Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1898 - Vermilion Bird's Awakening

Chapter 1898: Vermilion Bird’s Awakening

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Mei Ji’s voice was soft and charming, as though it could awaken the evil desires in the depths of one’s heart!

Although Su Zimo’s Dao Heart was resolute and unshakable, even he felt that he could not suppress it anymore at that moment.

After all, the difference in their cultivation realms was too great.

A look of surprise flashed through Mei Ji’s eyes.

She had not expected that this puny Black Immortal would be able to defend against her bewitching voice and not fall into it immediately.

Without panicking, Mei Ji channeled her Essence Spirit and her eyes shone brightly.

This was a visual technique from the immortal art she cultivated. Not many Heaven Immortals of the same level could defend against it, let alone a Black Immortal!

Su Zimo’s gaze met with Mei Ji’s.

Instantly, he felt a boom in his mind followed by waves of giddiness as his consciousness blurred. His body turned unbearably hot and weak!

“Not good!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.


Su Zimo’s eyes began to change as well.

His left eye turned pitch-black without any whites and released a cold aura.

His right eye turned white as jade and shone with a blinding light, as though a blazing sun was about to burst forth!

The Illumination and Nether Glow visual techniques were released!

Under normal circumstances, Su Zimo’s consciousness had already turned blurry and he had lost control of his body—there was no way he could release his visual techniques.

However, his eyes contained two divine stones, Illumination and Nether Glow.

The two divine stones were agitated by the outside world and counterattacked on their own, releasing two visual techniques that charged towards Mei Ji!

Initially, Mei Ji thought that she had Su Zimo completely under her control.

To think that Su Zimo would condense two visual techniques to counterattack—she was caught off guard.

Instantly, the visual techniques descended and struck Mei Ji!

The two completely different powers of Yin and Yang collided within Mei Ji’s body and released an extremely terrifying destructive power!


Mei Ji shrieked tragically and her body swayed, almost falling from midair.

However, before long, she channeled her Essence Qi and purged the power from her body.

Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was limited and he could not unleash the true power of Illumination and Nether Glow. The counterattack of the visual techniques did not cause much damage to Mei Ji.

At the Heaven Immortal realm, one could be reborn with a drop of blood.

For Mei Ji, that small injury healed in a few breaths!

However, Mei Ji’s expression darkened and she was secretly alarmed.

She knew very well that if their cultivation realms were the same, there was a high chance that she would have been destroyed by the Yin and Yang powers!

“Good, very good,”

Mei Ji nodded and smiled once more. “You’re even more interesting than I imagined. Let’s see what other secrets you have!”

Before her sentence was finished, Mei Ji’s figure swayed and she arrived before Su Zimo in the blink of an eye. She reached out with her fair palm and grabbed Su Zimo’s glabella!

Not only did she want to snatch Su Zimo’s treasures, she also wanted to use her Soul Searching Art to search through his memories and uncover all his secrets!



A clear and loud cry sounded from Su Zimo’s glabella!

The voice was extremely similar to a phoenix’s cry but seemed different at the same time.

The might and will contained in that voice had far surpassed divine phoenixes!

Even the roar of the Taboo Dragon Phoenix could not compare to it!

When she heard that cry, Mei Ji shuddered and frowned in pain.

Immediately after, a scarlet flame burst forth from Su Zimo’s glabella and charged towards Mei Ji!

Mei Ji was a genius among Heaven Immortals and broke free from the cry before long. She regained her senses and retreated.

At the same time, she waved her sleeves and Essence Qi gathered wildly, forming a gigantic shield in front of her!


A dull thud sounded when the flame struck the shield.

Mei Ji retreated once more.

Suddenly, her gaze landed on the shield in front of her and her expression changed!

At that moment, the shield condensed from Heaven and Earth Essence Qi was burning wildly and turned into nothingness in the blink of an eye!

In front of Mei Ji, a gigantic scarlet flame burned. The flames surged into the skies and burned half the firmaments red!

The figure of an immortal bird gradually appeared within the flames.

Although the immortal bird resembled a phoenix, it did not have the massive body of a phoenix.

The immortal bird was more like an immortal peafowl. It was scarlet all over and its wings were less than ten feet long when extended. However, its relatively skinny body was filled with a shuddering aura!

The immortal peafowl glared at Mei Ji coldly with a cold gaze that contained endless might!

It was as though he was looking at an ant.

This was the disregard of an absolute superior!

Under the gaze of the immortal peafowl, Mei Ji averted her gaze instinctively and even had the urge to kowtow!

That feeling shocked her!

“Could that be the sacred beast, the Vermilion Bird?!”

Mei Ji thought of a possibility and her pupils constricted as she gasped.

30 years ago, a sacred beast, the Azure Dragon, disappeared in a flash.

Now that a Vermilion Bird had descended today, this was definitely not a coincidence!

Mei Ji looked at Su Zimo deeply.

Be it the Azure Dragon or the Vermilion Bird, both were related to this lad!

Mei Ji was right.

That Vermilion Bird was the pattern etched on the second wall of the Bronze Square Tripod in Su Zimo’s consciousness.

The Azure Dragon on the first tripod wall had expended too much energy after two consecutive battles and fell asleep once more.

However, after devouring many spirit treasure shards and the Godfiend Soul Summoning Banner, the Vermilion Bird on the second tripod wall had already awakened!

Sensing that Su Zimo was in danger, the Vermilion Bird opened its eyes and charged out of the Bronze Square Tripod.

Initially, Mei Ji wanted to retreat.

However, on second thought, Su Zimo had way too many treasures on him; this Black Immortal seemed to have obtained almost all the benefits of this abyss.

Furthermore, this person had too many secrets.

Where had he been hiding for the past 30 years?

What was up with the Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird?

How did this lad manage to cultivate those visual techniques with two different powers, one Yin and one Yang?

If she could suppress this lad, the benefits would be unimaginable!

Mei Ji calmed down quickly and looked at the Vermilion Bird in midair not far away. She then looked at Su Zimo and smiled charmingly. “This Vermilion Bird and the Azure Dragon from 30 years ago are only in the form of a soul without any flesh.”

“The Godfiends in the Soul Summoning Banner were also souls. It’s not surprising that the soul of a sacred beast can suppress them. However, it won’t be so easy to deal with me.”

Just as Su Zimo was about to speak, the Vermilion Bird in midair seemed to have understood Mei Ji’s words and two flames burst forth from its eyes!

The Vermilion Bird was enraged!

Mei Ji’s words were a provocation for it!

“Sleeve Universe!”

Mei Ji did not dare to be careless and channeled her Essence Spirit, releasing a supreme divine power instantly.

She waved her sleeves and they were dark and deep, as though they had formed a world that contained all living beings!

The two flames shifted their trajectories and entered the sleeves.

Mei Ji heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the next moment, her expression changed and she waved her palm wildly!

Her sleeves burned from the inside out and the flames intensified, even starting to scald her fair arm!

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