Eternal Melody

Chapter 32 - I Hate Liars

It was an awkward journey back home. Sumire knew she overdid it, but Yuhi shouldn't be doing such things with her anyway. Does he have to make it so difficult for her? Or maybe she is the one over complicating things. If Yuhi wanted to take advantage of her, he would have done so a long time ago.

Sumire took a deep breath and glanced over at him since they left the store he would not look her in the eye. But her gaze fell on the bag in his hands. He still offered to carry everything. Sumire took a deep breath and extended her hand out, so she was holding the bag too.

Yuhi blinked. "It's okay. I can carry it."

"I want to help." Sumire looked away. "I'm sorry for earlier. I didn't mean to.."

At that comment, Yuhi shook his head. "No, it isn't your fault. I mean, I should learn the meaning of self-control. Even if you are beautiful, and it's hard for me to be around you without attacking, I will learn to control myself."

A light tint of red appeared on her cheeks. It was a good thing; it was dark; otherwise, she knew he would comment about it. This person is truly unreasonable. Most of the time, he is clumsy and awkward. He does things without thinking, and he is very reckless. But sometimes he is like this; he comes up with the perfect answer. It's like he understands what she is thinking.

"Did you just call me beautiful?"

Suddenly Yuhi looked away from her, but it was already far too late, Sumire saw it. His entire face turned red to his ears. Woah-- is he embarrassed?" A beautiful shade of red.

"Oi, don't look at me."

"Yuhi, I want to look more."

"H--Hey, don't get so close," Yuhi warned her.

Sumire, however, continued to get closer to him. She wanted to get a better look. This is the first time she saw Yuhi embarrassed like this. Sure she saw him blush a few times since she came here, but it was nothing like this.

Closer and closer, until there is no longer a distance between them. Before Sumire knew it, she was very close to Yuhi.

"Damn, are you doing this deliberately?"

"S-sorry." Sumire apologized and backed away. But Yuhi grabbed her arm. "Let go."

"Since I already did a bad thing tonight, let me say something else that will upset you." Yuhi leaned forward. Before he could do anything, however, Sumire lost her footing.

Yuhi quickly caught her. "You are so clumsy."


This is so humiliating, and why does she feel so nervous? Stupid hormones.

"I think I broke my heal." Sumire did not have to look down at her feet to know that.


The steps were cold, and yet Sumire did not want to stand up due to her current predicament. Her gaze fell on her now bare feet. Yuhi was busy fixing her shoes for her.

"You know, I didn't realize you were wearing heels."

"I just grabbed whatever when we went out."

Yuhi nodded. "Mm, I'm surprised your even own a pair of heels."

At that comment, Sumire sighed. "Do not make me sound like such a strange person. I'm still a girl, you know, of course, I wear heels."

Yuhi chuckled. "I know."

Sumire could not miss his tone when he said that, so she swiftly changed the topic. No more awkward moments, otherwise she won't be able to sleep.

"How come you know how to fix female shoes?"

"Well, I have done this before."

Ahh- stupid. Why did she ask this question? So Yuhi is a player. She genuinely found it hard to believe. He is so kind and gentle to her. Ever since she arrived in Tokyo, Sumire did not see him with many girls. Or rather now that she thought it through, Yuhi is always with me. Is that the reason why he isn't fooling around now, because of her?

Yuhi did say he liked her, she knew his feelings were genuine. But Sumire did not think he would stop seeing other girls the moment she came. It's not like they are dating, so he can do whatever he wants. But she recalled Yuhi's expression earlier when that girl asked. It seems like he is serious.

"Does it bother you?"

"Well.." Sumire trailed off. "Not just the shoe thing. But how come you can paint nails perfectly too?"

When she stayed over the first time, it surprised her when she saw the bottles of nail varnish.

Yuhi chuckled. "Did you guess that?"


"I guess I learned it. The girls who stayed with me were very fussy. They would wake up late in the morning and rush. I got used to helping them out."

Her eyes twitched in annoyance. Why does it sound like he is showing off now? Then again, she shouldn't act this way. She isn't jealous or anything. But this makes her uncomfortable.

"You know I missed you a lot."

Eh? Wait what?

"Since we're on this subject about me seeing other girls, I will have you know this. I only saw those other girls to fill the longing I felt for. I didn't stay with any of them long, and the relationship was pure lust."

"Y—you don't have to explain it to me."

"I want to. I don't want you to misunderstand."

This guy is so straightforward and honest. She can't even play her usual mind games with him since he would see right through her. Sumire took a deep breath and shifted closer until she sat right beside him.

"I feel like you're the one messing with me." Sumire sighed.

"Am I?"

"I've never met such a foolishly honest person before."

"I'm surprised too. Since you came here, I haven't lied once."

"Do you dislike liars?"

Yuhi shook his head. "I don't. I feel like lies are necessary, sometimes the truth will hurt another person."

Her gaze softened when she heard those words. Honestly, what a foolish person. "You know people hate liars, and yet many like them too. You see, even though I'm a liar too, I don't like liars."

Yuhi did not say anything, and Sumire is grateful. This is one of the things she likes about him. One of the many things, Sumire, quickly found out that there were many things she liked about the man named Terashima Yuhi. He looks like a delinquent; people even mistook him as a member of the yakuza when he doesn't smile.

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