Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1802 - Departure    

Chapter 1802: Departure


The immortals of the upper world refused to even impart an ordinary recipe like the Essence Condensation Pill. This meant that most of the cultivation resources of the upper world were under the control of the immortal sect academies!

It was almost impossible for living beings that ascended from the lower worlds to attain immortality and grow through their own efforts and talent.

For people like Duan Tianliang and Old Yan, although they had only passed through the One of Nine Heavenly Tribulation, their talent and endowment were definitely top notch. However, without sufficient cultivation resources, they could only live ignobly on this Dragon Abyss Star.

In fact, their cultivation would not increase much after thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

As for the descendants of some of the native Exalted Immortals, they had countless resources and treasures to temper their flesh and establish a foundation the moment they were born.

Even if their talent was ordinary, their cultivation realm would increase steadily.

Su Zimo thought for a moment and asked again, “Blood Sun Valley is one of the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star. They have people who can refine Essence Condensation Pills?”


Duan Tianliang shook his head. “The eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star were also established by many cultivators of the lower worlds who ascended. They’re not qualified to refine immortal pills.”

“In that case, where does Blood Sun Valley obtain their Essence Condensation Pills?”

Su Zimo asked again.

Duan Tianliang replied, “I heard they exchanged for them in the Dragon Abyss City. However, I don’t know the exact details.”

The Dragon Abyss City was the largest city on the Dragon Abyss Star and was also the center of all the major factions!

That was the only place where there were native immortals!

Su Zimo nodded and returned to the straw hut.

Actually, his cultivation realm had already recovered to the Level 4 Black Essence realm more than half a year ago—that was a Grade 4 Black Immortal.

This could not be considered as an increase in cultivation. It was just a natural recovery of one’s cultivation realm after coming to the upper world and interacting with Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

In the past half a year, his cultivation had not increased much.

Unlike the lower worlds, even the weakest Black Immortal had a lifespan of 100,000 years!

Even in regions with rich Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, the time units for living beings of the upper world to cultivate were usually a thousand or ten thousand years.

To the immortals of the upper world, a year felt like two hours.

The path of cultivation was long and one would not be able to reach the end of it without a resolute heart!

10 days later.

In the morning, Su Zimo arrived at the entrance of Snow Wind Ridge.

Xia Qingying, Liang Qiu and a group of Snow Wind Ridge guards arrived one after another.

Su Zimo took a glance.

There were around a hundred guards heading to Blood Sun Valley this time round and every single one of them rode on tall horses—it was clear that they were superior-class divine steeds.

During this period of time, Su Zimo found out from Duan Tianliang that there were only 400 guards in total.

For the escort of the two immortal herbs this time round, a quarter of the Snow Wind Ridge’s guards were mobilized—it was clear how much they valued this trip.

Anyone who could become a guard of Snow Wind Ridge were all Grade 3 Black Immortals.

Most of the guards had never seen Su Zimo before and there was a hint of scrutiny and curiosity in their eyes towards this cultivator who had just been promoted to be the personal guard of the young mistress.

Xia Qingying was extremely striking in the crowd.

She wore a white cloak and the white horse she rode was extremely divine without any impurities. There was even a single horn on its head—it was a single-horned divine beast!

“Fellow Daoist Su, this way,”

When Xia Qingying saw Su Zimo, she waved and greeted him.

In Xia Qingying’s hands was another divine steed. It was covered in scarlet fur that was smooth and shiny, as though it was stained with blood—it was also extraordinary!

“This is a Scarlet Blood Horse, a rare divine steed. It has amazing legs. I’ll give it to you from now on,”

She said with a smile.

In the upper world, because the laws were more advanced and perfect, space and the ground became extremely firm and tough!

On the Dragon Abyss Star, Black Immortals could fly in the air but they would not be more than 90 feet tall.

Once it exceeded 90 feet, Black Immortals would endure immense pressure and fall from midair.

Cultivators could fly much faster in the air.

However, flying through the air took a huge toll on one’s Essence Qi as well.

Even a Grade 9 Black Immortal could not fly far.

Therefore, almost all the Black Immortals on the Dragon Abyss Star would make use of various demon beasts and living beings as mounts.

Legend has it that only Earth Immortals could break free from the gravity of the ground.

Furthermore, the Essence Qi in an Earth Immortal’s body was rich and could allow them to fly in the air for a long time.

As for Heaven Immortals, they were powerful existences that could cross galaxies!

In the past year, Su Zimo had tried it secretly.

Although he was only a Grade 4 Black Immortal, the height of the Green Lotus True Body could definitely break through to 90 feet and reach more than 100 feet!

Furthermore, the regeneration capabilities of the Green Lotus True Body were shocking.

This regeneration ability was not only reflected in the healing of one’s injuries, but also in the recovery of Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

In other words, Su Zimo could maintain a high speed flying on the Dragon Abyss Star for a long time!

Of course, there was no need for him to reveal such methods.

He did not reject the Scarlet Blood Horse that Xia Qingying gave him.

The other guards revealed envious expressions.

Liang Qiu, who was behind Xia Qingying, was expressionless.

His wrist was snapped by Su Zimo and had yet to recover after 10 days!

Naturally, Liang Qiu would remember this humiliation deeply and wait for an opportunity to settle things with Su Zimo!

“Go on,”

She patted the Scarlet Blood Horse and gestured for it to head over.

However, the Scarlet Blood Horse looked at Su Zimo and did not dare to advance. Its hooves rose and fell continuously, seemingly uneasy.

Even ordinary mounts of the upper world were sentient.

The Scarlet Blood Horse could vaguely sense an aura from Su Zimo that terrified it!


Xia Qingying was slightly stunned. “What’s going on? This Scarlet Blood Horse is quite smart. Is it shy of strangers?”

“Nothing much,”

In a flash, Su Zimo had already mounted the Scarlet Blood Horse before it could react.

“Let’s go,”

Su Zimo patted the Scarlet Blood Horse beneath him and smiled gently.

The Scarlet Blood Horse shuddered and did not dare to hesitate, leading the way with Su Zimo on its back.

“How many immortal herbs are we escorting this time round?”

Along the way, Su Zimo walked side by side with Xia Qingying and asked.

Xia Qingying said, “Including the immortal herbs that matured in your 13 Mu of spirit fields, there are more than 100,000 stalks of Essence Nourishing Grass and Rain Frost Flower each.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Under normal circumstances, each Mu of land could produce a hundred Essence Nourishing Grass and Rain Frost Flower.

100,000 immortal herbs meant that 1,000 Mu of land would be managed and planted by 100 medicinal farmers.

Although the immortal herbs took a hundred years to mature, Snow Wind Ridge chose to subdivide them.

That way, once every ten years, they could obtain around 100,000 immortal herbs and head to Blood Sun Valley for an exchange.

“How many Essence Condensation Pills can I exchange for 100,000 immortal herbs?”

Su Zimo asked again.

Xia Qingying gave a bitter smile. “We can only exchange 1,000.”

“So little!”

Su Zimo frowned.

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