Eternal Melody

Chapter 217 - Make Me Forget

Yuhi bent down and kissed her lips. "What did I forget?"

"Me, you left me behind."

He lowered his lips again and kept kissing her. Her lips are very addicting. But Yuhi knew better than to get passionate with her right now. She seems so very sad right now. He understood what happened from what she said just now. But it bothered him that Sumire reacted that way. Sano did that deliberately just to see her reaction, it seemed like it worked.

Yuhi felt her undo the button slowly and he grabbed her hand. "At home."

"I just want to look."

"You know I don't mind that, but right now you're angry."

Sumire looks away. "I behaved so stupidly, and I feel so humiliated right now."

Yuhi moved his hand away from hers and brushed his fingers on the knob of her anklebone. "It was stupid. But your human Sumire, you have every right to feel those emotions. People will say a lot things and judge you. There will be those who won't listen no matter how many times you explain."

"I know the world is a shitty place."

"But there will be those who will listen, those who will stand by your side no matter what happens."

She is quiet for a moment before asking.

"Like you?"

"Like me, but I am one of a kind Princess."

"Yuhi, I would really like it if we just stop talking. If you kissed me non stop. I want it to go away, all this pain."


The reason why Sumire is having a hard time is because she understood it. She cant get herself wasted, go to parties, and behave unreasonably. She is smarter than that; she understood how pointless those coping methods are.

The only way for her to deal with the pain is to rely on somebody. It is a good thing he is here for her; otherwise she would use unspeakable coping methods. Methods such as self-harm, Sumire hides it well, but he saw those scars.

How much pain and grief did she suffer - he hears the sound of his belt being unbuckled. "Sumire?"

"I need to forget, please, Yuhi."

He bit his lip. This was not the way he wanted to do this with her. But how could he push her away when she is in so much pain? He squeezed her hands. "Let's go somewhere."


He doesn't bother with a shower or anything else. Sumire was the one leading him to the bed the moment they got inside. He pushes her down, and her head hits the pillow. Yuhi brought his lips to the strap of her dress removes it.

Sumire wrapped her arms around his neck and started crying. Yuhi kisses her temple softly. "Ssh."


"I know." He knew, of course, he did. She was in so much pain right now and did not know what to do. She no longer understood what to do with herself.

His hand crept up her back as he undid the last strap. Sumire immediately covers her face, and Yuhi kisses her fingertips softly. "Ssh."

"I'm sorry I am such a mess."

Yuhi shook his head. "That's my line." This is all because of him. She must have been triggered by his state when she got him at the party.

He spends the next few minutes kissing and touching her all over.

"Yuhi,, I think I am nervous."

He raises his eyebrows and chuckles. "Well we could stop if you want?" It was killing him to stop, but he does not want her to feel pressured.

Sumire slowly nodded, and he pulls away. Yuhi could not help but sigh. He did think it was too, good to be true, but still, maybe he should have just gone through with it. He wrapped the blanket around her.

"Sorry, your mad right?"

"Well, not mad, just frustrated."

"If you want to—"

He shook his head. "I have been debating with rational me since before we even got here. Debating whether it is is okay for me to do this. I know your upset, and you need somebody. That is what I am here for. I would rather you pick me then end up somebody else prey. But, I don't want you to think I am taking advantage of this situation."

Sumire laughs softly. "Well, I did think that."

"That's why--"

She shook her head. "Sorry, Yuhi. I'm still not calm, could you come here?"

Yuhi reluctantly laid down beside her. He was reluctant because he could not help but think about what almost happened a few minutes ago. He understood that she meant well, but it frustrated him.

He pulled her arms around her and buried his lips on her neck. "Do you still like Sano?"

Sumire responded by kissing his forehead. "I like Yuhi."

"Yeah, sorry for asking." But her reaction to Sano and those other women bother him a lot.

Back when Sano first came here, he said something about Sumire one day returning to him. At that time, Yuhi questioned the man for being so confident.

Now he understood why he behaved that way. Indeed if this continues, one day, Sumire would end up falling to Sano's trap again. He needs to make sure that doesn't happen. Yuhi cups her face, and she laughs softly. "This feels silly."

"You think?"

Sumire nodded. "Yes, I do, but it isn't bad being like this with you."

He kisses her lips softly. "Princess, the world called to ask for you back."

She rolled her eyes and giggled. "Im right here."

Yuhi squeezed her hands under the sheets. "Coming to a place like this, though, usually it involves preparation. I didn't check if the paparazzi were following us."

"Well, we are in a relationship."

"Yeah, but your underage." It always bothered Yuhi that she was underage. Look how beautiful she looks, how is it possible that she is underage?

He plays with her hair. "You know this worked out well for me."

"It did?"

"Now I have an excuse not to return to the recording."

Sumire sighs. "I feel bad for Hino."

"Don't be, he understands."

Hino understood Sumire's situation, but at the same time, the man was frustrated. Hino knew he has to be there for Sumire, but at the same time, he wanted to pull him away from her. If it were any old girl, then Hino would not have made an exception. He would give her the same speech about girls being the enemy and all.

His thoughts broke off when he felt a pair of gentle and warm lips pressed against his. Yuhi wraps his arms around her waist and allows Sumire to continue kissing him.

Sumire is a good kisser. At first, he thought she was somewhat sloppy, but it did not take him long to realize she was merely shy.

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