Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 15 - A Bloody Battle with the Wolves

Chapter 15: A Bloody Battle with the Wolves

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Six months later.

In the residence of the City Lord of Cang Lang City.

Luo Tianwu, the City Lord of Cang Lang City leaned on his chair. Holding on to his chin, his eyes were closed. He was frowning and deep in thought.

“City Lord, did you request for my presence?”

Shortly after, Cao Gang, one of the Five Wolf Guards, walked in, cupped his fists and bowed to him respectfully.


Luo Tianwu opened his eyes. A beam of light streaked across them but only lasted for a moment. He asked, seemingly casual, “What are your thoughts on the Su family of Ping Yang Town?”

Cao Gang pondered and said, “The Su family’s background is mysterious. Most likely, they are not from our Country of Da Qi. I suspect that they are from the Country of Yan. In addition, the Su family is not as weak as they appear to be. Young Master Su had hidden his ability for many years. He is a figure not to be underestimated. He is most probably hatching a major ploy. As for Second Young Master Su… ”

Cao Gang paused for a while. Luo Tianwu revealed a look of curiosity, he smiled imperceptibly and asked, “What about Second Young Master Su?”

“One year ago, I witnessed Second Young Master Su offending the immortal.”

Cao Gang shook his head. “This lad is an inexperienced and aggressive youngster. He is initially quite clever and has also attained scholarly honors. His honors had been written off now and he is reduced to an inferior commoner. We don’t need to bother about him.”

“Quite clever? Haha.” Luo Tianwu smirked. “Cao Gang, your judgment is off this time.”

“Huh?” Cao Gang was stunned for a moment.

“This is the information from my subordinate’s spy. Take a look.” Luo Tianwu passed a few confidential papers on the table to Cao Gang.

Cao Gang swept his gaze across them; his expression gradually changed.

Luo Tianwu said in a low voice, “Six months ago, Su Zimo almost destroyed all the pugilistic experts of the Lee family and Zhao family relying on his own strength. These two families have virtually been wiped out, although their names still exist. The Yang family avoided the disaster and took the chance to fawn on the Su family. Now, the Su family is holding the power in Ping Yang Town. This individual is not a frail scholar. He is a character who is more terrifying than Su Hong!”

“How can this be possible?” Cao Gang was dumbstruck.

Luo Tianwu said, “There are two possibilities. First, Su Zimo transformed from a frail scholar to a top-notch expert in six months’ time. Second, Su Zimo concealed his abilities and lied to everyone. Regardless of the possibility, this individual is not a mediocre character.”

“What exactly is this Su family plotting at?” Cao Gang drew his brows together.

Luo Tianwu snarled, “People from Country of Yan. 15 years ago. By the last name of Su. Combining these few pieces of information, can’t you guess?”

“Lord Wuding of the Country of Yan, Su Mu!” Cao Gang said, his voice trailing off.

Luo Tianwu nodded and said regretfully, “Su Mu is considered an outstanding hero. He led tens of thousands of armored cavalry and dominated the battlefields, sweeping up victories wherever they went. How famous and majestic was he then? Which of the surrounding states dared to launch attacks and take over the glory? Unfortunately, he was too foolish. In the end, his outcome was akin to casting the bows aside once the birds are gone and slaying the lackeys after they have outlived their usefulness.”

After pausing shortly, Luo Tianwu closed both his eyes, exuding a sharp and imposing aura. He gradually said, “Since there is a lesson drawn from other’s mistakes, we can’t follow the footsteps of Su Mu! Although the Great Zhou King is ruling the four states, there are signs of chaos. The dukes are rising in power. It is time to invade the city, seize the territory and declare ourselves as the king!”

“Cao Gang is willing to obey the City Lord… obey the King!” Cao Gang was quick to adapt to the circumstance. He changed his address immediately.

Luo Tianwu nodded satisfactorily. He said, “Cao Gang, I also have Qi Refinement Warriors as my backers. I won’t act without confidence.”

At the sound of the three words ‘Qi Refinement Warrior’, Cao Gang’s eyes lit up and his mood livened up.

“Since the Su family has such a background, we can make use of them… ” Luo Tianwu revealed a playful smile.

In the Cang Lang Mountain Range.

After six months of wandering in the wilderness, Su Zimo had made tremendous progress in the realm of Tendons Transformation. He was close to initial success. After cultivating the anaconda styles, he had begun to cultivate the ape styles.

Most importantly, Su Zimo now possessed a spirit perception that was skin to that of a beast. He was extraordinarily sharp and sensitive.

Relying on the spirit perception, Su Zimo had countless narrow escapes from deaths. He even got away from some spirit demons before.

However, in the recent one month, Su Zimo encountered some trouble.

The lord of Cang Lang Mountain Range, the wolf clan, that had an astronomical number of members.

Su Zimo encountered a wolf preciously. After a bloody battle, he killed it but unexpectedly provoked the endless hunting by the wolves.

If he were to fight them on one-on-one, most of the wolves were not Su Zimo’s match.

However, the most terrifying thing about the wolf clan was their patience and acute sense of smell.

Su Zimo had escaped from the packs of wolves countless times. But not long after, the wolves would hunt him down again with their keen sense of smell.

This manhunt continued for one month.

If Su Zimo’s body was not strong enough or did not have the foundation of the two classic demon sections, Body Tempering and Tendons Transformation, he would have most probably died of exhaustion.

In the long and endless escape, Su Zimo’s clothes had long been torn by the spirit beasts during the combats. He was dressed in the random pieces of beast skins and had a grey stubble on his face. He did not look any different from a wild man.

In the recent few days, the wolf clan seemed to have sensed that Su Zimo’s physique had reached its limit. They hunted him even more closely and harassed him repeatedly!

Su Zimo had a few terrifying wounds on his body. Although the bleeding had stopped, they had not healed completely.

The wolf packs did not give Su Zimo any time to recover from his injuries at all.

Su Zimo clearly knew that his condition would only worsen if this were to continue but he could not think of any solution to get away from the hunt of the wolf clan.

This night, Su Zimo arrived at a valley. Mid-way at the valley, he stopped in his tracks suddenly. His expression was grave.

The cold breeze in his face carried traces of murderous aura!

Behind him, pairs of greenish and sinister eyes of wolves appeared. Ferocious gazes were apparent. Wolves walked out from the darkness, filled the entire place and rounded up Su Zimo who was in the center.

On the two sides of the valley, there were also many wolves. They were howling at the moon.

“You are finally here.”

Su Zimo licked his dry and chapped lips. His eyes were filled with a murderous intent.

One month of sleepless and restless nights had reduced Su Zimo’s spirit perception to its worst state. As a result, he had fallen into the situation of being rounded up by the wolf packs.

Of course, this period of killing and escape were enough to prove the wits of the wolves. The current situation was also meticulously set up by them.

When Su Zimo’s strength, energy and all areas were reduced to their worse states, the wolf packs then launched the final battle!

Prior to this, Su Zimo hardly used his saber. On the one hand, he did not know the techniques of using one. One the other hand, he wanted to hone his close combat skills as much as possible.

Now, Su Zimo’s used a backhand grip and pulled out the Thunderbolt Saber in preparation for the last gamble.


The leader of the wolf pack howled on the top of the valley. The wolves on the two sides as well as front and back of the valley swarmed in like bees!


Su Zimo’s flipped his hands and slashed. He slayed the first wolf that dashed to him into half. Fresh blood was spilling out crazily.


Su Zimo used the Ground-rupturing Palm with his right hand and smashed the skull of another wolf with all his might, splitting the latter’s brains!

The killings could not stop the wolves from advancing. On the contrary, it provoked their ferocious nature. Stepping on the corpses of their own clan, the wolves pounced on him continuously.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Su Zimo began to use the Plow Heaven Stride. Carrying the saber in his left hand, punching with his right hand, he dashed across the valley with ease, attacking on his left side and charging on his right.

If one was watching the combat by the side, he would be shocked at a discovery.

Despite being attacked and round up by dense packs of wolves, Su Zimo could still avert most of the attacks and avoid injuries to the vital points of his body.

At the sight of the sharp wolf claws about to pierce into Su Zimo’s head, without even looking, he suddenly dodged, punched with his backhand and hurled off a wolf.

This was spirit perception!

It could sense and avert danger without even looking or listening!

In comparison to half a year ago, Su Zimo’s methods had become more simple, direct and succinct. Nevertheless, they were extremely effective.

Su Zimo was no longer restrained in his styles. His head, shoulder, wrist, fist, knee and back could all be used to kill the enemies. This was the close combat techniques that he had honed during the fights. It was filled with the smell of blood.

It was swift, sharp, fearsome and merciless!


There was now an additional wound on Su Zimo’s body. Fresh blood was dripping from it.

Although he had the aid of the powerful spirit perception, Su Zimo’s body gradually lost it’s strength under such successive and intense attacks.

After a round of fierce and violent killings, the wounds that had not fully healed burst open. Blood was spilling non-stop, causing disharmony in his vital energy and blood flow. Su Zimo felt dizzy and was seeing some stars.

“I can’t hang on for too long.”

Su Zimo gnashed his teeth and stared at the leader of the wolf pack which was not too far away. It was about one feet tall and the size of a huge elephant. Ignoring the attacks from both sides, he charged forward with all his might with the Plow Heaven Stride!

Mountain Reliance!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few wolves collided with one another on the spot, spitting blood everywhere.

At the same time, Su Zimo also received rampant attacks and suffered many injuries. A piece of his flesh had been torn off by one wolf!

Su Zimo’s legs wobbled and he nearly knelt on the ground.

Seemingly sensing Su Zimo’s intent, there was a flash of mockery in the eyes of the lead wolf, whose entire body was as white as snow.

At this moment, the wolf packs dispersed and the lead wolf gradually made his way over like a victor. He was exuding an endless aura of murderous intent.

Su Zimo stared at the approaching wolf. The palm of his left hand carrying the sword was drenched in sweat. He quietly took a deep breath, in preparation for the last strike.

Today, it was hard for him to escape death. If he could slay the lead wolf before he perished, he considered himself to have gained something.


The lead wolf leaped vertically. A violent aura enshrouded the air and charged towards Su Zimo.

Su Zimo opened his mouth and took a deep breath, seemingly devouring the sun and the moon. He lifted his chest high. The pulsation of his flesh and blood was visible on the surface of his skin. The large tendons were knotted together, seemingly coiled by countless anacondas!


Flows of air surged into his lungs crazily, giving out a strange noise.

Anaconda Eclipse!

This was one of the styles of the Tendons Transformation section. It enlarged the large tendons and could unleash mighty powers instantly!

Su Zimo lifted the Thunderbolt Saber using one hand, dashed directly to the lead wolf and aimed for it’s head. At the same time, his right hand threw a surprise attack with the Ground-rupturing Palm!

This was already considered Su Zimo’s most powerful strike.

There was a flash of fear in the lead wolf’s eyes. The humongous figure was extremely agile. It dodged in the air to avoid the Thunderbolt Saber coming towards him and landed his claw on Su Zimo’s chest.

Initially, this claw could penetrate Su Zimo’s chest directly. However, Su Zimo had smashed his hand on the side of the wolf’s body with the Ground-rupturing Palm at the same time.


The lead wolf howled in pain. It was flung by Su Zimo. After rolling on the ground once, it climbed up rapidly and shook its head, seemingly fine.

Su Zimo had already ran out of ideas and energy.

Although the sharp wolf claws did not punch through his chest, it had mangled it.

Su Zimo was thrown off by the explosive impact from the lead wolf’s blow. He looked like a kite with broken strings as he tossed up and then dropped down towards the pack of wolves.

Su Zimo had lost all his strength. He swept his gaze across. Beneath him, numerous wolves were salivating and opening their mouth, waiting for the moment that he dropped to tear him to pieces!

“In the end, I still didn’t overcome this…”

Su Zimo began to feel dazed.

At the sight of Su Zimo falling into the pack of wolves, a figure suddenly flashed in the darkness and swayed past him mid-air. It took Su Zimo away from the corners of the mouths of the wolves in passing!

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