sped towards Snow Wind Ridge without hesitation.

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