Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1801 - : Personal Guard  

Chapter 1801: Personal Guard

At that moment, Liang Qiu’s face was ashen as he grit his teeth.

He felt as though his wrist was locked by an iron hoop and he could not move at all!

He felt that his wrist was about to snap, let alone withdraw his palm and break free from Su Zimo’s control!

Liang Qiu almost fainted from the pain.

However, he did not dare to say anything in front of everyone because of his dignity and could only endure it.

“I-I just want your storage bag! Hurry and let go!”

Liang Qiu gritted his teeth and explained with a trembling voice.

“Fellow Daoist Su, you should let go,”

Noticing Liang Qiu’s expression, Xia Qingying could not help but say, “Liang Qiu’s actions were way too reckless. I’ll apologize on his behalf. After all, we’re all from Snow Wind Ridge. Please show mercy.”


Su Zimo nodded. “Since the mistress has pleaded, I’ll let him off.”

Su Zimo released his palm.

Liang Qiu felt as though he was pardoned and retreated hurriedly. He staggered and almost fell as two guards supported him.

His face was pale and his forehead was filled with sweat.

His wrist was behind his back and most people could not see it.

Only a few people could clearly see that Liang Qiu’s wrist was trembling slightly!

Liang Qiu’s attack was extremely vicious.

Although Su Zimo spared his life on account of Xia Qingying, he made him suffer quite a bit!

Liang Qiu’s wrist was already snapped!

“Fellow Daoist Su, you hid your cultivation previously?”

Xia Qingying asked.

Liang Qiu could not help but say, “Mistress, this person’s background is unknown and he hid his cultivation intentionally. He must have ulterior motives!”

“In my opinion, we should hurry and inform the Protector to suppress this person and interrogate him!”

Liang Qiu had never suffered so much since he ascended and naturally hated Su Zimo to the core.

The other guards looked at Su Zimo with hostility and caution as well.

No matter what, Su Zimo had just ascended for a year and was still an outsider in their eyes.

Xia Qingying did not reply and merely looked at Su Zimo, as though waiting for an explanation.

“I didn’t hide my cultivation,”

Su Zimo said, “Something unexpected happened when I was ascending and that’s why I descended on the Dragon Abyss Star.”

As though she understood something, Xia Qingying suddenly asked, “Which Heavenly Tribulation did you undergo before ascending?”

“Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation,”

Su Zimo said indifferently.


“It’s the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation!”

A series of exclamations sounded.

Anyone who ascended to the Dragon Abyss Star underwent the One of Nine Heavenly Tribulation.

It was said that those who passed the Two of Nine, Three of Nine and Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulations could only ascend to other regions of the Green Cloud County where the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi was many times richer than the Dragon Abyss Star!

“I see,”

Xia Qingying nodded.

Thereafter, she shook her head gently. “What a pity.”


Su Zimo asked.

Xia Qingying explained, “I heard from my father that there are some immortal sect academies in other regions of Green Cloud County. There’s a chance for those who have passed the Two of Nine, Three of Nine and Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulations to join these academies.”

“There’s none of that on the Dragon Abyss Star?”

Su Zimo asked again.

Xia Qingying shook her head. “The Essence Qi on Dragon Abyss Star is thin and resources are scarce. Everyone here are living beings abandoned by the Exalted Immortals after ascending from the lower worlds. Why would there be any immortal sect academies here?”

Old Yan had said something similar as well.

Liang Qiu had just swallowed a medicinal pill secretly and felt the pain on his wrist lessen significantly. When he heard that, he could not help but sneer, “Even if he joins those immortal sect academies, he’ll only be a servant!”

“So what if it’s the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation? He can’t get rid of his status as a lowlife either!”

Xia Qingying did not say anything, seemingly acknowledging Liang Qiu’s words.

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

The environment of the upper world was even crueler than he had imagined!

After crossing the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation, even if he joined immortal sect academies, he could only be a servant?

“Let’s not talk about that anymore. It’s too far away from us,”

Xia Qingying smiled and looked at Su Zimo. “Since you’re a Grade 4 Black Immortal, it’s not suitable for you to farm here.”

“In Snow Wind Ridge, anyone who can cultivate to Grade 2 Black Immortal is qualified to be a steward. Anyone who can cultivate to Grade 3 can become a guard of Snow Wind Ridge.”

“You’re a Grade 4 Black Immortal…”

Xia Qingying was undecided.

Under normal circumstances, a Grade 4 Black Immortal of the same cultivation realm as Liang Qiu would naturally have a chance of becoming the commander of the guards of Snow Wind Ridge.

However, Su Zimo had only ascended for a year after all. If he were to become the commander of the guards, many people would be indignant and there would be conflicts.

At that thought, Xia Qingying said, “Fellow Daoist Su, stay by my side from now on and be my personal guard for the time being.”

Her personal guard!

This was a status much higher than ordinary guards!

Although Liang Qiu was the commander of the guards in name, he was also Xia Qingying’s personal guard.

“Mistress, no!”

Liang Qiu said hurriedly, “Although he’s a Grade 4 Black Immortal, his identity is unknown and his background is suspicious. We can’t trust him so easily!”

“It’s nothing much. Don’t doubt the people you use and don’t use those you doubt. I trust him,”

Xia Qingying waved it off and smiled at Su Zimo. “Fellow Daoist Su, what do you think?”

Actually, Xia Qingying’s thoughts were simple.

If Su Zimo truly had other motives, he would have continued hiding and would naturally not cause such a huge commotion to attract attention.

Duan Tianliang nodded repeatedly at the side.

In the crowd, Old Yan gestured for Su Zimo to agree as well.

Xia Qingying smiled. “In name, although you’re my personal guard, I won’t restrict your freedom. Furthermore, the treatment of a personal guard is similar to a guard commander and is much better than ordinary medicinal farmers.”


Su Zimo nodded.

Xia Qingying had once given him a spirit herb and a Dust Removal Talisman. Su Zimo had always remembered that.

Finally, Xia Qingying left reminders before turning to leave.

Before long, Xia Qingying seemed to have thought of something and turned around, declaring, “Right, I’ll be escorting this year’s ripe immortal herbs to Blood Sun Valley in 10 days. Fellow Daoist Su, come along and take a look.”

With that said, Xia Qingying left with everyone.

Liang Qiu followed behind Xia Qingying and stole a glance at Su Zimo with a venomous look in his eyes.

“Blood Sun Valley?”

Su Zimo murmured softly in confusion.

Duan Tianliang explained at the side, “Blood Sun Valley is one of the eight major factions on the Dragon Abyss Star and is also the largest faction in the vicinity.”

“Every 10 years, we collect a batch of ripe immortal herbs in Snow Wind Ridge and head to Blood Sun Valley to exchange for Essence Condensation Pills.”


Su Zimo frowned and asked, “Since we have the immortal herbs, why don’t we refine them ourselves?”

“Boss Su, you must be joking,”

Duan Tianliang said, “The recipe for the Essence Condensation Pill is in the hands of the immortals of the upper world. We’re not qualified to learn it since we ascended from the lower worlds.”

“Furthermore, I heard that whoever dares to leak the recipe for the Essence Condensation Pill will definitely be hunted down by the immortals of the upper world!”

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