Eternal Melody

Chapter 49 - Give Me Your Energy

The present-day Year 2015- XX Agency.

After resting for an entire day, she felt better. Today was Monday, but she was not in school; instead, she was accompanying Yuhi to work. Her gaze fell on the man walking ahead of her. Even though she told him it would be a terrible idea since somebody could recognize her.

Yuhi disregarded her words and made her follow him. She wore a white sweater which has navy blue crosses across, a checkered blue and white pleated skirt, and black tights. Yuhi placed his cap on her hair.

"There you go."

Sumire sighed. "If you're worried about it too, then why am I here?" she questioned. She does not understand why he forcefully dragged her along.

Yuhi sighed. "Well, I thought you would want to come. I'm recording for one of my songs, snow voice."

At that comment, her eyes widened. She found it strange why Yuhi never released that song. But now he is suddenly releasing it after five years? What made him suddenly cha— Sumire paused when she realized something. Is it because of her? But not even Yuhi would bother waiting for her, would he? Then again, she can't rule out that possibility. Yuhi seems to be very fond of her.

Sumire tugged on his sleeves. "You mentioned that so casually, but when we met again before you said nothing."

"Well, that's because I was nervous."

Huh? Sumire raised her eyebrow at his words. "Nervous?"

Yuhi nodded. "Yeah. I mean, not only did we not meet in so long. But when I realized you were the girl I lost to…"

Sumire laughed. "I see, I think I understand."

Yuhi turned to her and grabbed her hands; he gave it a gentle squeeze before he mumbled against her ear. "Don't be nervous; when we get inside, just walk naturally. If you freak out, then people would be suspicious. I will warn you in advance, there will be many people. If you think you can't take it, we could use the back door. Tell me now; it would be harder to do so later."

She thought it through for a moment before saying. "We can go in through the front."

"Are you sure?" Yuhi asked. "I don't want to push you if you're not ready."

Her gaze softened. This person is truly kind and considerate of her. Other than Mamoru, nobody else has treated her like this before. "I will be fine, but could I keep holding your hand?"

"Sure, I would like that better."

After a few more reassuring words, Yuhi led her inside the building. Like he told her moments ago, there were a lot of people inside. Despite him warning her, she is very surprised. It is only seven in the morning, why are so many people around? Does everybody in Yuhis agency work hard?

"Yuhi!" Somebody called out. "You jerk, you finally show up. Do you know how much work you have pilled up? You even left all your concert prepara-"

Yuhi passed the woman an envelope, and she opened it. The girl's eyes brightened. "So, you can do work."

"It is my concert. Why would I let anybody else prepare it?"

"That is more like you---" She trailed off. Her gaze hardened when she saw her. Sumire froze and immediately hid behind Yuhi. "Hey, who is that?"

Sumire could not miss the hostility in the woman's voice.

"My girlfriend."

"Y---Yo--ur what now?"

Even though Yuhi told her this was the best relationship cover. Sumire still felt strange about it. What if somebody recognizes her? If they recognize her after learning the dating status, people will judge her. She does not feel comfortable, but Yuhi already does so much for her.

Yuhi is not the type of person to take advantage of the situation, so Sumire guessed he suggested this for a reason. Her gaze fell on the woman who scrutinized her. It must be because of this person.

"I'm his girlfriend," Sumire interjected.

If looks could kill, she would be dead now.

"Who are you?"

"I'm his manager, Shindou Senna." Her eyes twitched in annoyance. "Who are you?"

Oh, that's right, the name! Yuhi planned this so abruptly that they did not have much time to discuss it. To her surprise, Yuhi suddenly answered for her. "Ange."

Senna seemed startled when she heard that name. "Wait, are you the same one from before?"

The same one from before?

Yuhi again answered for her. "She is, so if you have a problem…"

The fiery look in the girl's eyes vanished. She seemed timid and looked away. "You have a photo shoot and an interview together. They are waiting for you in the fifth-floor studio." With those words said, the woman swiftly left.

Did she do a good job? Yuhi tugged on her hand and told her to follow. Sumire nodded; she could not miss the way people looked at them. It felt nerve-wracking and frightening, but one of the reasons why she was not scared was Yuhi. He is a man of little words, and yet his actions since they entered the building reassured her that he would have her back.

...….Sumire did not want to cause Yuhi problems, so she simply waited by the door. But Yuhi pulled up a chair nearby for her to sit down. People kept looking over and whispering; however, nobody directly confronted her. How large is Yuhi's influence among these people? Normally somebody would have said something by now. Her gaze fell on Yuhi, who was in the middle of a photoshoot. Still, Yuhi is a star, huh?

After spending so much time with him, she almost forgot about it. He acts like a normal boy. But she felt her heart thumping when he looked over at her. She saw him as a man, not just a celebrity. That is the one thing she has to keep to herself. No matter how well her relationship with Yuhi is going, she cannot take a step forward.

Her gaze flickered towards the ring on her finger. Ru is gone, but that promise, the plans they were working on before he died, she cannot abandon it easily.

A part of her wanted to consult Yuhi about it. But at the same time, something told her not to tell him. If he were to learn the truth about her, how would he react?

She did not realize when Yuhi came over since she was too busy debating in her head.

"Hey there."

"Uh, hi," Sumire replied dumbly.

Yuhi laughed and suddenly pulled her into his arms. "The real reason I asked you to come over was because I need you for my breaks."

Sumire looked at Yuhi, puzzled. She did not understand what he was trying to say.

She felt his lips on her neck. "Give me your energy, Sumire."

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