Eternal Melody

Chapter 12 - Aurora Coloured Truths Part 1


Spending so much time with Yuhi made her very happy. But Sumire knew these good days won't last long. Almost like it was fate, she received a message that would end her peaceful days with him.

From: Asuka

Aki is in Tokyo.

Four simple words and yet it was enough for her. She turned to Yuhi. 'I feel bad but.' Sumire paused. She has to do this."Say Yuhi, today I have to pass."

Sumire couldn't miss his pained expression but before he could reply. Sumire already walked away.


A few hours later

Sumire found herself on the main streets of Tokyo searching. 'Not here either,' she sighed for the fifteenth time. Where is he?

Her thoughts broke off when she caught a glance of her reflection in the mirror. A perfect disguise she has to say, this way nobody should recognize her. Although back then it was different, she didn't have to do something like this. When Mamoru was still around with her, she could freely walk around the streets.

When all of them were still together, it was alright since two would be used as decoy, and she would be able to slip away with Mamoru. But now things are different, once again she's alone.

Sumire felt a familiar pain appear in her chest, and she frantically shook her head.

It's alright, this much she can still manage. It is painful, but this pain is nothing comparing to the events of that day. Sumire proceeded down the alleyway.

"Aki-san? Aki-san?" she called out and yet to her dismay she couldn't trace him at all.

Sumire however ran into Yuhi who she parted with a few hours ago. 'Yuhi?' What is he doing here? She thought he returned to the dorms already.

She watched as Yuhi cautiously picked up a cat. The moment Yuhi did, the cat scratched him. The sight amused her, since he usually wore a guarded looking expression.

Yuhi glanced over at her. "What's so funny?"

"I---m sorry, but you…" she cuts herself off and bursts into laughter.

He casually flicked her forehead. "Alright. … Is there something you need help with?"

"Actually…" Sumire trailed off. "You know who Aki-san is right?"

Yuhi raised his eyebrows. "Is that why you ditched our date?"

Sumire rolled her eyes. "We weren't on a date. You were only taking me home."

"I planned to take you somewhere though."

'Wait, he did?' Sumire suddenly felt guilty. She immediately ditched him when she heard Aki-san was in Tokyo. Her thoughts broke off when he extended his hand out.

"I will help you look. We should look over there. You said he likes high places, correct?"

"Ah huh." Sumire was only half paying attention.

Terashima Yuhi, radiates such a bright aura and yet that radiance can develop. Well if he was emitting his real aura anyone would get crushed. Those in the top position's aura leak out whenever they are off stage.

Sumire found Terashima Yuhi to be a mystery, even now. How many years has passed since she met him? How many encounters have they had since that time? So many encounters, she already lost track.

During the short time she got to know him properly, they spent a lot of time together.

But even then there are some things she doesn't know about him. Like where he rushes of to in the middle of a job.

Then again there is another group that remains mysterious to her. 'Nanairo Feather.' A seven male idol unit group. During her middle school years she worked with those guys as their composer. Even when she entered high school last year, she still wrote songs for them.

Now that she thought about it. 'There are those guys too.' The guys from a group called quattro light. Those guys are a lively bunch and yet she really can't figure their colour out. Come to think of it, didn't Asuka used to say something like it before? ' If nanairo feather is light then quattro light represents the darkness.'

When she first watched Quattro light's performance she was drawn in. Others say while they are talented but as a group they don't come together and yet that performance drew her in. The feeling from that time, she wondered if it's possible for her to feel like that again.

"Are you feeling unwell? Should we rest?" Yuhi asked, concerned.

Sumire blinked and realized how close they were to each other. A light tint of pink appeared on her cheeks. "No I feel fine ! Let's keep going."

"Is that so?"


He appeared uncertain when he said those words. Yuhi most-likely noticed her strange voice. Regardless he moved away from her and pointed in a random direction.

A relieved sigh escaped her lips. He needs to stop doing that. Although he rarely smiles or shows emotion, Yuhi is a handsome guy.

If her heart didn't belong to Mamoru she is still a girl- correction a lady as that person would put it. When a handsome guy appears in front of her so close one cannot help but blush and recently she's noticed something else. Then again she doesn't react like other girls.

Ever since Mamoru died, it felt like something is wrong with her emotions. When Yuhi kissed her not too long ago, she felt nothing. Yet that guy still hasn't surrendered. The other day he said something like. 'You have no idea how hard it is to resist you, especially with that expression on your face. How do you think I am able to hold myself back when you look at me all shy and flustered?'

That means he likes her right? If he is talking about resisting. Then again he was drunk, did that count?

He indirectly confessed to her. No, Yuhi made his intentions clear. Mamoru is no longer with her. So all she can do now is deal with this situation alone. However Sumire felt very confused.

How do you reject someone? She felt her eyebrows turn into a frown, causing her to sigh.

A complicated world makes things more interesting. But when the main source of that complication is her it becomes troublesome.

Her thoughts broke off and her gaze fell on her surroundings. She noticed how busy the streets were. 'How busy.' She wondered if there is something going on. If she asks Yuhi he would tell her that this is normal for Tokyo.

Still, with it being so busy she found herself being pushed around.

An arm shot out and grabbed her arm roughly, pulling her quickly out of the stampede before she could react. Sumire realizes she was no longer being pushed around, she glanced up at her saviour. Her amethyst coloured eyes met Yuhi's chocolate brown coloured eyes.

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