Eternal Melody

Chapter 15 - Message From Mamoru Part 1


"This won't do." Sumire mumbled quietly.

She is still desperately trying to cling to Mamoru isn't she? Now, now that won't do at all. Yuhi won't like it. 'We have to take over you, and guide the next generation.' Mamoru's words echoed in her head. They have to guide them, and make sure that they won't make the same mistakes. But, Sumire deeply sighed. She is still seventeen years old. Before her career could take of, something like that happened.

"Maybe he isn't around..." she trails of.

They looked all day for Aki but couldn't find a single trace of him. She won't be surprised if he went away to another city for awhile. He is the sort of person who would do something like that. After they searched for so long the two of them found themselves taking a break in the park, as she sat down on the steps by the huge granite steps

"I'm sure he is wandering around."

But that's why she is worried. He shouldn't be moving around much when he is injured. 'Then again, that guy has unusual strength like herself.' Sumire didn't know whether she ought to worry or not. Her thoughts broke off when she felt warmth on her hand. Her eyes widened.


"I'm sure he will return soon."

Yuhi patted her hair gently, she felt heat creep up onto her cheeks. Ah, his words really are soothing and relaxing to her. His actions always makes her feel so calm and at ease. But, these feelings are so insignificant, so small.


While Yuhi decided to get drinks, Sumire decided to stay put. But that only lasted for a few minutes.

'That's Aki right?' Sumire knew better than to call out to him. If she calls, he will disappear again. So Sumire followed him. Aki led her to a abandoned looking building. Sumire however didn't hesitate and followed him inside. The building was large but there didn't seem to be a second floor.

When Aki rushed of to another direction, Sumire turned to the single door at the end. 'This must be it.' She took a deep breath and opened the room. A room with plain white walls and only a single vase in the center. But she noticed the small camera in the corner of the room.

Sumire doesn't understand how he managed to do all of this. But, for her just hearing his voice again was enough. She almost forgot what his voice sounded like, so right now her emotions are going crazy.

She wanted to hear his voice for so long. The brunette took a step forward. "Won't you show your face?" Sumire knew it was an unreasonable request.

"You're probably asking me if I'll appear before you.. Hmm, too bad I can't. The thought that this is the future and I'm talking to you will only make me cry."

Stupid, she's the one who should be saying that. After receiving the message on her phone from Asuka, the brunette didn't know what to think. But she already understood something. If Aki is here, it must be something to do with Mamoru. That's why she didn't hesitate to leave.

"You haven't told the others about everything we have discussed have you?" Mamoru asked.

"Nope, I made a promise." She trailed off. "You know I really did find you strange, but you saved me. It was because of you that I managed to turn my life around. Even now, I associate everything with you. The weather, the stars, the sky, buildings and other people."


He cuts her of. "Ki. I recorded this after our huge fight. I didn't get a chance to apologise properly when I was still around. But thank you for not mentioning my illness around other people, and treating me like normal."

'Thank you huh?' She wonders if he knows how she struggled to keep that promise. Sumire wanted to tell others so many times. But she refrained from doing so.

"Do you see the flowers Ki?"

Sumire carefully picked up the vase in the corner, and peeked inside. A sparkle automatically caught her eye. When she saw what it was, she clenched her fust, a gorgeous ring with a amethyst gem in the center.

She immediately recognized it. 'This is...the exclusive ring from that day. Ah truly he's so foolish, wasn't this expensive?' It was expensive. Sumire remembered it clearly. His entire face turned pale and he kept counting the zeros. To think he bought it.

Long before he showed her his weak side, Sumire already knew about it. Someone as strong as that, someone as kind as him - will also experience loneliness. She laughs lightly, taking the ring in her hands. "Your doing this now really?"

"I'm sorry about the time and place. Maybe your ready to decide now. I know you wanted a romantic proposal, I had a good idea too. I wanted to take you to have a nice dinner. One of those fancy candle like things."

"Still saying such things idiot." Sumire trails of, when she felt her eyelids water. Ah, even though she held it back this entire time. Truly, he is a huge fool. But, isn't this what she wanted to hear? She wanted to have some closure.

"Ki, don't cry. I'm sure that by now that you received the letter and I truly hope I left something behind for you."

Letter? Is it -- Sumire took out from the letter from her pocket. 'Is he talking about this?'

To think he went so far and recorded something. She clenched her fist. It seems like she over estimated him. Even though she told Mamoru before not to bring it up, and not to lose hope. 'He still did something like this.'

Really, even now his talents don't fail to amaze her. So many people have told her that they understood her. So many have said they would protect her, and yet the only one to prove that was Tsueno Mamoru. Nobody else has proved themselves.

"Ah, I'm hoping what I leave you is my kid. I'm sure if it's a kid between the two of us he will be strong, powerful and have my good looks."

He is so very stupid. Why? Why did he leave her behind?

"Happiness without you, isn't interesting."she mutters.

"Your probably saying that happiness without me won't be fun. In answer to that, I'm sure the child can grant you that interesting happiness."

"Your enforcing your ideals on me I see."

"Sumire." At the mention of her name, she looked at the ring on fingertips. "This is the last time. I love you Sumire."

The biggest idiot in the world. Why did he have to leave her?

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