Eternal Melody

Chapter 228 - Escape

Sumire did not know what type of response she even wanted from him. So when Sano shook his head disappointed, she felt relieved.

"You must be crazy. I know your almost eighteen but you are still underage. People will look down on you. It isnt good for your career either."

Yes that is what she needed to hear. This is one of his only good points. Sano will say things bluntly. He will say things people avoid to say just because they want to remain polite. It is a good trait but also a double edged sword.

"It is a good thing Tsueno is dead."

At that comment Sumire raised her hand and slapped his cheeks. Right at that moment Sano angrily grabbed her wrists. "I am losing my patience."

"So you were only pretending to be kind?"

Sano's gaze darkened. "Pretending? Well won't that be convenient for you."

"Don't make this sound like it's my fault."

"You're impossible!" Sano shook his head. "How do you expect me to---forget it." He angrily lets go of her arm. "If you want to think that way then suit yourself."

Sumire doesn't bother chasing after him.


A few hours later

The doctor that replaced Sano for the night was a young thirty year old male. He seemed like the quiet type and would only occasionally talk. Sano told her before that this guy was one of his friends. But it's hard to imagine.

Hino was keeping her company while Yuhi fetched her some food.

"You know this time it's your fault."

Sumire glared at him. "Of course the best friend says that."

"In think Sano is a jerk too." Hino admitted "But this time around--"

She immediately interjected. "Do you think he was sincere?"


"That's difficult to believe." Sumire recalled what he said. The anger from earlier had yet to vanish. "He said it was good Ru was dead."

Whenever she said the words Ru and death in the same sentence it still felt hollow to her. How is it possible for that guy to die and leave her behind?

"So the general public doesn't chase him. If he was alive then they would chase him."

Wait, what?!!! Sumire's eyes widened when she heard those words. Indeed she could see it that way. But even then something is wrong here.

"Lately you keep meeting up with Sano. Why is that?" Hino suddenly said.

Sumire sighs deeply. "It's just about the business deal."

"Are you sure? Sorry if you got offended. But it feels to me that you're not trying hard enough to push away his advances."

"I want to see what he is planning that is all." Sumire admitted.

"You don't have to play along with him Sumire."

"It's not that." She trailed off. "What do you think I'm doing?"

"I've heard rumors playing around before. I don't want to think of you as that type of girl, but who knows?" Hino sighed. "The truth is no amount of investigating will help me learn more about you. I'm not like Yuhi, unless you tell me what you're thinking I won't know."

At that comment Sumire sighed. "Isn't it fine for you not to know?"

"Why do you think I am still friends with Sano?"

"Because your like—" Sumire paused in mid-sentence. "I don't actually know the real reason."

"That guy is a good person when it concerns those he cares for."

"Are you trying to say he didn't care about me?"

"No he cared too much to the point he became obsessed. Your different Sumire. I never saw Sano behave the way he does with you towards other women."

"It doesn't matter."

Hino looked frustrated or was it anger on his face. "I am telling you that he was being honest with you. Sano maybe a jerk but he is not a completely bad guy. If he wanted to hurt you Sumire, he could do it easily. For one he would have gotten rid of Yuhi by now. Yuhi is famous yes and has power. But Sano still has a higher social standing, If he wanted to hurt you he would have hurt Yuhi directly."

So that means Sano understands Yuhi is important to her? Then how come he could still do that stuff? It was hard for her to forget the sensation of his lips on her neck from earlier. So forceful and cruel – she assumed it would be the same as before.

But now that she thought about it what Hino is saying makes sense, His behaviour since they met again was very strange. But other than those few harsh exchanges at the start he did not do anything else.

But she can't forgive.

She no longer wants to return to those days. He was controlling and very possessive. He took charge of everything she did. He had that bad habit of checking her phone. He would question whoever certain names were on the phone and made sure to have a meal with them.

It was like he was trying to tell everybody that she belonged to him. At that time she did not mind it too much. No she does not enjoy the idea of somebody controlling her but back then it was what she needed. She needed somebody to decide for her. She did not trust her own decisions then.

Her thoughts broke off when she heard the sound of her phone ringing.

From: Sano




From: Sano

Meet me later.

Sumire sighed and tossed Hino her phone. "You still want to defend him? He is being too pushy."

"You should at least talk to him." Hino passed her the phone back. "I answered for you.

Sumire glared harshly at him. "What did you do that for?"

"Just meet him and hear him out. Look, normally he wouldn't call back after fighting."

"I don't want to."

'I know I am acting stubborn, but I can't.' Sumire couldn't say that when she saw the look on Hino's face.

"You know." Hino trailed off. "I don't think you're a bad person. In the short time I got to know you I think you're a great girl, we get along well too. I see why Yuhi likes you. But," He sighed. "This is one of your bad points. Why are you trying to run away instead of confronting the issue?"

This is one of the things she noticed about Hino. For some reason he understood that aspect of her. The part of her who wants to hide and escape from all the pain, from all the confrontations.

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