Eternal Melody

Chapter 218 - I Am Here For You

She kisses very well and knows that kissing does not just involve their tongues mashing against each other. It consists of a bit of touching. He lifts her shirt and touches her. There was something different about the way she was kissing him now. He seemed hungry and almost desperate.

When she eventually pulled away, he simply stared at her. Sumire was blushing madly and seemed almost nervous.

Yuhi found that cute considering how she was feverishly kissing him just moments ago. "Was that my surprise?"

Sumire kept her head low.


"I am going to sleep." Sumire turned away from him.

Is she sulking? Yuhi brought his face to her neck and placed some gentle kisses there. "So, hey, about Sano."


"I thought you should just reject him straight up. The only reason he behaves that way is--"

Sumire turned around and brushed her fingers across his lips. "Don't."


"I know what you are trying to say, Yuhi. But for now, let's leave this matter alone. There are so many things going on right now."

"Sorry." He apologizes and kisses her forehead. "My bad, I was jealous. It was stupid."

"Thank you so much." She mumbled softly. "You know if it weren't for you, I would have done something reckless by now. You already saw what I tried to do on the first day I came here. Going to a place like that. Before you came, I almost started a fight."

He raises his eyebrows. "A fight?"

Sumire laughs. "Yes, I saw a group of girls from my home town who did not like me. I almost walked up to them to cause problems. I am glad I didn't do that now; it would have caused a lot of problems."

"I wouldn't mind saving you from a brawl."

"It depends, would you save the enemy? They are the ones who will need saving."

Yuhi sweat fell. "Well, that's true."

"It is nice being here with you and everybody else. It makes me feel like a normal girl."

"You are a normal girl."

She shook her head. "We both know that isn't true. Even if I wasn't a mess, I don't think I can be normal with this cynical view on life. You see, I can't trust people. Just like how they gave up on me, I gave up on them too. No matter how close I am with someone, I cannot help but think there is something wrong. When something bad happens, I will naturally assume that they no longer like or want to be with me. I naturally assume that there is nobody who will stick by my side."

Yuhi bit his lip when he heared her say those words. "Sumire, you know I won't--" He stops himself from saying that he would never leave her. No matter what she does, he will always stick by her side.

But those words will mean nothing to her now. Yuhi could tell even without looking at her eyes, and they were empty. He holds her tightly, and Sumire laughs. "What's wrong?"

"I love you."

He loves her - this is all he can do to get rid of her unease. Maybe these words will make her happy? To her surprise, he sees the tears in her eyes.

It wasn't surprising, but right at that moment, he did not know what to do.

Sumire needs all the love and affection she can get for now after feeling so neglected and alone. Yuhi knew he didn't have to kiss or do anything to her to make her feel happy. Right now, these words are enough for her.

He lowered his face and licked her tears away. "Salty."


"I could say the same right back at you. Ssh Sumire, I am here for you."

"I know, and I know I am behaving stupid and strange. But Yuhi, you don't say anything about it..."

He chuckled softly. "Do you want me to say something?"

Sumire nods. "Sometimes, I do. Sometimes I wish you didn't understand all the time. You know I---I like you so much, Yuhi. But sometimes I think this is all a dream. How is it possible for me to be so happy right now--" He cuts her off by slipping a piece of chocolate in her mouth.

"Hotel freebie." He trailed off. "Tasty?"

"Mmm, tasty."

"So, do you want to stay here, or should we go back home?"

Sumire buries her face in his arms. "Stay, there's a bed here and a shower."

Yuhi kisses her lips. "You prefer the bed?"

"Uh-huh," She trails of. "Yuhi, take this off." She points to his shirt, which he slipped back on earlier. "It's too hot here."

Yuhi rolls his eyes. "Needy?"

"Needy." She repeated. He felt her eyes dart towards his chest. "I would like to get a better look."

"Alright." Yuhi slowly removed his shirt and noticed Sumire looking him up and down. Hungry and passionate, looking eyes, and yet her face was redder than he ever saw before.

She hesitantly extended her hand out and ran her fingers on his chest. Each movement of her fingers slowly drove him crazy.

"Sumire, what do you want to do?"

"Just touch."

Yuhi frowns when he hears her words. If she is going to be bold, she ought to see it through to the very end. Then again, this isn't a bad thing either. After a few minutes, Sumire removed her hands, and then she looks down at the ground. "Will you hug me?"

"Yeah." He picked up the shirt, but she immediately stopped him. "Like this?"


It seems he will have to rethink whether she is innocent or not.


When he woke up and did not find her beside him anymore, Yuhi immediately understood. He ran his hands through his hair and walked over to the bathroom. Shower, food, and then he will find Sumire.

He stepped into the bathroom and slid open the shower door only to find a figure hunched up by the toilet seat. He looked over and saw a murky liquid and frowned. Did she feel sick when she was on her way out?

Sumire dressed to go out.

Yuhi scooped the girl up in his arms, only to notice a trace of blood against her lips. His eyes widened, horrified, and he felt his palms turn sweaty. He looked over at the ground and noticed it at last—a trail of blood.

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