Eternal Reverence

Chapter 967: Fear

Chapter 967: Fear

The ship was traveling at extreme speed and it was even faster than most heaven lords. Each shift would be at least a few hundred light years.

“We have reached the Crosswise River Star Domain.”

After passing through a boundlessly dark and void place, everyone saw spots of star lights. It might be dark in the star domain, but there were still star lights embellishing the star domain. Only regions between the star domains would be in absolute darkness and void.

As cabin doors opened, Zhu Guangming and Zhu Sanqiu walked out.

“Bright Heaven Lord.” (TL note: Bright Heaven Lord is also Zhu Guangming. His name ‘Guangming’ also means bright)

At the bow of the ship, the handsome man turned around to give his greetings.

In terms of seniority, Zhu Guangming was his great grandfather. But in elite clans, unless it was a direct relation, strength would be the defining factor of seniority.

“Black Lotus Heaven Lord, Red Elegance Saintess, we have reached the Crosswise River Star Domain. Do both of you plan to visit the Divine Leaf City first or the Deep Blue Plane first?” Zhu Guangming asked.

Zhu Hongxiu said, “Let’s go to the Deep Blue Plane first.”

The Black Lotus Heaven Lord added on, “Alright then, to the Deep Blue Plane first.”

The World Tree leaf wasn’t going to escape and there was no difference between visiting it now or later.

“Sure.” Zhu Guangming didn’t have any opinions.

A few days later, the ship arrived at the Deep Blue Plane’s vicinity.”

“After entering the Deep Blue Plane, you shall listen to the Heaven Fire Saint Lord.” The Bright Heaven Lord gave his command to the subordinate team of saint lords.

“Understood.” The leader of the saint lords was a grim-looking middle-aged man and he nodded forcefully.

“Go then.” The Bright Heaven Lord waved his hand.

“Let’s go.”

Including the Red Elegance Saintess, a group of individuals flew towards the Deep Blue Plane.

Saint Spirit Continent, Sword Sect…

Everyone was in order.

“He actually created his own sect. It is a pity. From today onwards, the Sword Sect shall not exist anymore. The entire Deep Blue Plane can only have one voice, the Zhu Clan’s voice.”

The void ripped open and a group appeared in the vicinity of the Sword Sect. The leader of the group was none other than Zhu Sanqiu.

“This array doesn’t seem simple.” The grim-looking man frowned.

“So what if it is incredible? We are not regular saint lords.” A bald elder beside the grim-looking man grinned and took a step forward.

The grim-looking man didn’t say anything. He might think that the Sword Sect’s array wasn’t simple, but it wasn’t really possible to stop them. Be it him or the Bamboo Dragon Saint Lord, they were both unparalleled saint lords in any universe city. They would definitely be able to break an array.

“Break!” The bald elder wielded a black saber and cleaved down, sending a black saber light out. The black saber light didn’t look big, but it contained overflowing energy.

When overflowing energy was compressed into the saber light, it was imaginable how powerful it was.

Just as the bald elder thought the array was definitely going to break, his smile stiffened.

The black flood dragon-like saber light was blocked by an invisible layer of energy before it even got close.

As the saber light advanced deeper, it got dimmer.


When the black saber light finally touched the array’s barrier, it suddenly exploded and even blasted a hole in the void.

“Eh?!” The grim-looking man’s pupils shrunk.

“I don’t believe it.” The bald elder had an awful expression. He mustered all his energy and cleaved again.

It was unfortunate that even with the full strength of the bald elder, it still didn’t break the Sword Sect’s array.

“Despair Life!” The grim-looking man made his move.

His weapon was a long spear and it was embedded with three gemstones that were red, yellow, and blue.

As the gemstones glowed up, the grim-looking man pierced at the Sword Sect’s array.


There was a terrifying spark.

An invisible energy blocked the grim-looking man’s spear. The two forces of energy were in an intense struggle.

Inside the Sword Sect, everyone was panicking. They could see that the attackers had unbelievable strength. Apart from their sect patriarch, there was probably no one else that could contest with the enemies.

“What should we do? The Sect Patriarch isn’t back yet, I wonder if the array can last?”

“It should be able to last!”

“It will definitely last. The Sect Patriarch mentioned that apart from heaven lords, no one will be able to break the Sword Sect’s array in a short period of time.”

As the members of the Sword Sect stared at the array that didn’t break after a long time, they let out breaths of relief.

“Let’s attack together.”

After a series of attacks and still unable to break the array, the grim-looking man asked everyone to attack together.

In his opinion, as long as it wasn’t a supreme rate array, it would still break after a period of time.

“Damn it, what exactly is going on?” Zhu Sanqiu was also attacking the array, but his heart was filled with countless questions.

The Sword Sect’s array was definitely the most superior saint-level array, but how did Li Fuchen manage to set it up? Could Li Fuchen have some fateful encounter when Zhu Sanqiu was away?

Zhu Hongxiu didn’t move along with Zhu Sanqiu and the others. She made a trip to the Zhu Clan to make arrangements with her clansmen before she flew to the East Unicorn Continent alone.

She still didn’t know that Zhu Sanqiu and the others were seeking trouble with Li Fuchen.

Of course, she never would have expected for Li Fuchen to have such achievements.

As the East Unicorn Continent got closer, Zhu Hongxiu admitted that her emotions were wavering.

“After so many years, I wonder if there is anyone that I still know?”

After sighing, Zhu Hongxiu’s figure flashed as she entered the East Unicorn Continent.

“Where is the Azure Water Sect?” Seeing the destroyed buildings, Zhu Hongxiu frowned.

“Someone is attacking the Sword Sect?” 

In the Arris Light Star Domain, a figure suddenly stopped in the midst of the pitch-black universe.

With a flash of killer intent in his eyes, Li Fuchen’s body flashed and he turned into a sword light that shifted into the space-time passage.

Due to the overly fast speed, even the space-time had distortions and the space-time waves destroyed many stars.


Half a day later, Li Fuchen rushed into an almost invisible space-time passage.

East Unicorn Continent…

The sword light didn’t stop and headed straight for the Saint Spirit Continent.

“What is going on!?”

The great change that happened to the East Unicorn Continent had already shocked Zhu Hongxiu. Right now, there was a qi presence that was simply immeasurable that suddenly appeared. She was flabbergasted by the sudden change of events.

Subconsciously, Zhu Hongxiu quickly rushed over too.

“Such speed.” After a breath, Zhu Hongxiu took a deep cold breath.

The qi presence was too fast and in just less than one breath’s time, she was left far behind.

She was a quasi-heaven lord and apart from true heaven lords, no one could be so much faster than her.

“This direction… It is the Saint Spirit Continent.”

Zhu Hongxiu had come over from the Saint Spirit Continent, therefore, she could predict the sword light’s trajectory.

Shortly after, Li Fuchen entered the Saint Spirit Continent and had also sensed the Sword Sect’s situation.

There was a group of saint lords surrounding and attacking the Sword Sect. One of them was actually the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor, the Heaven Fire Saint Lord, Zhu Sanqiu.

“Courting death.” Murderous aura burst out from Li Fuchen’s body.

If he was back just a moment later and didn’t manage to inject his sword intent into the Sword Sect’s array, the array would have been broken.

Once the array broke, everyone in the Sword Sect would have been eradicated.

The distance for half a continent wasn’t even considered a distance for Li Fuchen. As soon as he sensed the Sword Sect’s situation, he had already arrived at the next moment.

While his qi presence leaked out, the space-time was stagnant and everyone was frozen in place.

“What?” The grim-looking man’s thoughts were still moving, and a sense of fear was bursting out from his spirit soul.

The same fear was bursting out from Zhu Sanqiu and the others.

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