Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1805 - Kill You!  

Chapter 1805: Kill You!

Su Zimo walked towards the bronze armored cultivator at an unhurried pace. Even against the tall and ferocious fiend wolves, he was still calm.

Everyone from Snow Wind Ridge was secretly surprised.

Everything else aside, his strong mental fortitude and courage alone far surpassed them!

The Black Scale Fiend Wolf that the bronze armored cultivator rode on was at the Level 4 Black Essence realm—it was a Grade 4 Black Demon!

Even Liang Qiu did not dare to approach.

“Fellow Daoist Su?”

Xia Qingying’s gaze landed on Su Zimo and she suddenly felt a sense of anticipation.

But soon, her expression dimmed.

The difference between them was too great.

If Su Zimo was a Grade 5 Black Immortal, he might have had a chance to negotiate with the other party.

However, Su Zimo was only a Grade 4 Black Immortal. This difference in cultivation realm could be equivalent to tens of thousands of years of cultivation on the Dragon Abyss Star!

Initially, Su Zimo had no intention of stepping in.

However, since the Evil Wolf Army wanted to kill them all, he had no choice but to step forward.

“What are you doing?”

The bronze armored cultivator looked down at Su Zimo from above with a mocking expression, as though he was looking at an ant.

The green-robed cultivator standing at the front was not even as tall as the legs of the Black Scale Fiend Wolf.

As long as he said anything, the Black Scale Fiend Wolf could devour the green-robed cultivator in a single mouthful!

However, at that moment, the bronze armored cultivator was sitting on the Black Scale Fiend Wolf and did not notice that the ferocity in the latter’s eyes had vanished.

Instead, the Grade 4 Black Demon looked at Su Zimo with confusion and avoidance, as though it was wary of something.

“Nothing much,”

Su Zimo raised his head slightly and said indifferently, “Everyone, just disperse after taking the immortal herbs. There’s no need to kill everyone.”


As though he had heard the greatest joke in the world, the bronze armored cultivator looked at the other cultivators of the Evil Wolf Army.

The many Evil Wolf Army soldiers exchanged glances before bursting into laughter!

“Is he an idiot? How can a Grade 4 Black Immortal speak to our boss like that?”

“Perhaps he wants to be the first to die.”

The bronze armored cultivator smiled at Su Zimo as well and asked, “I want to kill you all. What can you do to me?”

“Kill you!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo spat out two words.

The moment he said that, he vanished from the spot and in a flash, released Heavenly Feet, Boundless Golden Light and other lesser divine powers.

Almost instantly, Su Zimo arrived on the Black Scale Fiend Wolf’s back!

It was too fast!

Su Zimo’s action had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Nobody could react to it either!


The bronze armored cultivator was a Grade 5 Black Immortal after all and his pupils constricted violently when he realized that something was amiss.

However, at that moment, he did not even have time to release any divine powers or secret skills, let alone dodge.

The bronze armored cultivator could only wave the halberd in his hands instinctively and thrust it towards the incoming green figure.

Time was too short and the bronze armored cultivator could not even use his full strength for that thrust.

However, Su Zimo had prepared for this for a long time. He extended his palm and in a flash, gripped the tip of the bronze armored cultivator’s halberd and pushed forward!

Unable to maintain his grip on the halberd, the bronze armored cultivator let go instantly.


The next moment, blood flashed!

The bronze armored cultivator felt a sharp pain in his chest and his eyes widened!

Everyone from Snow Wind Ridge was shocked as well.

With that attack, Su Zimo used the tail of the halberd to pierce the armor, flesh and blood of the bronze armored cultivator!

A bloodied half of the halberd protruded from the back of the bronze armored cultivator in a shocking manner!

How strong did one have to be to do that?!

At that moment, Su Zimo had just said the second word of ‘kill you’!

In other words, the moment Su Zimo said those two words, a bloody hole appeared on the bronze armored cultivator’s body!

For the body of a Black Immortal, this was a fatal injury.

The lifeforce of the bronze armored cultivator’s body drained rapidly.

The bronze armored cultivator was slightly dazed before he reacted and wanted to escape from his body with his Essence Spirit.

However, he was way too slow!

After Su Zimo pierced him with his halberd, he extended his finger and tapped the glabella of the bronze armored cultivator gently.


A bloody hole appeared on the bronze armored cultivator’s tough glabella.

His Essence Spirit was destroyed on the spot!

The entire process merely took a single breath.

It was not because the bronze armored cultivator was too weak, but because he was caught off guard.

In the lower worlds, it was common for people to challenge and kill above their levels.

Those were had ascended were also skilled in this method.

However, in the upper world, the difference of a single level on the Dragon Abyss Star was worlds apart.

Furthermore, everyone ascended from the lower worlds and were all paragons and monster incarnates—how much difference could there be between them?

Let alone the fact that Su Zimo was an entire level beneath him.

Unfortunately, the bronze armored cultivator did not know that even though they had both ascended from the lower worlds, there was a huge difference between him and Su Zimo!

He had only passed through the One of Nine Heavenly Tribulation while Su Zimo had passed through the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation!

More importantly, Su Zimo’s flesh was the only Green Lotus True Body in the world that had already grown to Grade 9!

Even if the bronze armored cultivator was on guard, he might not be able to escape from Su Zimo’s killing methods, let alone the fact that he was unprepared!


This scene caused an uproar!

The people of Snow Wind Ridge were not the only ones; even the surrounding Evil Wolf Army was stunned.


The leader of their army, a Grade 5 Black Immortal, died for no reason!

He died in the hands of a Grade 4 Black Immortal!

Xia Qingying was shocked as well.

At that moment, the decisiveness that Su Zimo displayed was completely different from his usual gentle and elegant scholar self!


The bronze armored cultivator’s mount, the Grade 4 Black Scale Fiend Wolf, could not help but howl when it sensed that.

The Black Scale Fiend Wolf leaped up, wanting to push Su Zimo off its back!


Su Zimo rode on the Black Scale Fiend Wolf motionlessly and suddenly exerted strength to sink!


The Black Scale Fiend Wolf let out a tragic cry.

Right in front of everyone, the gigantic Black Scale Fiend Wolf was pushed down by Su Zimo!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The jarring sound of bones cracking could be heard!

The spine of the Black Scale Fiend Wolf was snapped by the terrifying power released by Su Zimo!


The Black Scale Fiend Wolf smashed heavily onto the ground and could no longer stand up as dust billowed!

Su Zimo pressed his palm on the Black Scale Fiend Wolf’s head and descended gently.

That seemingly casual palm strike shattered the Black Scale Fiend Wolf’s head and even its Essence Spirit could not escape!


The other Evil Wolf Army soldiers reacted and shouted.

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified as he glared at the Rank 4 Black Immortal who gave the order. In a flash, he vanished from the spot and arrived before the latter, shouting softly, “Immobilize!”

The moment that person summoned his Dharmic treasure and was about to smash it towards Su Zimo, he felt a mysterious power wrap around his body and he could not move at all!

Lesser divine power, Body Immobilization Technique!

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