Eternal Reverence

Chapter 968: War (part 1)

Chapter 968: War (part 1)

“Zhu Sanqiu.” Li Fuchen’s figure descended from above as he looked straight at Zhu Sanqiu.

Li Fuchen wanted to bring down the Zhu Clan a long time ago. However, the Zhu Clan’s foundation was deeper than he imagined. Apart from various saint-level arrays, the Zhu Clan’s core area was hidden with multiple supreme rate arrays. Let alone him, even a city lord-level heaven lord would have a hard time destroying all the arrays.

Originally, he didn’t wish to start a war with the Zhu Clan yet, but since Zhu Sanqiu dared to bring his men to attack the Sword Sect, it was impossible not to start a war. It had already touched his bottomline.

“You… How is it possible?” Zhu Sanqiu realized he could speak. His eyes were looking at Li Fuchen intently and felt it was ridiculous. His eyes showed more of fear than disbelief.

“Not good, it is a heaven lord.” The grim-looking man and the bald elder were absolutely certain that Li Fuchen was a heaven lord.

Only a heaven lord could suppress all of them with such ease.

At the first moment, the grim-looking man activated his communication token.

Outside the Deep Blue Plane, Zhu Guangming and the Black Lotus Heaven Lord were carefreely playing chess while enjoying tea on a meteorite.


Sensing the vibration from his spatial ring, Zhu Guangming put down a chess piece and took out the communication token.

The Black Lotus Heaven Lord looked at Zhu Guangming and asked, “Something happened?”

“I’m not sure.” Zhu Guangming shook his head while feeling puzzled. He had sent out a team of saint lords which had two unparalleled saint lords and pinnacle saint lords. Logically, it was enough to sweep across the entire plane, unless there was a heaven lord. But hearing from Zhu Sanqiu, he found out that there were no heaven lords from the Deep Blue Plane for several million years.

“Let me take a look.” Zhu Guangming put in a trace of energy into the communication token.

Immediately after, a screen appeared in front of the duo and it was the scene of the Sword Sect.

“Heaven lord!” The Black Lotus Heaven Lord narrowed his eyes and this heaven lord looked younger than him.

“It is indeed a heaven lord. This is going to be troublesome.” Zhu Guangming didn’t have a pleasant expression.

It was entirely two different situations if there was a heaven lord within the plane.

No outsider would have any plans to take down a plane that contained a heaven lord.

After all, foreign heaven lords were unable to enter an other-plane.

“Let’s see if he is willing to give some face.” After taking a deep breath, Zhu Guangming put in more energy into the communication token.

At almost the same moment, the screen appeared with Zhu Guangming’s image.

“This heaven lord, I wonder how I should address you?” Zhu Guangming carefully observed Li Fuchen and could only sense traces of supreme aura. In his heart, he involuntarily looked down on Li Fuchen.

“Heaven lord uh?” Li Fuchen understood that this should be a heaven lord invited back by Zhu Sanqiu.

“And who are you?” Li Fuchen asked in return.

Zhu Guangming replied, “My name is Zhu Guangming.”

“You are also from the Zhu Clan?” Li Fuchen was in contemplation.

Zhu Guangming explained, “The Deep Blue Plane’s Zhu Clan is just a branch of the true Zhu Clan. The true Zhu Clan isn’t so weak.”

“I see.” Li Fuchen was enlightened.

A clan that produced a half-god was definitely not so simple. Just a casual trump left behind by a half-god was enough to eliminate city lord-level heaven lords or even star domain-level heaven lords.

“Everything is a misunderstanding. Do give me this face and give the Zhu Clan this face.” Zhu Guangming glanced at Zhu Sanqiu and the others while speaking to Li Fuchen.

“If I give you face, who is going to give me face? I can spare the others, but Zhu Sanqiu must die.” With a wave of his hand, Li Fuchen turned Zhu Sanqiu into ashes.

“You.” Zhu Guangming squinted his eyes while cold light flowed within.

“Ask your men to leave now! Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind killing all of them.” Li Fuchen was already giving face to the Zhu Clan by just killing Zhu Sanqiu.

“Withdraw.” Zhu Guangming took a deep glance at Li Fuchen before his figure vanished.

“Li Fuchen?” When the grim-looking man and the others withdrew from the Deep Blue Plane, a familiar yet unfamiliar voice echoed.

“Zhu Hongxiu!” Li Fuchen turned around to reveal a smile with slightly emotional eyes.

When he returned to the East Unicorn Continent from the Arris Light Star Domain, he had already noticed Zhu Hongxiu. However, matters were urgent and he didn’t have the time to catch up with an old friend.

“I didn’t think it was really you.” Zhu Hongxiu wasn’t able to come back to senses for a long time.

A prodigy from a low-class continent’s low-class sect was actually a heaven lord now. This was definitely a miracle that couldn’t possibly happen, but it did.

“It seems like you are also a member of the Zhu Clan.” Li Fuchen said.

Zhu Hongxiu nodded, “The Zhu Clan is a half-god clan and there are branches across the entire universe. My body contains the Fire God bloodline, therefore I am qualified to return to the Zhu Clan’s main lineage.”

After pausing for a moment, Zhu Hongxiu continued, “You shouldn’t have killed Zhu Sanqiu.”

“He is just an ant and he is already dead. Will the Zhu Clan have a war with me just because of him?” Li Fuchen didn’t mind.

Zhu Hongxiu shook her head, “Zhu Guangming is a petty person. Killing his men is the same as to offend him.”

“So be it then, I am also a heaven lord.” Li Fuchen’s spirit soul power had already extended outside the plane. He noticed Zhu Guangming and another Zhu Clan’s heaven lord on a meteorite.

The duo were just regular heaven lords. Judging from Zhu Guangming’s qi presence, he was at most a grade 1 heaven lord.

As long as they weren’t city lord-level heaven lords, Li Fuchen didn’t have anything to fear.

“Alright then. I will persuade Zhu Guangming. But you better not leave the Deep Blue Plane for this period of time. This is my communication token.” Zhu Hongxiu naturally knew that a regular heaven lord wouldn’t be able to kill another regular heaven lord so easily. Unless Li Fuchen was just an ungraded heaven lord.

After receiving the communication token, Li Fuchen smiled.

A few days later, Zhu Hongxiu left the Deep Blue Plane along with her parents and clansmen.

Li Fuchen’s abnormal rise had really shocked her, but it was merely a shock. To her, these were all things of the past and had already turned faint in her mind. Her return was to end things so that she wouldn’t have any more worries from now on.

“If he doesn’t come out, wouldn’t we be waiting for nothing?”

In the meteorites outside the Deep Blue Plane, there was one meteorite that was hidden deep in the void.

On the meteorite, Zhu Guangming and the Black Lotus Heaven Lord were seated with crossed legs and were constantly keeping watch of the Deep Blue Plane.

After taking a sip of tea, Zhu Guangming said, “This is related to whether we can gain control of the Deep Blue Plane. It will be worth the wait, no matter how long it is.”

Zhu Guangming didn’t care when he didn’t know the existence of the Deep Blue Plane. Since he knew about the Deep Blue Plane, he wasn’t going to give up so easily.

“Alright, let’s hope he doesn’t make us wait for too long.” The Black Lotus Heaven Lord nodded.

It was naturally good to control a plane. Each plane was unique and it would produce unique treasures from it.

“Returning intentionally?” Sweeping across the meteorites from his spirit soul power, Li Fuchen’s brows had a flash of cold.

It had been a period of time since the previous clash. Zhu Hongxiu had informed him that they had returned to the Fire God Star Domain.

It was obvious that the two heaven lords had returned with intentions to wait for him to exit the plane.

“So be it, let me meet with you two.” 

Escaping wasn’t going to eliminate the problem. Li Fuchen stood up and flew out of the Deep Blue Plane.

“He is out.” 

With a flash, Zhu Guangming and the Black Lotus Heaven Lord surrounded Li Fuchen.

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