Eternal Melody

Chapter 48 - Snow Voice (Final)

Due to her parents always being busy with work, she was often left alone with her aunt; the latter couldn't cook. So before Sumire knew it, she cooked all the meals. Making a thirteen-year-old girl do all the cooking, what an irresponsible adult. Still, she supposes it came in handy.

It did not take her long before she finished cooking, and Sumire carefully carried the tray up the stairs. She navigated through the corridors again and found herself in the same hallway as before.

When she arrived in front of the door, however, something prevented her from entering immediately.

(Enter key)

Sumire's face color turned pale when she realized something. The doors auto-lock on the way out, and she forgot the key. Just as Sumire pondered on that, the doors opened. She blinked and looked at the entranceway, puzzled. Huh? She hears a voice from the intercom on the side.

"Come back."

The voice belonged to a very weak sounding Yuhi.

Ah, maybe he saw her? There are probably cameras somewhere. She walked down the long hall before she finally reached the room. She carefully opened the door and re-entered the room. Yuhi was still laying down weakly on the bed.

"Hey." Yuhi greeted her with a smile. "That smells good."

"Of course, it does."

Yuhi chuckled. "You're that confident in your cooking, eh?"

Sumire looked away when she heard him say those words. "Well, of course, I have to be confident."

Yuhi nodded and sat up. "Give it here."

She placed the tray down in front of him and watched as he weakly picked up the spoon. Sumire bit her lip when she saw him struggling. She debated about it for a few seconds before she grabbed the spoon from him. "Let me feed you."

His gaze was gentle when she said this, and Sumire felt very nervous.

"Then, I will rely on you."

It seems like so many impossible things have happened today. Sumire carefully fed Yuhi, and to her surprise, he did not make a silly remark like he did earlier. He must feel terrible, his entire face is red, and he is sweating a lot.

If she did not come with him earlier, then right about now, this person would be sick and all alone. He would be suffering by himself. How many days would he have to suffer alone?

Sumire knew she was overreacting there. If he did not show up to work for a few days, then somebody from his agency would check on him.

"This is very tasty, thank you, Ange."

A single thank you, and yet there was something about those words that made her happy. She wonders when was the last time somebody thanked her like this.

"After this, you have to take some medicine."

"I'm sure I don't have any fever medicines."

Sumire sighed. "I noticed." She trailed off. A nicely furnished house and kitchen that has nearly everything. But why does this guy lack medicine? "I will lend you some of mine."

"You're a great help."

"Well, I have to thank you for giving me a place to stay."

Her mother called her, but she knew it was only to check on her. The one at the house right now is most-likely her aunt. Her parents are not home, and her aunt would not care even if she was there or not. While Yuhi's invitation was sudden and frightening, Sumire understood that he would not harm her.

"About what you said earlier."

"About quitting singing?"

"Do you think that way because of your situation?"

"I suppose so." Yuhi trailed off. "Sometimes, I think if I weren't a singer and just a normal guy, then maybe things would be different now."

"I won't ask you anymore since that would be insensitive of me. But I want you to know that you have so many people who love you. You may think it is superficial love since people can easily turn their backs on you if you do something wrong, but there is no kind of love without any pain or suffering involved.

They are like droplets of snow falling from the sky, one second they are whole and in the next second they have disappeared. There are many snowflakes out there, some who will not fade even if you make a mistake. You just have to find that person, even if it is only one."

I want to be that person for him...

But with her current situation, nothing will come out of this. After this night, she will not meet with him again. Sumire knew he would try to search for her again, but she would hide from him. After she saw that song earlier, she finally understood. The two of them belong to two different worlds.

"Hey." Yuhi suddenly called out.


"Could you sing a song for me? I like your voice."

Her gaze softened when she heard those words. Does he like her voice? Even though he sings better than her, he still gives her this much attention.

"Who do you see at the end of the broken road?In this blizzardYou hear a gentle voiceLike pure white snowflakes.." Sumire sang.

After singing a few lines, she watched as Yuhi fell asleep. She moved the tray away and put it aside. The position he is standing in right now is entirely different from her. To become a singer, she never thought about it before. But here is a person who loves her singing.


In his dreams, all he saw was snow, but among them was a beautiful girl with long hair wearing a white dress.

When Yuhi woke up, he saw the face of his manager and sighed. "What an ugly thing to wake up to."

"I knew you would be like this!" She snapped. "Why on earth did you have that concert in the snow? You should have just canceled."

"So many people attended--- hey, did you see a girl here?"

Senna rolled her eyes. "Don't tell me you brought a girl home after the concert?"

"Well, something like that."

Her gaze dimmed at his words, and she hit him. "Even though you have me."

"Yes, yes, so where is she?"

"She left when I came by. She told me to pass this letter." Senna trailed off and pointed to the letter on the bedside table. "I didn't read it, but I am prepared for the blackmail. Tell me how much she wants."

Yuhi picked it up.

Dear Terashima Yuhi-san,Thank you very much for yesterday.But after speaking with you, I realized that I still cannot match up to you.Your offer made me happy, but I will have to turn it down.But thanks to you, I have decided to debut.One day we will meet again, on the same stage.

PS: I made some food to last a week, so please just heat it up.Love Ange

He blinked once and then again before bursting into laughter. Senna looked over at him, puzzled, and shook her head.

What an interesting woman. Ange huh? Yuhi recalled the faint initials he saw on the girl's phone. IS.. It seems like there is no need to look for her. If she is serious about music, then he will meet her soon.

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