Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1804 - No Mercy  

Chapter 1804: No Mercy

“It’s over, it’s over!”

Liang Qiu’s expression was terrible and his eyes shone with fear. As though he was greatly frightened, he was flustered and murmured softly.

If that was the case for the guard commander of Snow Wind Ridge, it was even worse for the others.

Although Xia Qingying was calm, her face was pale and she looked nervous.

“Who is it?”

Su Zimo frowned and asked.

“One of the Four Great Bandits, the Evil Wolf Army!”

Xia Qingying said sternly, “I heard that every Black Immortal in the Evil Wolf Army has a Black Scale Fiend Wolf as their mount and they come and go like the wind.”

“The Evil Wolf Army adheres to the wolf nature and is violent and bloodthirsty. Almost no faction that they target will survive!”

“Back then, it was the Evil Wolf Army that made a comeback and brought down the three major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star bit by bit!”

Su Zimo asked, “What’s the cultivation of the leader of the Evil Wolf Army?”

“Legend has it that he’s a Grade 8 Black Immortal,”

Xia Qingying said softly.

Su Zimo said, “The Evil Wolf Army at the front has around 500 people. This should only be a small group of the Evil Wolf Army and the leader has not arrived personally.”

“We won’t be able to defend against the ordinary commanders of the Evil Wolf Army as well,”

Xia Qingying shook her head gently.


Suddenly, Xia Qingying frowned and murmured, “This is the territory of Blood Sun Valley. Why would the Evil Wolf Army appear?”

“Furthermore, we only have 100,000 immortal herbs for this trip. There’s no reason for us to be targeted by a faction like the Evil Wolf Army.”

As everyone spoke, the army in the distance had already arrived with howls of wolves!

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes slightly.

The leader of the Evil Wolf Army wore bronze armor that was stained with blood and wielded a gigantic halberd.

The wolf beneath him had a menacing expression and its eyes shone with a green glint. It bared its mouth and revealed sharp fangs that were filled with saliva!

The ferocious wolf was covered in pitch-black scales and looked incomparably tough. It was invulnerable and had a muscular body like a gigantic elephant!

The horses of the many guards of Snow Wind Ridge shivered like lambs waiting to be slaughtered in front of the Black Scale Fiend Wolves!


The leader raised the halberd in his hands and whistled, looking at Xia Qingying and the others excitedly.

As though they had received an order, the 500 strong Evil Wolf Army behind him split into two groups and surrounded everyone from Snow Wind Ridge, roaring excitedly.

Under the encirclement of the wolves, the horses of the many guards of Snow Wind Ridge could not even stand still and knelt down one after another.

Instantly, the Snow Wind Ridge was in chaos!

The only thing that could stand was the single-horned divine beast beneath Xia Qingying.

Even the Scarlet Blood Horse beneath Su Zimo knelt down.


When they saw that, the crowd of the Evil Wolf Army burst into laughter.

“Rank 5 Black Immortal, it’s really over this time round!”

With a sweep of his spirit consciousness, Liang Qiu detected the cultivation realm of the bronze armored cultivator leading the Evil Wolf Army and his face turned ashen.

Su Zimo could clearly see that apart from the Grade 5 Black Immortal leading the group, there were more than 30 Grade 4 Black Immortals in the surrounding 500 strong Evil Wolf Army!

Be it in terms of numbers or combat strength, the Evil Wolf Army was far superior to everyone from Snow Wind Ridge!

“Where are you guys going?”

The bronze armored cultivator rode on the tall Black Scale Fiend Wolf and looked down at Xia Qingying and the others, asking leisurely with a mocking gaze.

“I’m Xia Qingying of Snow Wind Ridge. May I know how to address you, Exalted Immortal?”

Although Xia Qingying was a woman, she could still maintain her composure. She took a deep breath and asked loudly.

On the side of Snow Wind Ridge, although Liang Qiu was the commander of the guards, he was completely at a loss.

Su Zimo was the only other one who could maintain his composure.

Liang Qiu glanced at Su Zimo and sneered internally, “This person has just ascended and doesn’t know the ferocity of the Evil Wolf Army. The ignorant are truly fearless!”

“You’re Xia Qingying? Indeed, you’re quite beautiful. No wonder…”

Before the bronze armored cultivator could finish, he paused and gave a strange laugh.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The bronze armored cultivator seemed to be implying something!

Xia Qingying suppressed the fear in her heart and continued, “Snow Wind Ridge is only a small faction in the vicinity. Our territory is filled with cultivators who ascended from the lower worlds. All these years, we have been obedient and worked hard, planting immortal herbs to exchange for Essence Condensation Pills.”

“I know that all of you are also people who ascended from the lower worlds. Exalted Immortals, please show mercy and let us off on account that we’re all from the lower worlds.”


The Evil Wolf Army burst into laughter once more.

Many of the Evil Wolf Army soldiers had mocking expressions as they looked at Xia Qingying as though they were looking at an idiot.

The bronze armored cultivator sneered, “Young lady, you’re truly naive. If we let you guys off, we’ll have nothing to eat or cultivate with!”

Xia Qingying said, “You guys can also farm spirit fields…”


Before Xia Qingying could finish, the bronze armored cultivator harrumphed coldly and interrupted her, “We joined the Evil Wolf Army because we don’t want to be like you guys and be used as lambs!”

“The immortal herbs ripens once every hundred years on this Dragon Abyss Star. We don’t have the patience!”

On the Dragon Abyss Star, it was much easier to rob and steal resources than to plant immortal herbs obediently.

That was also the reason why there were so many bandits on the Dragon Abyss Star and the Four Great Bandits was even formed!

“Exalted Immortal, I only have slightly more than 100,000 immortal herbs for this trip to Blood Sun Valley,”

Xia Qingying said, “I’m willing to hand over the 100,000 immortal herbs to all of you, but please spare our lives, Exalted Immortals.”

It was fine if the 100,000 immortal herbs were gone.

However, Xia Qingying wanted to return with the hundred guards safely!

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo had not said anything.

He did not intend to stay in Snow Wind Ridge for too long. He did not want to provoke a great enemy and trouble for Snow Wind Ridge because of his rash actions.

It would be best if the Evil Wolf Army could leave right away after obtaining the immortal herbs.


The bronze armored cultivator sneered with a cold gaze as he raised the halberd in his hands and said slowly, “I’m going to take away the immortal herbs but I’m going to kill as well!”

“Apart from that woman, kill everyone else!”


Many of the Evil Wolf Army agreed excitedly with bloodshot eyes.

However, everyone on the side of Snow Wind Ridge was devastated!

“Evil thief!”

Suddenly, Xia Qingying shrieked with widened eyes, “If you really want to kill us, we’ll fight to the death and your Evil Wolf Army will suffer considerable losses as well!”

Actually, everyone from Snow Wind Ridge knew that their clash with the Evil Wolf Army was akin to striking a stone with an egg.

The Evil Wolf Army would most likely be able to devour the hundred of them with a single charge!


The bronze armored cultivator was unmoved and pointed his halberd with a cold voice.

“Hold on,”

Right then, a calm voice sounded from the crowd.

The bronze armored cultivator lowered his head slightly and a green-robed man walked out from the crowd of Snow Wind Ridge. He had refined features and looked like a frail scholar.

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