Eternal Melody

Chapter 31 - Warmth

"I'm here with someone."

Sumire did not understand why Yuhi had to say that. She is standing right here. It's not like she is further away. Then again Sumire understood from the way the girl greeted Yuhi. This girl must like him. Maybe she is being ignored? Just as Sumire thought that, the girl looked over at her. "Ibuki Sumire-chan?"


Why does this pretty girl know my name? Also… Sumire couldn't help but look at the girl's arm, which clung to Yuhi. Asami followed her gaze; the girl looked back and forth at her and Yuhi before letting go.

"I'm so sorry!" She apologized. "I didn't know you two were dating. Yuhi-kun, you should have just said so."

Wait, wait, they are what now? She isn't dating Yuhi. From the sounds of things, this girl is somebody from their school.

"Right now, we're dating now."

"Ehhh?! So it's true. Yuhi-kun, I will give you the keys back on Monday and mail the other girls to do the same. But you should warn them too."

"I know."

Keys? That's right; people said he was a player. So it was true, after all. Yuhi did admit it to her, so Sumire does not know why she was so surprised.

"I'm from the same class as you. Hanato Asami." Asami clasped her free hand. "I've wanted to talk to you, but you aren't around."

The same class as her? Sumire, however, couldn't recognize her.

"This is good timing. Our seats are quite close to one another, so I was thinking we could get along and exchange numbers. Oh I'm in your class but I'm also a fashion student. Did you know about the fashion design department…"

The girl started to rant.

"Asami!" A female voice called out from the door. "We're heading to karaoke now. I called up the others."

Asami nodded. "I'm coming." She turned to them. "If you two want to join, we're at the usual place." With those words said, the cheerful girl left.

A relieved sigh escaped her lips, and Yuhi squeezed her hands. "Too much for you?"

"I don't know how to handle people like that," Sumire admitted.

Yuhi nodded, he bent down and kissed her forehead gently. "I'm here for you."

Should she tell him to stop doing that? Then again, he does not have any bad intentions towards her, so maybe she should leave it be. Sumire turned to the chip lane and put a bag of Doritos onto the basket. Yuhi removed the bag and replaced it with a packet of lays.

Sumire raised her eyebrows at this but did not say a word and removed the bag of lays.

"Hey, now, do you want to fight with me over this?"

"You're the one being petty." Sumire pointed out.

"Lays taste better, and the flavors are more natural," Yuhi argued.

They both spend the next two minutes arguing with one another.

Sumire rolled her eyes. "As much as I want to continue this debate, were attracting too much attention." She noticed many people looking over at them. "Let's continue shopping. What would you like for dinner?"

"Hamburger steak."

"You can't eat meat all the time."

"I don't want to hear that from you."

Well, she can't argue with him there. The two of them make their way to the meat section of the store. Whenever Sumire bought anything she liked, she would take her time; today was no exception. Yuhi even let go of her hand because he wanted to get something. It was peaceful for a short while until she felt somebody nuzzle their face against her neck and hug her from the back.

Sumire immediately recognized who it was and sighed. "Weren't you going to buy something?"

"I was, but hmmm, I will let you decide."

"You have become so lazy…" Sumire trailed off when she felt him place kisses on her neck. Her gaze turned hollow and her feelings seemed to turn numb the more he kissed her neck. "Are you done?"


"I will look at the other lane."

To her surprise, Yuhi agreed, and let go of her. Sumire hurriedly walked away and sighed. It's not like she wanted to push him away. There was something comfortable about Yuhi's kisses whenever she sleeps beside him, its warm. A different sort of warmth than Mamoru's.

She wonders what Yuhi thinks of the current situation between them. The two of them aren't dating one another, and yet many people see them as a couple already.

Why do people see them as a couple? Sumire did not have to question why, and this is because of him.

Yuhi acts so boldly and touches her so easily. In the few days where she attended school, Sumire is sure people noticed it. Her thoughts broke off when she heard the sound of her phone. Sumire dove her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone to see a simple text message.

From: Asuka

How are you?

From: Sumire

Don't tell Yuhi anything more about me.

From: Asuka

Even if I don't say anything, he will find out anyway. It's better that you know he is learning everything from me.

Sumire sighed when she read that message. Indeed, if Yuhi personally investigated that stuff about her, she would get offended. If Asuka tells him, then she won't be mad.

She wanted to say something else to her friend, but she quickly put her phone away and returned to shopping. She was distracted the entire time. Yuhi is a good guy and all. But isn't he too perfect? He knew the right thing to say whenever she was upset; he knew what to do whenever she had a breakdown. Terashima Yuhi is too perfect; sometimes, she ends up suspicious. A guy as perfect as that cannot exist without flaws.

There has to be something wrong here. Her thoughts broke off when she felt somebody reach out for the can she was trying to get. Sumire looked over and saw Yuhi.

"You didn't bring the trolley with you."

"Right…" Sumire looked down at the ground. Why did she have to make it so awkward? "Lets.. go around together." She mumbled.

Yuhi said nothing but nodded.

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