Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 16 - Scarlet Flame Fruit

Chapter 16: Scarlet Flame Fruit

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“Miss Die?”

Su Zimo was startled awake and immediately refuted this thought.

A tall, large and strong-built figure was approaching him. He was covered in long hair and smelled nauseating. How could that be Die Yue?

Su Zimo struggled to open his eyes to catch a clearer glimpse of the person’s looks.

However, a gush of fatigue overtook him. Su Zimo’s vision was getting increasingly blurry.

He could vaguely see the dark figure grabbing onto things and swinging to and fro above the valley; his movements extremely swift, agile and light. Shortly after, he had reached the hill top of the valley and got away from the wolf packs encirclement.

“Ga! Ga!”

The black figure looked back at the numerous wolves in the valley and gave out an eerie laughter. Thereafter, carrying Su Zimo, with two to three moves at a time, he disappeared into the forest.

Not knowing how long had passed, Su Zimo gradually regained his consciousness and struggled to sit up. He was in pain all over and his muscles were numb and aching.

Su Zimo looked down and saw that some unknown herbs had been applied on his wounds. They felt light and cool.

The rest of the body parts without injuries had also been smeared with some unknown material that emitted a foul and repulsive stench.

Su Zimo drew his brows and looked around.

This was a rather wide and spacious cave without an extraordinary appearance. However, many wolf skins were hanging on the walls.

At this moment, gurgling sounds could be heard coming from the entrance of the cave. A tall and big figure snuggled in. The way he walked was a little odd. He seemed to be tip-toeing and leaping.

Su Zimo focused his sight and was stunned on the spot.

What came in was not a man but a monkey…

He had actually been saved by a monkey?

Su Zimo’s mood was a little complicated. During the past six months at Cang Lang Mountain Range, there were at least 800 to 1000 spirit beasts that died in his hands. He did not expect himself to be saved by a spirit monkey in the end.

This spirit monkey looked very ordinary. It had super long forelimbs that exceeded the knees when hung down. A dot of red light was swirling in the depths of his eyes. It was a little strange and mysterious.

“Thank you.”

Su Zimo cupped his fists at the spirit monkey.

The spirit monkey pursed his lips in a human-like manner. He did not reciprocate Su Zimo’s gratitude. It waved its hands, pointed at the wolf skins on the wall and chattered ‘Walawala’ for some time.

Lastly, the spirit monkey pointed at Su Zimo, extended one of it’s fingers and swaying it from side to side in a mocking manner.

It was spiritually enlightened!

Besides not knowing how to speak, this spirit monkey was no different from an ordinary man.

The spirit monkey could convey the emotions of an adult perfectly with gestures and expressions.

Su Zimo could not stifle his laughter. He tried to probe by asking, “Do you mean to say that you didn’t wish to save me at all? It is because you have an enmity with these wolves?”

The spirit monkey opened his mouth and smiled. It nodded.

“Since that is the case, we have a common enemy. We can join forces in the future.”

Su Zimo had been enduring loneliness in the Cang Lang Mountain Range for the past six months. He also wished to have someone that he could talk to. The spirit monkey before him was extremely intelligent and was no different from a human. It would make an excellent confidant.


The spirit monkey spat and gave a disdainful look. He made a gesture, showing his contempt to Su Zimo, seemingly mocking Su Zimo for being too weak.

“… ”

Su Zimo was stunned and speechless. He had been looked down on by a monkey.

After all, it was his savior ‘monkey’. Hence, it was not good for Su Zimo to say anything. He looked a little awkward.

Su Zimo glanced at the sky through the cave entrance. Suddenly, a doubt arose in his heart.

He had been unconscious for at least one day. This time, the wolf packs actually did not chase over?

At the smell of that pungent stench on his body, Su Zimo’s eyes shone. He could not help asking, “Do you have a way to cover my body smell to avoid the wolves’ sense of smell?”


Upon hearing this question, the spirit monkey opened his big mouth and laughed complacently. His eyes were filled with mockery and laughter.

Looking at the spirit monkey, Su Zimo suddenly had a bad premonition.

Thereafter, he saw the spirit monkey bending and squatting down, showing the posture of passing motion and placing his palms to catch something below his butt. He then wiped the mess all over his body.

“The thing that is smeared on my body is your poop?” Su Zimo turned pale. He asked after much difficulty.


The spirit beast lifted his head and laughed out loud. He waved his arms and skipped around, as if he had done something proud and great.

“… ”

Su Zimo had the feeling of being struck by lightning. He endured the the urge to sprout profanities, gnash his teeth and say, word-by-word, “You…. this damn money. I… ”

At the sight of Su Zimo’s disgust, the spirit monkey looked even more delighted. He chattered ‘Wo!Wo!’ non-stop and was extremely thrilled.

Su Zimo gritted his teeth and said, “Damn monkey, I will definitely fight with you when I fully recover!”

The spirit monkey did not seem to care. It only stood on the same spot and laughed arrogantly while crossing its arms.

Su Zimo was covered in pain and wounds. He could not do anything to the monkey for the time being. He lay down swiftly on the ground and tried to calm down.

Just as he lay down, not far from his head, Su Zimo saw a red and lush fruit hanging and swaying slowly. It looked juicy and shiny and emitted a tempting fragrance.

Su Zimo was thirsty and his mouth dry. Without thinking much, he stretched out his hands and stuffed the red fruit into his mouth.

The flesh of the fruit softened as soon as it entered his mouth. The juice was refreshing and sweet, transforming into a surge of warmth into his tummy.

The spirit monkey inadvertently witnessed this scene. It’s pupils shrank. Sounds of it’s laughter ceased abruptly.

Su Zimo sucked his lips, savoring the good taste of this fruit. When he wanted to look for another one of it, he suddenly sensed a murderous aura in the cave!

The atmosphere seemed to have turned stiff.


Su Zimo was stunned. He instinctively sat up but nearly bumped into that big face of the spirit monkey.

The spirit monkey glared at Su Zimo with bloodshot eyes, gnashing and clenching it’s teeth, panting heavily. It looked like it could not wait to tear Su Zimo apart alive!

Su Zimo’s heart stirred. He vaguely guessed that the fruit that he had eaten earlier was probably not ordinary.

“Hey, you disgusted me once. I ate your fruit. We are even now.” Su Zimo felt a little guilty.

“Oh! Oh!”

At the sound of Su Zimo’s words, the spirit monkey was fuming with anger. He was so furious that he jumped up and pounded his chest, making deafening ‘Guang! Guang!’ sounds.

The spirit monkey dashed towards the mountain wall beside him and hit his head against the wall. Rocks shattered and flew all over. The sound was terrifying.

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

This spirit monkey was very powerful. He might not be it’s opponent even if he were to recover fully and was in his best condition.

Fortunately, the spirit monkey did not vent it’s frustration on him. He continued to pound the mountain rocks and almost punched through the mountain walls.

At this very moment, Su Zimo suddenly felt his belly warming up and turning boiling hot. Flows of warm air surged towards his limbs and bones, emitting endless flows of heat.

Su Zimo’s skin began to redden. It was as if a huge stove was inside him and barbecuing his body. The pain was unbearable.


Su Zimo exhaled and looked down. He saw the flesh and blood surrounding his wounds throbbing, integrating and healing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. Only the scars remained thereafter.

In the blink of an eye, the scars came off and the skin was rejuvenated to be like before.

Even the piece of flesh on the thigh that had been torn by the wolves was repairing itself rapidly at this moment.


Su Zimo hollered at the sky. He felt like he was exploding!

“This is bad. This energy is too strong. My body will burst if this continues!”

Su Zimo did not have the time to think. He circulated Body Tempering and Tendons Transformation immediately and carried out the breathing and expiration techniques.

At the same time, Su Zimo leaped up vertically with the Plow Heaven Stride. He crazily dashed around the mountain cave, constantly practicing the styles of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. He wanted to vent out this surge of energy.

The spirit monkey seemed to be shocked by this scene. He stopped rampaging all over the place. Stunned and with his jaws-dropping, it stared at Su Zimo, who seemed even crazier than him.

A huge surge of unbearable essence energy ran wildly in Su Zimo’s body, constantly nourishing his body, refining, hardening his skin and stretching his large tendons.

He was advancing tremendously in the Body Tempering and Tendons Transformation Realms!

Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!

The large tendons in Su Zimo’s body throbbed. Sounds of bowstring vibrations could be heard.

Initial success of Tendons Transformation!

The body’s flexibility and agility had improved. His steps were apparently much swifter and lighter than before. His strength rose rapidly!

According to Die Yue, as long as he attained initial success of Tendons Transformation, Su Zimo’s power was enough to be a threat to a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior!

Despite the case, Su Zimo still could not transform the huge source of essence in his body.

Su Zimo’s skin was torn apart and blood stains covered his body densely. It was a menacing and gruesome scene.

“What exactly is this thing?!”

Su Zimo was terrified. He did not expect that casually taking a fruit almost caused him to lose his life.

In fact, this red fruit was famous in the cultivation world. It was the spirit item, Scarlet Flame Fruit, whose flowers bloomed and bore fruit only once in a thousand years.

The Scarlet Flame Fruit contained strong and powerful essence. It was a huge tonic. It’s medicinal properties were akin to fire. It was heaty, dry and explosive. No one dared to take it in its raw form. Most people would supplement it with other spirit medicine and refine it into elixirs to moderate the effect and make it convenient to consume too.

If not for the fact that Su Zimo was cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and had a strong and powerful physique, he would have been consumed by the heat in the fruit and burnt to ashes the moment that he swallowed the Scarlet Flame Fruit.

The spirit monkey had guarded the Scarlet Flame Fruit for many years. He was waiting for the Scarlet Flame Fruit to turn ripe in these few days.

It initially intended to pick a date and consume this Scarlet Flame Fruit. Unexpectedly, it had been devoured by Su Zimo in one gulp. Neither the fruit nor skin was left.

One could imagine how frustrated and upset the spirit monkey was earlier.

It was just that, now, at the sight that Su Zimo was in so much pain, the spirit monkey was frightened.

The spirit monkey was extremely intelligent. He could tell that if he was the one who consumed this Scarlet Flame Fruit, he would not end up in a better state. Most likely, he would perish.

At the thought of this, the spirit monkey felt a little guilty.

No matter what, this calamity of Su Zimo was caused by him.

The spirit monkey scratched his ears and cheeks and looked at Su Zimo, who was in extraordinary pain and red all over. However, he could not think of any solution.

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