Eternal Melody

Chapter 14 - Aurora Coloured Truths Part Three


Two hours later - Outskirts of town -

'So beautiful.' Sumire leaned on the porch. From this place she could see the entire time To think Yuhi knows of beautiful places like this. When he suggested they go somewhere else for a change of pace. She didn't expect this. Then again Yuhi is different now, Sumire didn't know how to describe it. But unlike before something has changed.

"Sorry there isn't anywhere to sit down." Yuhi apologized as he passed her a drink.

She shook her head. "No, this is fine. It's beautiful here."

"Yeah, I thought it would give you some ideas."

"Ideas?" Sumire repeated.

"Mmm, for the graduation piece. You joined at such an unusual time. Thankfully your exempt from all the other work aside from the graduation piece."

So that's how it is. Nobody has actually informed her of anything.

Yuhi looked over at her with a troubled expression. "Don't tell me you didn't know?"

"I didn't."

"Damn them." Yuhi cursed. "Well if you do have questions, feel free to ask away."

"I do have a question."

"That is.."

"Are you ever going to let go of my hand?" Sumire questioned.

At that comment Sumire half expected Yuhi to let go of her hand. But instead he squeezed them instead. Her eyes widened, 'he doesn't intend to let go does he?' The truth is, she probably liked this person before. Those four encounters, she most-likely fell in love with him when she was thirteen years old. That snowy day scene, even now she remembers it. She liked him before and that's why she feels comfortable around him. This is the only explanation she has.

When she was thirteen, she was in love with this person. Sumire shook her head, 'what use is there thinking about that now?' She quickly turned to the scenery. If she looks at Yuhi, complicated thoughts will appear in her head again. Yuhi told her he could rely on her. But, she how much can he tell him?

Sumire wanted to talk to somebody about that. Even if Mamoru didn't die from the accident. He would have died young anyway.


20th XX Sumire's Apartment - Star Town

One week after their fight, Sumire found

a soaked Mamoru at her door step. Security in her place is relaxed or ever. Then again, people have seen Mamoru together with her before. Sumire just returned from lessons and sat down when she heard somebody knocking frantically on her door. Since she lived alone, she normally wouldn't open the door.

But for some reason she walked over and opened the hatch. When she saw who it was, she paused for a moment before opening it. 'They can't fight forever.' Besides during these circumstances, she needs to be there for him.

"Haha. Sorry Ki, I accidentally came over." Mamoru apologized.

"Accidentally you. . why on earth are you soaking wet?" Sumire questioned.

Sumire placed her hand on his shoulder, and frowned. 'Ice cold and even his skin looks pale.' Her eyes widened horrified.

"Are you trying to kill yourself? Come inside. The others won't be checking anymore since I already said I would sleep. You'll catch a cold if you don't dry up."

He will probably need a bath and a change of clothes too. Mamoru has stayed over before, so he does have clothes here.

Her sentence fell short when she felt his arms wrap around her waist. His head buried in the crook of her neck. 'Something is wrong here.'

"Ru? What's wrong?" Sumire asked concerned.

"Hey Ki, don't tell anyone the words I'm about to tell you right now." Mamoru mumbled quietly.

"I understand. But why. ."

"You know, I'm frightened at the thought of dying. I don't want to die."

At that comment her eyes widened, even though she couldn't see his face she could tell that he was crying. This is the first time she ever saw him like this.

"What should I do? I can't tell anybody about this. I don't have any confidence that I made the right decisions at all. I'm leaving everything behind. In the end, I couldn't make anyone happy. Even though I promised to save people, no that's not it. I'm even making you a widow before I marry you."

By this point in his speech, she knew she could no longer hold back her tears.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry Ki." Mamoru apologized repeatedly.

"It's all right, you can cry your heart out. Your a wonderful person. You've done nothing wrong."

Mamoru laughed weakly. "But you're the one crying now." He brushed their forehead against one another. "Ki, I'm so sorry."

"Don't talk about this now, please." Sumire begged. "Don't give up, a cure - somebody will find it. So please don't say this stuff now."

"I know. Sorry for giving up." Mamoru kissed her forehead. "Can I stay over?"

"Okay." She immediately agreed and pulled away from him. "I will get the bath ready."

To her surprise Mamoru hugged her from the back. "Ki." He mumbled against her ear. "Is it okay?"

Her cheeks grew hot when she realized what he meant. She turned around.

"We uh, spoke about it right?" Mamoru mumbled.

"Yes. But I think we should wait, were still young Ru."

"Sumire, please." Mamoru pleaded. "I don't know how much time I have left."

At that comment her eyes darkened. "I thought you said you wouldn't give up."

"It won't do any harm being careful." He brought his lips to her ear. "I love you so much, please let me touch you."

'If he asks like this, can she refuse him?' This isn't how she pictured her so called first time. Sumire thought it would be more romantic than this. However since Mamoru is asking her this way, she can't say no. She wrapped her arms around his neck.



Present day

Her thoughts drifted of when she found Yuhi looking at her. Sumire looked away from him and took a deep breath.

Mamoru was a strong leader, that is why everybody respected him. But what made him her hero was knowing that despite his pain and suffering, he would always come to her with that bright smile.

That person even now remains in the center front of everyone's hearts. In everybody's eyes Tsueno Mamoru was a strong leader. But for her? He was fragile and weak. Mamoru only showed her that side of him. That special moment only you gave her, she will treasure it forever.

Right now she is in such a pathetic state. If he learned what was happening with her now. He wouldn't smile. He would certainly scold her. There was something he often said to her about strength.

'Someone who never wavers isn't strong. To question what's right. To worry and search. To have the courage to do that, is the mark of true strength. Ki, I'm very happy that you show me many different sides of you.'

That guy was a huge fool, even to the very end he only ever thought of her. 'It's so painful.' Sumire thought. She can't stand it, a world without Tsueno Mamoru. Yuhi helped distract her, if she thinks of Yuhi she feels at ease. But how much longer does she intend to run away for?

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